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Powers & Abilities

Abilities & Powers


Statyx's cornerstone and most prominent ability is his electrokinesis. Due to the steps taken during his creation in an attempt to improve his genetic stability, Statyx's nervous system generates and stores an infinite stream of electricity, turning him into a living perpetual energy source- in theory at least- while making him utterly immune to electrical attacks. Statyx can expel this electricity from his body and manipulate it at will with a great deal of proficiency, whether the situation be combative or mundane. Having gone to painstaking lengths to hone his control even when he could only access a fraction of the electricity flowing through him, Statyx's technique and raw power are almost without peer.

Statyx's unique source of electrical power comes with a unique means of controlling it, the efficiency with which he can use his powers being intrinsically tied to his neural system; in other words his mental stability and emotional state. Statyx's power output becomes more efficient (and thus more powerful) the stronger his emotions are; these can be anything across the full emotional spectrum, whether they be positive or negative. For many years this connection eluded Statyx, and as such caused him to struggle in accessing and controlling his powers until he finally came to the realization and stopped trying to shut down his own emotions.

From direct offense and defense to manipulating his surroundings (including the living body), from widespread destruction to pinpoint precision, even hovering and _becoming_ electricity; Statyx's greatest claim to fame is the sheer versatility that comes from his years of training, study, and experience. This is greatly aided by the fact that the electricity in Statyx's body is 'tainted' with chaos energy, altering its properties in such a way that it can interact with normally non-conductive material and carry concussive force, giving the impression it almost carries physical mass. When and to what degree this 'cheat' applies to Statyx's electrokinesis is entirely at his discretion, which he frequently uses as another lever to determine the lethality of his powers.


Super Speed

As his hedgehog physicality might imply Statyx is gifted with above average speed. In his case however Statyx's speed goes above and beyond, reaching super speed that puts him in the same league as legendary speedsters such as Shadow and Sonic themselves. But whereas Shadow makes use of technologically advanced shoes, Statyx's speed is 'natural' much like Sonic's. In this case Statyx's speed seems to draw from the infinite stream of electricity stored in his body, indicated by lightning trails he leaves in his wake and the distinctive thunder-like boom Statyx makes upon sudden acceleration. This particular use of the electricity stored in his body is different from his typical uses, being strictly internal and on such an instinctive level that Statyx's speed is entirely independent of his mental state, unlike the rest of his electrokinetic powers. This capability even extends to traction, as Statyx can run or even simply walk on any conductive surface with no effort but the desire to do so, regardless of gravity's intent.

Thanks to his superspeed and hedgehog features Statyx can perform many of the same speed-based techniques performed by other speedsters such as the Homing Attack and Spin Dash, as well as advanced maneuvers such as the Bounce Attack or even the Lightspeed Dash and its Attack variation. Statyx can take these attacks and maneuvers even further by incorporating his electrokinesis, creating his own variations of these abilities unique to him. At first these abilities were actually the extent of his electrokinesis, but as his proficiency grew these attacks have become some the most basic parts of his arsenal; he now only resorts to the unaltered versions when facing enemies resistant to electricity or when his stamina is running low.


  • Spark Attack: Homing Attack variation. Turns Statyx into a ball of electricity that drives directly into an enemy rather than rebounding on impact and can rapidly chain to multiple enemies.
  • Volt Dash: Spin Dash variation. Statyx becomes a rolling ball of electricity, capable of passing through conductive terrain and shocking enemies at a distance.
  • Thunderbounce: Bounce Attack variation. When Statyx bounces on terrain rather than an enemy, he unleashes a thunderous boom that can stagger and unbalance nearby enemies.
  • Blackout Dash: Lightspeed Dash variation. Statyx charges himself with so much energy that while dashing he essentially leaves an EMP in his wake. Can use both rings or circuitry as his medium.


On top of his superspeed, electrokinesis, and chaos powers, Statyx's artificial origins grant him several additional, more understated enhancements. Statyx's durability and rate of healing are both significantly higher than that of the average Mobian, the latter of which Statyx is actually capable of accelerating further given he has access to enough chaos energy. While irrelevant in comparison to genuine powerhouses the likes of which include Knuckles, Vector, and Big, Statyx also has greatly increased physical strength; while far from his first option in a fight, combining this with his other abilities means that Statyx more than capable of handling himself in a straight-up brawl.

Because Project: Shadow was used as a template in his creation, including partially cloned DNA based on research notes, Statyx shares Shadow's immunity to disease and ageless biology, making him essentially immortal. But while Statyx technically shares Shadow's universal donor bloodtype, the differences in Statyx's creation makes him a very different case; his blood is actually quite poisonous to intake, being heavily irradiated with chaos energy. While this means Statyx can never offer his blood to help others, it does mean that anyone who might try to ingest his blood will find themselves with a very unpleasant, possibly deadly surprise.

Chaos Powers

Much like the source of his electrokinesis, the circumstances and resources behind Statyx's creation also granted him the ability to tap into and manipulate Chaos Energy. But in direct contrast to the training and growth required by his electrokinesis, Statyx has never had to train a day in his life in the use of Chaos Energy. Simply by witnessing a Chaos-based ability in use Statyx can understand its mechanisms and performance as if it's second nature. The reason for that is because for Statyx in particular, second nature is exactly what it is.

Because Statyx's body is heavily comprised of chaos energy used as a substitute for genetic materials, manipulating Chaos Energy comes to him as instinctively and easily as breathing. This means three things; the first is that Statyx is quite capable of performing virtually any and all Chaos techniques with with exceptional skill; even without a Chaos Emerald, abilities like Chaos Control, Chaos Blast, and more are readily at his disposal. The second is that Statyx is capable of performing a unique retaliatory technique known as Chaos Override, overriding the Chaos Energy used in an incoming attack and making it his to control. Third and possibly even more significant than Chaos Override, Statyx can use the ability Chaos Heal to rapidly heal injuries rather than slowly regenerate over time; with enough Chaos energy Statyx can even go so far as reattaching a severed limb. This nonetheless requires time and concentration, making it impractical for mid-combat use.