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Learned Techniques

These attacks and techniques are ones that Statyx has derived from others, learning through either observation or active training. Barring differences in overall effectiveness (speed, power, scale, etc) these abilities are no different from how their original forms and uses.

  • (Note: Both Sonic and Shadow have displayed numerous one-off abilities in a menagerie of games, both main series and spin offs. If an unlisted attack or technique requires a weapon or specific item, Statyx cannot perform it without said weapon or item. Otherwise, assume he is capable of using the attack in question listed or not.)

Physical Moves

  • Spin Dash
  • Homing Attack
  • Lightspeed Dash
    • Lightspeed Dash Attack
  • Somersault
  • Bounce Attack
  • Skid Attack/Slide Attack
  • Humming Top
  • Axe Kick
  • Stomp
  • Somersault Kick
  • Flying Kick

Chaos Powers

  • Chaos Control
  • Chaos Spear
    • Chaos Lance
  • Chaos Blast
    • Chaos Burst
  • Chaos Nightmare
  • Chaos Magic
  • Roaming Chaos
  • Chaos Heal
  • Chaos Snap
  • Chaos Attack
  • Chaos Rift

Unique Techniques

These are attacks and techniques Statyx has created himself, either variants of established attacks or original attacks of Statyx's own design.

Spark Attack

An electricity-based Homing Attack variation. Upon jumping Statyx turns into a ball of electricity before launching himself at the target, driving directly into their body and electrocuting them with his invasive presence. Statyx can launch himself from his current target directly to another nearby enemy, chaining through them repeatedly. Spark Attack can also allow Statyx to home in on locations with conductive materials for quick travel. Because of its speed and efficiency, the Spark Attack is one of Statyx's go-to moves for quickly taking care of large numbers of weak enemies, too the naked eye looking as if he struck them down by becoming a bolt of lightning.

While Spark Attack is an overall upgrade to the Homing Attack with faster enemy chaining and increased power from Statyx's electrokinesis, it carries a few drawbacks. First off, its electrical nature makes it much less effective against enemies with a means to resist or deflect electricity. Secondly, while the Homing Attack can be performed almost infinitely so long as the user has the ability and available targets, Statyx can only attack so many targets with Spark Attack before he has to revert to a physical form. Originally Spark Attack also came with the drawback of requiring significant electrical energy, but over time this requirement has become insignificant for Statyx, only becoming an issue when Statyx's stamina has reached its limit.

Volt Dash

An electricity-based Spin Dash variation. Instead of simply building up speed by curling up and spinning in place, Statyx charges up electricity and turns himself int a rolling ball of lightning, tearing through any enemies in his way. In addition to the typical properties of a Spin Dash while the Volt Dash is in use electricity will arc off of Statyx and shock any enemies within his vicinity, even if Statyx doesn't come in direct contact with them. While using Volt Dash Statyx can pass through conductive materials like metal walls.

Like the Spark Attack, the Volt Dash is by and large an electrified upgrade to the Spin Dash, but comes with a few drawbacks. Sharing its reduced effectiveness against electricity-resistant enemies, the Volt Dash can be deflected or outright repelled by insulated materials with relative ease, compared to the Spin Dash which requires significant fortification or specific design to counter.


Blackout Dash

Blackout Dash Attack

Taser Shot

Tesla Shield