The Official SSPD badge.

Station Square Police Department
Founded June 14, 1904
Motto "Protection though love"
Current Chief of police Maximiliano Thompson

Number of sworn officers || 50,000*

Affiliation Station Square
Funding (in million US$) 0.605
Average # of traffic stops (Per day) 450

Station Square Police Department (SSPD) is a police department inside the city of Station Square (After Sonic Adventure). Founded in 1904, only 4 years after the city's establishment the police force is somewhat underfunded police force with only 25,000 officers on active patrols, most of which is consisting of traffic police and detectives. Even though the police force is underfunded, the "complete operational" police force is definitely not corrupt. When situations get out of hand, in which the Palmont State Police is already present, they usually hand the situation to the Federal Police or Sonic the Hedgehog. (In which they then operate by evacuating civilians)

Vehicles used in SSPD

Only four vehicles are used by the SSPD. These include:

Police Civic Cruiser

Police Caprice (Highway Patrol)

Police Chevy Tachoe 2004

Police Helicopter
Ford Police Interceptor Utility
This information has been official for 2014-2016 years. The statistical records show that they're about 20,000 police cars that are regularly maintained and used in patrol. The Highway Patrol section uses the most cruisers in the police force with 10,025 Chevrolet Caprice Police Cruisers. The patrol force has been well known for their strong vehicles. Unfortunately, the vehicles are rather outdated.


There have been tactics that have been used for apprehending suspects with or without force. Depending on what condition the suspect is on will vary the tactics and tactics numbers.

Heat Level Tactics Used
Heat One Arrest without use of firearm nor the use of force.
Heat Two Arrest with force (No Firearms)
Heat Three Arrest with the use of a Pistol
Heat Four Arrest using a medium sized Rifle
Heat Five Arrest using all force (Lethal force if necessary)

The officers have several tasks that they are fitted into. Most of which are used for pursuing and evacuating people.



Armed Combat

While the police is not capable of putting up so much tasks with such criminals like Dr. Robotnik, they excel at evacuation services and drills. The regularly practice quick evacuation routes and they try to put up with larger threats. Sometimes they set up speed traps to try to use that to increase their funding. As time continues, the progressive police force has made good progress though practice.


The SSPD uses multiple weapons though most are used for high heat levels. The default weapon of choice is the 30mm Pistol and a Baton. Also in other occasions, the officers are given a High-Powered AK74 and a stun gun to use in a heat 5 attack. Most of times they use a 2000 volt Taser to stun any criminal. Most of times, the police force uses the 44mm Pistol to apprehend any criminals.

Heat Level Weapons Used
Heat One Baton only.
Heat Two Baton or Stun gun
Heat Three 30mm Pistol or Baton
Heat Four 44mm Pistol or Low-Powered Assault Rifle
Heat Five High-Powered AK74 and 44mm Pistol

State Involvement


State Patrol Badge

If the SSPD fails to stop the criminal after 10 minutes, the police will call in state patrol. With the Palmont State Patrol after you, evading will be harder, and the state patrol will go to extreme lengths to arrest the criminal. Such as using their State Pursuit Vehicles to force the suspect to the side. Mainly, the state patrol has more advanced weaponry, but that is not always is the case, rarely, the weaponry of the state patrol consists of 8mm Pistols. The state patrol has officers that are less patient and has more quicker backup timer. The State patrol Headquarters is located in the same building of the SSPD H.Q. The state patrol has more advanced vehicles and uses more Tactical forces is the criminal is heavily armed. Since the State patrol's creation in 1864, the state has put massive funding for the state patrol, especially near SS.

Federal Involvement


A Federal Pursuit Vehicle located near Station Square.

The United Federation Federal Patrol arrives if the State Patrol fails to stop a criminal after 20 minutes. The federal patrol has always been known for its seriousness with crime. The federal Police is heavily armed and uses any tactic to stop the criminal. The Federal Police H.Q is located separate to the SSPD H.Q and uses a helicopter. The Federal Patrol Uses corvettes and Rhino SUV's to detain a criminal. The federal police uses high use of spike strips to stop any criminal.

S.W.A.T Division

The S.S.P.D has a division specialized by providing advanced assistance when a suspect with high denger level or a heavily armed weapon is being used. The S.W.A.T division has 34 members, which has a high level training to stop such a threat. This division is underfunded as their means of transportation is a Civic cruiser without the lightbar, no proper radio equipment, and the S.W.A.T decal on it.

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