The Station Square Hotel is a seaside resort in Station Square, U.F. located on the southwest coast of the city, near the S.S. Central Station. It was built as one of the original structures of the city by Ragan Hall, and it remained in the Hall family for several generations. Ragan's grandson, Tyler Hall, purchased the beach beside the hotel and named it Emerald Coast after his mother, Emerald Hall[1], enabling the hotel's expansion. A Chao Garden was later built by Tyler's daughter, Minerva Hall and a penthouse restaurant by her son and successor, Ben Hall.


The Station Square Hotel has various rooms and areas, ranging from a beach to a Chao Garden.

Entrance hall

The entrance hall is a small room accessible from outside by a door connecting it to the Casino Area and the Central District. A flight of winding stairs are opposite a desk at which the manager, Bill Hall, stands at to accomodate any guests. There are two elevators on one wall, in case there were two many people trying to go up at one time, and a door opposite the Casino Area entrance which leads to the swimming pool.

Penthouse restaurant

A penthouse restaurant is located at the very top of the main hotel building, accessible via the elevators. It is completely round and has many tables and chairs along the sides for people to sit at and eat. The room also enables guests to have a beautiful view of the city, as the restaurant has large windows all around.

Swimming pool

An outdoor swimming pool is located outside of the hotel and accessed through the door opposite the Casino Area entrance. Several tables and deck chairs are placed around it, and the way to Emerald Coast and the beach-side rooms are located here.

Notes and references

  1. unintentional pun on Emerald Hill.
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