"Come one! Come all! To the Station Square Halloween Horror Nights Festival, AND Halloween Party!!"

A loud voice called over the intercom of the area. Rides were set up to resemble a theme park or state fair. Workers wondered around with fake chainsaws and props to scare the living daylights out of the patrons who'd fill the air with screams of delight and horror whenever they were snuck up on. The place had just opened, as soon as the sun had dipped down beyond the horizon, and the entire night was going to be filled with fear and FUN!

Natalie Walker was one of the few workers who was not dressed for occasion, at least comparatively: she merely wore a black cloak and carried a scythe so she could generally be recognised as death from afar. She was more relying on her telepathy to scare: creating images of horrifying monsters with the power of her mind. It would be useful practice, too, she'd thought.

Bri Lance arrived at the entrance to the area, wearing an all-black witch-like costume with a notably small-brimmed hat (to avoid interfering with her vision). As she approached the entrance, Bri slowed down and started looking around carefully as she walked to avoid triggering any traps while trying to ascertain if there was a person who she needed to talk to before entering.

An albino moonrat and a auburn furred echidna also entered the area, dressed as a vampire and a police officer, respectively. The echidna sighed to herself. "This is so dumb," she muttered. "What's the point of this? Thanks for dragging me into this, Nike," she said sarcastically to the moonrat.

Bri half-turned to the moonrat and echidna. "The point of this is to have some sort of spine-chilling experience," she stated flatly. "Does anyone else see the entrance?"

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The entrance would be packed, but the workers were getting people through relatively quickly. There would be an area for attendees to go through if they already had their tickets thanks to buying them online, and an area to buy your ticket and head inside. There were posters around the front gates depicting the collection of haunted houses, with the 'Scare Zones' included. Essentially themed areas with actors who were getting paid to make people scream and run for their lives. There were 10 haunted houses in total, and came with helpful tips and wait times. In the distance there were fun rides up and running, after all the event went hand in hand with the amusement park. Rides, games, and scares, what more could you ask for?

"Oh my Gosh guys, this is gonna be so much FUN!!"

"I'm gonna scream so loud! I hate you for making me come here!!"

"Oh whatever! You can hide behind me if you're so scared! Hahaha!!"

After dropping their car off for valet, 4 girls approached the gates with tickets in hand. Annabelle looked over her pirate costume and smiled as she and her friends walked along to enter the area. Paris seemed to be dressed as the Queen of Hearts. Meanwhile Diamond was a witch and her adoptive sister Missy was dressed as Alice to accompany Paris' Queen of Hearts.

The 4 girls quickly rushed to get in line. The workers checked their tickets and they went inside to see all of the spooky decor. The Halloween theme played over hidden speakers as the girls quickly pulled out a map, showing the scare zones and where the haunted houses would be.

"We should do the popular ones first!" Diamond suggested, "I mean we have the express passes so we don't get stuck in those stupidly long lines." The girls seemed to agree with the idea.

Bri shrugged slightly. "I'll take all this to mean that the entrance isn't just a spectacularly detailed mental illusion that only applies to my mind," she said. "If it is, it's a good one." Bri then walked over to the entrance line to get her ticket checked, motioning to the moonrat and echidna to follow. "You two might want to get here before the line gets too long." Nike and the echidna followed her.

Diamond grinned, "Alright, we'll go to the Halloween themed one first then." She looked to the others as they all nodded in agreement. As they started to walk off, two actors rushed the group from both sides. Their prop chainsaws revved loudly, echoing almost as Missy and Diamond screamed bloody murder from the scare. The two actors stalked them as Missy made a run for it. Annabelle laughed.

"Don't run! They have permission to chase you!!" The she wolf called out.

Bri got her tickets checked, then walked into the area, muttering under her breath, "Some people enjoy this, I guess..." as she saw what was going on with Diamond and Missy. After entering, Bri waited a bit to see if Nike and the echidna were going to catch up, not necessarily wanting to be alone and not exactly wanting to be near the Poppies if she could help it.

Coming from behind them, a brown tiger wearing a costume similar to that of Joker from Persona 5 ran to the ticket booth with hand of cash. Behind him, a red-furred and orange-haired fox in clothes similar to that of a beachguard, shades and everything, followed, sighing.

"Oh My GOD, I HATE this!!" "I got that on my phone!" "You are the WORST!" Missy started smacking her adoptive sister while Paris and Annabelle began laughing while on their way to their selected haunted maze.

The two scarers who had gotten Missy met up together, "Did you see the look on her face?" The male asked the female. "I LOVE this job!! Easiest pay ever! See if you can get anymore kids." She responded, and the two gave scarily insane laughs to stay in character.

Bri looked bored. "This is just cheap scares, nothing interesting..." she said quietly into a nearby wall. "Well, I guess I can at least help keep people safe." Bri looked around to see if anyone seemed to be in need of help, groaning as she realized that the Poppies were still the only ones inside in a situation that she could help. "Here goes nothing." Bri made her way over to where the four girls were, then said, "Hey, anyone need any help here?"

The Poppies were walking down the path, with Missy still shakey from the entcounter when Bri walked up. The bat and Chipmunk scoffed a little as Annabelle glanced over, "No, we're fine, thanks." The leader spoke, before Missy whispered something to Diamond before the two burst into laughter. Paris looked up from her phone, "Thanks though." The clique would continue on to their first haunted house of choice.

Bri shrugged. "OK then," she said, walking back to near the entrance, where she waited around again in case anyone else needed help.

"You know there are designated areas for scarers to literally make you jump out of your skin?" Diamond spoke, "The could be anywhere...liiike RIGHT HERE!" She jabbed her fingers into Missy's side playfully. "I'm literally going to KILL YOU!!" she screamed, but laughed as she started chasing her sister around.

The two scarers stood together, back to back as they whispered to one another.

"Easy $14 an hour, EH?"

"Duh!!" The other spoke back.

Bri, noticing the scarers whispering to each other, casually walked by, keeping an ear out for anything more. As she saw it, it didn't hurt to keep a bit of eye on the staff members. Bri also looked around to try to ascertain where the haunted houses were. All of the commotion had taken her mind off of what she'd come for.

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