Celebrate Halloween with Halloween Horror Nights!

Come one come all~! Anna here, with a newly inspired roleplay. Station Square has announced their annual Halloween Horror Nights is officially starting this year! Every weekend in October, a collection of haunted houses will be up and running, all the way up until their HUGE Halloween party! This will also include a costume contest/party!

Tonight is the official Halloween Party, and everyone in town is invited! It's going to be spooky, it's going to be crazy, and you definitely don't wanna miss this!

There can be attendees, people working for the event, or people even working in the haunted houses to scare people!

Who said you couldn't celebrate Halloween Early?


  • Please refrain from starting brawls! This is a leasure roleplay after all!
  • You can have party crashers/party poopers, but just go easy with them, OK?
  • NO Godmodding.
  • Keep it PG 13!
  • Have FUN!


Involved Characters



  • Angelica the Sheep (AR)
  • Roger the Wolf (AR)
  • Carl the Hamster (Sky)



Station Square Halloween Horror Nights! (Free Join)/Part1

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