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Station Square

Downtown Station Square at night

Vital Information
Founded September 18, 1900
Country United Federation
State/Province State of Palmont
County County of Station Square
Type of government Liberal
Head of government Crystal The Echidna
2014 Estimate 1,692,420

Station Square is a city in the state of Palmont and a major city on United Federation ran by the newly elected Crystal the Echidna. It is a large, overpopulated city located near Palmont City with the population of 1,692,420 inhabitants and nearly 2,000,000 beings in total. Station Square is looked as a city of opportunity to its residents and a city of great memories to tourists. The city is well known for its sophisticated infrastructure and it is the reported home city of Amy Rose. The city has tons of history and it was featured not only once, but twice is the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Station Square has a underfunded police force named the Station Square Police Department in which it tries their best to protect the civilians from any harm. The city is also a tourist hotspot due to its history, scenery, and the events that regularly occur. The city has implemented a good highway system for high volume traffic and the problem of traffic is very much a reality, as 1,492,000 people try too get to their destinations at the same time rendering traffic problems. Since 2006, the city's population has increased very rapidly and it's considered to be in a population boom according to most sources. The city is well known place for romantic vacations and recreational events and has been recognized as one of the major cities in United Federation. The climate is relatively hot, but at winter the temperature plummets below -5 degrees Celsius (40 Degrees). During the wintertime (which is about two months), it is perfect to go ice skating at the Central Empire Building in downtown.


Station Square developed the name because the main city first had a shape supporting a large square. Originally, the place was named Port Square, but since the popularity of the train system has increased, it was renamed Station Square for many people's liking.

Station Square's History

Station Square had a detailed past, full of pain, happiness, and anger. The city was originally believed to have an alternate future that had the destruction of the city. Yet possibly from a genesis wave, the city has a different past timeline.

Ancient Period of Station Square

Before the initial foundation Station Square, the area was part of an ancient tribe called Knuckles Tribe. It ruled the land in which Station Square was built on until 1490. In that year, King Sonic IV invaded the area and took the captives from a nearby town of Mystic Ruins and made them work hard. King Sonic IV's regime on the place lasted until 1577 when Knuckles tribe managed to reclaim their land. Knuckles Tribe only lasted around 250 years. In 1777, when the continent reached 100% colonization from the major forces from other continents. The location was controlled by the Eggman Empire for only 3 years. Then, the newly formed United Federation which was ran by the Lady of the Lake took control of the area in 1790 and added some military posts so that no one would trespass. Despite a couple battles for the land, it remained the same.

Early station square

The city was founded in September 14th, 1900 when a group of 70 settlers has found riches in the area. At the time, there was another city once nearby, now known as Mystic Ruins, but the city got demolished by a mythical beast named Chaos. Four years after, the SSPD has been founded. While the city only had 6,500 in 1910, the city was rapidly growing in population. As the population increased in 1915, people started investing in the new town and more people started buying houses. As a result, the increase of the residential population also increased the number commercial buildings. In 1919, two men saw the increase of the city and encouraged people to start living in apartments and 3 story houses.

Crystal palace high level(1920s)old6-1-

One of the Subway stations before the opening.

In 1922, the subway system has been implemented to help commuters to get to their locations faster. It was immediately proven to be widely Successful. The Station Square Transit Authority ruled it "A great Success". As the city progressed, the city came to hitting 9,500 people.

Empire Square Era

As the current mayor at the time started acting suspicious, so 20 year old Trike Flike V snooped into the mayor's mansion and revealed that Mayor Gaske was planning an entrapment movement for the empire he was going to make to combat United Federation. Another thing was revealed that he was forcing people on the street to go construct a square dome to enforce his rule and keep everyone entrapped once they reach 10,000 resident capacity. Mr. Flike came running and attempted to inform everyone about the mayor's plan. It was too late, mayor Gaske crowned himself emperor and dubbed the city's name to Empire Square.

Trike Flike V devised a plan for the strongest citizens to defeat the 'Emperor' Gaske and take back the captured city. Soon five bold, angry residents approached the Mayor's mansion. They kicked down the door. They all tried their best to defeat Gaske but he was too strong for all of them. There was a point in which Trike Flike threw a bucket of water on him in frustration. Surprisingly, Gaske stopped and he started to laugh hysterically, we explained that he was a robot and that he won everything. Obviously confused, the five men dove for cover and an explosion followed, taking nearly the entire town with him.

Rebuilding Station Square


Photograph of the Mayors' office destroyed after the explosion.

After the explosion, which killed 219 people, the survivors started to clean up the ruins and the city was beginning to rebuild. The national news decided to interview some witnesses and they described it as a large flash and their street was covered in ruins. Many people could compare it to 210 pounds of TNT and they did not know what has happened. As the city was rebuilt, it started to take on a similar shape to what it is now. The city in 1927 implemented the freeway system for high volume of traffic as the city hit 100,000 people. The freeways soon became a parking lot due to the intense volume of vehicles and the city decided to create the Downtown beltway, in which traffic dramatically improved.

Station Square's 1930's Boom

In 1931, the city's first skyscraper erected with an astonishing 20 floors. This building was named the Western Finance Building and it specifically served for a stock exchange, resulting in the population rising to 200,000 people at the end of the year. As more skyscrapers were added, the city came up with two new neighborhoods, named "Emerald Coast" and "Rose Suburbia." These two neighborhoods were meant to fit 100,000 people, but it ended up with 230,000 people. The city constructed their 4th freeway and the city expanded to cover the one side of the fjord it was founded in. During this time, the construction of the "Western United Federation Bank" was completed. A 64 story tall building that stored 10% of the nation's money. Quickly after, the city then transformed the downtown into a dense skyline. The city named Interstate-4 the "Inter-Palmont Freeway" since the freeway connected the three major cities of Palmont state. Which rose the population to 400,000 people in 1936. Even though it had many citizens at the time, the city still had a calm feel.

Crisis of 1937


Two SSPD officers in 1937

There were very little confrontations with police in Station Square. Yet in 1937, there was a infamous bank robbery that would define police presence around Mobius. Three men, who had access to illegal arms, took 27 people hostage. One man took guard of outside, one man would take care of the hostages, and the other man would break in, eventually taking 500 000$ in cash. Though monitors alerted the SSPD and the entire squad was sent for the robbers, the men grabbed backpacks and took the money. At the first cars arrive, the cars were covered in assault rifle bullets and backup came racing to the location. It was an armed confrontation with SSPD and it took a turn for the worst. With the Federal patrol on the way, the men opened fire on the officers and a shootout with the SSPD followed. After 7 minutes of non-stop fire, the men retreated back inside. Then the Federal Patrol arrived and 14 officers, armed with M14s, stormed into the bank and the suspects were apprehended. Luckily no one was killed yet 4 people were injured.

Mid-Modern Station Square


The Country Club in rose suburbia where a golf championship has been won (1976)

In 1940, the elections were held. Unlike any elections, there was a hedgehog candidate despite the city being a human-only city. The SSPD did not take any action in escorting her out, and because of her being a hedgehog and her unique way of speaking, she won the elections by a landslide. As soon she held power, she made lots of changes to the legal system. The mayor ratings were the best in the country. She had updated the Highway systems and she gave the Police and Fire Force the funding they needed. She also made a bylaw enforcing that every resident must plant at least one tree for the environment. She evolved the city into a similar environment as it is today and she was regarded one of the city's heroes, despite being a hedgehog. Unfortunately, the situation of it being a (Mostly) Human-only city has yet to be debated but, she said she'd like to see her work to not be to waste as Comet Rose dreamed of having a modern, efficient city with 2,000,000 people. As the city reached 500,000 people in 1953, the Federal Patrol installed their headquarters here. Also, the SSPD demanded more funds as the force was too underfunded. Also, the famous Casinopolis was built and Twinkle park was made in downtown, attraction thousands of tourists. When the city reached 750,000 in 1959, the city constructed the "Vista Palmont International Airport" which over 50,000 tourists enter and depart everyday. Despite the changes. It was sometimes referred as boring for some locals, but it is contrary to what tourists say. Over the next 30 years, more and more attention has been brought up about the Human-Only city. In fact, the city was under attack with protests in 1981 due to what they call segregation and unnecessary separation of species. After violent protests, the mayor was overthrown and replaced by a new mayor. After then, Station Square doubled in population and over 1,400,000 people lives here as of today.

New Station Square


Station Square in 2006 (Notice there was less skyscrapers)

In 2005, one of the most scariest confrontations has occurred with Chaos the mythical beast and Sonic the hedgehog. After the failed SSPD attempt to stop the beast, Sonic and his group attempt to stop Chaos. Sergeant Maximiliano at the time found the source of the return of Cos and informed Sonic it was Dr. Robotnik. He also got the SSPD together and lead them to Chaos and assisted as the distraction so Sonic could figure out a plan. As the SSPD fought, Sonic turned Super and defeated Chaos. Luckily the city only had some water pipe problems in which they here fixed. Sgt John Newester, Sgt Maximiliano Thompson, and Officer Foxanne the Hedgehog were awarded for their bravery and they were hailed heroes. Unfortunately now there was a new crisis. After being held responsible, Dr.Robotnik was named the "Enemy of the State" and Sonic went and had a battle with Dr. Robotnik. Obviously, Sonic defeated him and now, with a population of 1,692,420, Station Square has entertainment from their fighting every week or so.


Here are some of the dates of milestones of Station Square's progress.

Milestone Date
Foundation of Station Square September 18th, 1900
Foundation of Station Square Police Department June 4th, 1904
The placement of rail systems June 2nd, 1906
The City increases to 5,000 January of 1907
The city celebrates its 10th year since establishment September 18th, 1910
Subways are implemented November 19th, 1922
Population Reaches 10,000 March of 1924
City starts rebuilding February 28th, 1925
Population reaches 50,000 April of 1925
Dramatic increase of condominiums 1925-1927
City finishes rebuilding March of 1926
The first two freeways May 18th, 1927
Population reaches 100,000 August of 1927
First skyscraper January 31st, 1931
City reaches 250,000 December of 1931
Population reaches 500,000 May of 1953
Construction of Casinopolis May 10th, 1953
Construction of international Airport June 12, 1959
Poplation reaches 750,000 October of 1959
Population Reaches 1,000,000 November of 1972
Station Square celebrates 100 years September 18, 2000
Station Square rebuilds its constitution  June 12th, 2012


The previous mayor did a census of the population in 2014 and he got a vast result of 1,692,420 residents. 40.2 % are humans, 38.3% are Hedgehogs, 10% are Echidnas, and 2.5% are a different species or mix.


Station Square is built on a fjord. The city is over 580 square miles. The Depth in water is 59 feet deep. The city is 77% land 23% water. The land within Station Square is angled and a bit hilly, comparable to San Fransisco on Planet Earth.

Weather and Climate

It usually is sunny in Station Square but it is known for have rain showers for 5 minutes at a time when it is humid. Station Square is usually very hot but it snows quite a bit in the winter. With high temperatures in the summer it gets very hot so shorts are advised. The water in the beaches are usually hot and in the winter, the river conditions are ideal for ice skating. It also get unusually stormy in September but only occurs for around 10 minutes of thundershowers. Station Square has a general Tropical-temperate climate, it's difficult to tell which.


They're three major districts in station square. There is the Downtown Station square, Emerald Beach, Rose Suburbia. The city has inter-developed districts, so that people can go to their location faster unlike the neighboring city Palmont city.


Station Square

Downtown Station Square at Day

Downtown is very busy and as one million commuters rely on cars and subways to transport themselves. While walking is an option, most people crowd the streets making it difficult. This is usually regarded as the Business Center by the locals. The downtown is always a beautiful location and all the 'action' always happens here. While it's amusing to see Sonic fighting Dr. Robotnik, the SSPD often getting caught in the crowd, and many couples on dates. The downtown has the SSPD Headquarters. The city even bothered to have a name for their subway system, named "Station Square Subway System" and it's based on the alliteration of S.

Emerald Beach

The Emerald beach is a spectacular scene with mansions that are believed to be worth millions. Emerald Beach has been, twice, awarded the certificate of most beautiful scenario. It is known that the location is believed to be named due to the color of the water when the sun sets. The Rose S

Postcard From Emerald Beach

uburbia is within the city, but the place is sometimes mistaken to be its own city.

Rose Suburbia


The "Comet Rose Memorial Expressway" sign.

The Rose Suburbia District is named after the last name Rose, as in Amy Rose, and the fact the place has rose flowers in most lawns. This is a the location where most to the inhabitants live. People are required to keep their lawn clean and tidy to show that the neighborhood is clean. The neighborhood has its own community center, called "The Emerald Rose Community center" and it even has its own soccer team, called "Team Rose Soccer Club". The borough has been recognized for having a quiet, peaceful locations and nice people.


There are many ways of transporting oneself to any locations in a variety of alternate ways. Developed and perfected in the 20th century, these ways are semi-efficient due to the large mass of tourists and locals.

Vehicular Traffic

The freeways in Station Square are very vast and interconnecting. Interstate 5 is regarded as the "beltway" of Downtown and can be very busy at times. 'Comet Rose Memorial Expressway' is the expressway that leads through Rose Suburbia and Emerald beach.

Unfortunately, traffic is very high and poses a large problem in Station Square as over 50% of people use this as their default transportation method. Another way is the new monorail system. The monorail is a good way to go to your location aboveground, although it still has lots of commuters trying to go to their locations.

Subway System

The Subway System has a large role in transporting commuters across the city. Founded in 1922 the subway system has become over 40% of the population's primary choice with over 500 Subway trains transporting lots of people. Like most of the transportation, the mass of pedestrians makes crowding and delay a minor problem. Despite the negatives, it is a recommended way to avoid the chaos of cars.

Monorail System

The Monorail System provides a scenic route across the main points of the city. Even though only 6% uses the monorail, it also faces crowding as there is only 4 monorail systems constantly working. This is a recommended route for tourists who want to see scenic views without driving.


The Economy of Station Square has a renowned strong economy despite the rough years in 2010. Most of the economy of Station Square is supported by its tourist attractions and its many stores and businesses that is located in the city. Like most cities, the economy nearly depends on the Western United Federation Stock Exchange.

Television Programs

These television programs are produced or they are filmed in Station Square, which goes to the economy.

Show Channel Minutes
What Sonic has to say about... Channel 4 60
Everybody Loves Bagels!!! Channel 14 30
So you think you can be famous Channel 19 60
Federal Cops: RELOADED Channel 4 120
Station Square News: LIVE State Channel 22 60
Economy Watchers United Federation Channel 440
Documentaries With Mysterious Tikal State Channel 22 60
Everything wrong with... Channel 16 60
CSI: Palmont State Channel 6 40-45
Saving money by Singing Channel 24 30
COUNTY LAW!!! State Channel 22 30
History of Station Square State Channel 22 30

Major Stores and Businesses

There are over 120,000 shops, business buildings, and public service shops. Main Fast food chains:

  • Mc Mobians'
  • Mobian Bell
  • Suzy's Drive in'

Phone: (214) 555-9153 Main businesses:

  • Western United Federation Bank

Phone: (515) 555-7120

  • Big Bucks building

Phone: (515) 555-2914

  • Trade center offices

Main Hotels:

  • Hotel Rose

Phone: (512) 555-2193

  • Hotel Masonique

Phone: (512) 555-9185

  • Western Sleep Hotel

Phone: (515) 555-1937

Main shopping malls:

  • Emerald Mall

Phone: (515) 614-2814

  • Rose Plaza

Phone: (515) 000-1030


Station Square has to offer a vast array of schools under one school division. The education system in Station Square has one goal, "Provide the top quality education for maximum potential. The Schools' average population is 500-750 students and a state survey resulted in an average of 86% in the students' academic average. The education system is divided, like most education systems, into three categories. The education systems also provides supplies from the government and has most of the routes of the Bussing system planned out for efficient use. Here are the list of schools as of 2014:

School Neighborhood
Knuckles' Burrows Elementary School Downtown
Times Scholar Junior High School Downtown
West United Federation Academy Downtown
Trike Flike Preschool Emerald Beach
Fort Harrison Middle School Emerald Beach
Super Sonic High School Emerald Beach
Chaos Daycare Rose Suburbia
Comet Rose Middle School Rose Suburbia
Miles Prower Academic Institute Rose Suburbia


The Government of Station Square is currently ran by a mayor and the leading and minor party also works in the legislative building in downtown. The government makes decisions on how Station Square should be spending on. The leading party can approve or reject ordinances or bylaws and the minor party can debate over the decision of the mayor. The current party in power is the Liberals with Crystal the Echidna in place. The conservatives are currently the minority of the legislative building due to the bad decisions the previous mayor made. Crystal currently has an 89% mayor ranking because of her dedication to the city's businesses and pulling Station Square out of a recession.


Here are the list of mayors as of 1900.

Name of Mayor Years in Office Political Party
Sir John Simeon IV 1901-1904 Conservative
Wilfred Lourier 1904-1910 Conservative
Manaus Excoducious 1910-1914 Liberal
Robo Gaske 1915-1924 Dictator
Jubo Hirotiji 1924-1928 Conservative
Gigko Kogig 1928-1932 Republican
Loraine Morison 1932-1940 Conservative
Comet Rose The Hedgehog 1940-1964 (cute and pretty Revolutionary Liberal)
Paul Norison 1964-1968 Progressive Conservative
Bill Kings 1968-1972 Liberal
Yoshiatu Mosakatoya 1972-1978 Conservative
Kaditu Powell 1978-1981 Conservative
Lorina the Hedgehog 1981-1992 Liberal
Luckithan Earnalds the 58th 1992-1998 Liberal
Konprinjo the rabbit 2005-2010 Conservative-Liberal Mix
Ford Loringson 2010-2015 Progressive Democratic
Crystal the Echidna 2015-Present Liberal

All-is-lost defense

When all reasonable hope is lost, the city has a few defense systems to use.

  • Call Sonic (and hope he can work up a miracle like he usually does)
  • Call Juinun titan (he was the survivor who turned to a water spirit he could maybe stop the problem with his powers)
  • Call United Federation Federal Patrol (A heavily armed federal police force that is located in the city.)


Station square has a lot of legends. One legend suggests 13 comets came by the first explorers of Station Square. In Robo Gakes's ruling, 10 crashed and since then station square has put a statue of their heroes near the crash sight. In the Downtown Boardwalk facing the West Mobian Sea has strange colors. If the water is transparent it means the heroes are deceased. If it's translucent and glowing the hero it's representing is still alive. Here are the statues as of 2010.

  • Trike Flike the 5th (The water is red)
  • Tails (The water is clear and it glows orange)
  • Super sonic (his water is clear glowing blue (if he's super sonic it glows yellow)
  • Juinun (Some say he's deceased but he still lives as the Water Titan suggesting the water is perfectly clear)
  • Krinkinko the hedgehog (The water glows green. The water dimmed green for short time before he was revived.)
  • Droget (The water glows green and brown)
  • Comet Rose (The water dims reddish orange)
  • Amy Rose (The water glows Pink)


Station Square is a modern city. There is great culture in technology and transportation and Station Square has been known to have some delicious foods in the 20th century. These included Nachos with Salsa, The Knuckle Sandwich, and many unique foods. Station Square celebrates many festivals and holidays. Some unique holidays hails the heroes and milestones of Station Square. Here are the list of Station Square's unique holidays.

Name of holiday Date Description
Founders' Festival September 18th The city recognizes the first mayor, Sir John Simeon IV.
National Independence Day January 9th The celebration of the Independence that happened in 1924.
Police Parade June 23rd The parade of both S.S.P.D and State Patrol's newest and oldest cars.
Comet Rose Day November 19th The celebration towards the first and most revolutionary hedgehog of the 20th century.
Patriotic Heroes Day March 30th The celebration of all the heroes who sacrificed their lives for the city and nation.
New Sea Traditional Festival 2nd Week of May The traditional festival of the Mobian sea started by the ancient people.


  • Consider this the beginning of a big update

Station square has two Major Baseball and Soccer Teams. The soccer team is called 'Station Square Skills Club" and the baseball team is called "Station Square Strikers". The "Dust Creators" are a volleyball team who literally has their opponents eating dust. The two teams are sponsored throughout station square in posters and they have a hilarious comedy show called "Singing though Saving" and it's featured at State Channel 22.



Station square has various newspapers and magazines.

  • The Station Square Post (Daily)
  • Keeping up with Amy Rose (weekly Magazine)
  • Palmont State Informative(Weekly)
  • The sonic speedster (Monthly)
  • The Capitol Post (Yearly)


FM radio AM radio
99.1 Sonic Radio 675 Mornings with Morales
101.7 Station Square Jam 692 United Federation Radio
102.3 90's ROCK AND ROLL 705 News Official
102.7 Station Square Country Radio 718 Jubo Radio
103.4 HERO'S MIX 725 Times Square News
104.2 Emerald Beach Radio 813 State Radio


Roleplays (so far)


Krinkinko the hedgehog's story


Mystic Monkey Adventure

Due to the unique manner of destruction and salvation of Station Square, the city has been remade in a more rapid time than that of the normal city that suffered the disaster. The layout of the city is similar to how it was before but with some texture changes. Before arriving to Station Square Mystic found someone in trouble with attacking robots, Mystic rescued the man who introduced himself as Alberto Robert, a shoe maker from Soleanna who came to Station Square to learn more about the Light Speed Shoes and hope to market his new Custom Shoes. The company that made the Light Speed Shoes were impressed with Robert's shoes and invited him on. As thanks Robert insisted that Mystic have a pair of brand new Custom Shoes made with his company.

It is also here that Mystic meets Amy Rose, and by meeting she thought it was Sonic and hammered him when he realized it was not. However despite meeting they became friends, Amy helping him with looking for Nack the Weasel in Station Square.

The old local zone of Station Square is Speed Highway Zone. Even Amy partakes in missions at this zone.

Well Known Residents

These residents are well known and are living currently in Station Square.

Nearby locations

  • New Japan
    • New Japan is a small town located in a cavern a few miles off of the city Station Square. The town was formed by surviving Japanese population of the tsunami in Japan caused by a underwater volcanic eruption which caused an underwater earthquake during the Xorda attack on Earth. The volcanic eruption was caused by Gene Bombs hitting the underwater volcano.
  • Mysterious Cat Country-Mysterious Cat Country, also known as the Pais Misterioso, is a region of Mobius' southern continent located near Station Square and the Mystic Ruins.
  • Interstate 10
    • The famous overcrowded 'Comet Rose Memorial Expressway' is the expressway that leads through Rose Suburbia and Emerald beach.
  • Interstate 5
    • Mobian Interstate 5, Known to locals as the Downtown Beltway, is a toll Freeway that loops around Downtown.
  • Mystic ruins
  • Twerunka jungle
  • Palmont City
    • A nearby city which is also the state capital of Palmont State.
  • Shin Tokyo
    • Station Square of Shin Tokyo- abandoned.

Add your location if it's near Station Square!!!



  • Station square suffers more disasters than crime.
  • Most of it's media are based on its saviors.
  • Sonic often comes once a month to talk about what's happening in Station Square in the news magazine Sonic Speedster.
  • Some of station square's laws are made to keep in mind of issues that already happened so they can make sure it never happens again .
    • For example; One law is that only certified conductors are allowed to drive a train (you actually have to pass an exam to drive public vehicles.), also if you have any robots, you have to get it inspected to make sure it's not for bad use. If it is, and you don't want to fail the inspection, the Station Square Transit Authority can take it out for you.
  • This city is similar based to Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Anaheim California.
  • The United Federation Federal Patrol has their Headquarters in Station Square.
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