Station Square is where most of the kids live in the Mobius Redrawn universe. It's a borough in the middle of Central City that resembles a mix of suburbia and inner-city living places.


Station Square relies on USD, though Japanese immigrants usually pay yen. The lead source of money is generated by the main attraction in the town: the Station Square Bandstand. Aside from that, the Mayor of Station Square does her best to provide citizens with the money they need.


Most residents of Station Square are hedgehogs, as one of (if not THE) first settlers was a hedgehog. However, other species like bats, lizards, molly cats, and bluebirds have settled in the town. It's a popular place for people who don't have enough money to enjoy the luxurious life of the rest of Central City. Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose are two of the most notable residents.


Station Square was discovered in 1895, along with the rest of the area Central City was in, by some explorers (one of which was a hedgehog.) They later settled in this area and gave birth to their children. The town flourished, and its popularity amongst middle-classes began to grow and grow. In 1972, the Station Square Bandstand was established. It's still a popular place for bands to give shows. In 1991, resident Sonic the Hedgehog became a hero and a local legend.

Notable Areas

Station Square has an arcade, a malt shop, and a concert hall known as the Station Square Bandstand; the last of which is famous for having the latest acts such as Amy, Sally, and Mina play shows regularly.

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