Station Square, commonly abbreviated to S.SIt is located on the continent of Soumerca near the  Mystic Ruins and the Mysterious Cat Country The city is got its name from the fact that the Central Station exists in the center of the city. It is a popular center for tourists due to its numerous attractions, including; Casinopolis, Twinkle Park, Emerald Coast, a hotel, and Speed Highway.


Coastal Area

The main part of Station Square, located outside of the Station Square Central Station. It's a large outside area with entrances to the station, hotel, Cyber-Net Inc., the City Hall area and Twinkle Park. There is also a small dock area where a small amount of boats can be kept.

S.S Central Station

The Station Square Central Station, namesake of the city, is a large building in the exact center of the square. Though it has trains that depart for the Mystic Ruins on South Island, the pay for workers is apparently unsatisfactory, as numerous strikes have occurred because of it.

The Hotel

The Station Square Hotel is a large building that contains an outside pool, a Chao Garden, and a penthouse restaurant. There is an entrance to Emerald Coast by the pool area, though it is sometimes blocked for unknown reasons. The Casino Area can also be accessed. Within Emerald Coast, various activities include fishing and beach volleyball are popular activities, with beach volleyball being popular as it hosts their own tournament every year.

Cyber-Net Inc.

The Cyber-Net Incorporated building is a tall skyscraper filled with offices, and can be accessed only by those holding an ID Card. It is owned by a proud man who prefers to stand outside of the building while his workers work. Speed Highway can be accessed from the upper floors.

Twinkle Park Area

This area is a small room with doors that lead to Twinkle Park and Twinkle Circuit. Though people initially had to pay to enter, "cute couples could get in free" during one year. However, anyone with a pass could get into Twinkle Circuit without paying. Twinkle Circuit also hosts various competitions for worthy competitors, including competing for fastest times.

Casino Area

The Casino Area is a small location with entrances to a small alleyway and Casinopolis. The Station Sq Diner can also be accessed, as can the Station Square Central Station and Ken's Casino.

City Hall Area

The City Hall area is a downtown location with a small park, a burger shop, a variety store and Station Square City Hall itself. There is also a manhole that leads to the sewer.

Overgrown Forest

The overgrown forest, as the name implies, is an overgrown forest that surrounds most of the city. It is often hard to find for most, though it is quite simple to see. Once one enters it, it is almost impossible to find one's way out. Most people tend to avoid the forest, only a certain few being drawn to it. Rumor has it that it is a Zone, but science hasn't yet proven this theory.

Royals Park Area

It is a large park that is located in the center of the city. It is a good picnic and Frisbee location, with a few small trees and underbrush. People also come there to hangout or look for bird sightings. A medium sized pond and several benches and walkways are also seen here.

Station Square Medical Clinic

It is the largest hospital located in Station Square.

Station Square Stadium

The Station Square Stadium is a large baseball stadium, which has a seating capacity of 38,000 for spectators to watch exhibition games and competitive tournaments. It is also home to the Station Square Globetrotters baseball team, who had also won their first championship in the Mobius All-Stars Tournament, clinching their win against the Soleanna Gladiators. And baseball is considered to be a widely popular sport.

Mall of Station Square

It is the largest shopping mall in Station Square, with over hundreds of outlets varying from clothing & accessories, to high-end furnitures and electronic stores, along with various, medium-to-high end restaurants, including a large food court area. It also have a lively atmosphere with garden areas within the mall. It also has a relatively tight security funded by the G.U.N., with G.U.N. security guards regularly patrolling the area. It is often busy on weekends with new and regular customers shopping there on a daily basis.


Station Square has appeared in Sonic Adventure and the TV show, Sonic X.

Dimitri Chronicles (series)

BearfootTruck's Universe

In BearfootTruck's stories, Station Square is based off of San Francisco. It is located on the west coast of the Federal Republic of Columbia, in the state of Elestador (the equivalent of California). It has a large nature preserve, so large that people have said that they almost forgot they were in the city. Thus far, Station Square has only been featured in one of BearfootTruck's stories: "Sonic Hypothesis".

Konnichiku's Universe

The home to Amy, Sally, and Mina. It has been featured in all of Konnichiku's stories except for "Beach Night".

SuperSilverXtreme14's Universe

The home to Mitchell Barner, a human resident, and G.U.N. The city has been featured in SuperSilverXtreme14's story: A Wish for a Friend.

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