Static grew up in a time where Elementia was a place of conspiracy. No one knew whether to trust one another, so tensions were high. The police were stationed everywhere. Static grew up as a boy who questioned things, but was naive in his actions. One day, while walking around with his father, he questioned the governments actions particularly loudly. Both Static and his father were nabbed and taken to the nearby power plant and threw them into the chamber with the Thunder Stone of the Elements. While Static's father died, he himself reacted unusually to the electricity. He absorbed it, the Stone soon manifesting it's power inside of Static and thus bringing the count of Stones of the Elements down from eleven to ten. Due to the high amount of energy and pressure, the power plant exploded, leaving only Static behind. The young hedgehog soon discovered his new power and brought it under minor control. He snuck back into his house, took his brother Ventus, and escaped to the wild part of Elementia. When he was 16, he discovered something new about his powers. When he got angry, when a battle was hard, when he was startled, he had a personality switch. The Stone had manifested a new personality inside of him, only symbolizing it's takeover with Static's green eyes turning to crimson red. His powers grew and he became more irritable and angry. Static soon brought this side, dubbed Blitz Mode due to the Elementian god of lightning being named Blitz, of him under control in fear of it taking over. When he went back to the main part of Elementia, he met a water-wielding girl named Aqua. They fell in love, got married, and had two children. When Static's home was attacked, Aqua fled with the children and Static fought them off. Static soon reunited with Aqua, but the children were taken for experiment. He has since been reunited with them (Summer and Dusk) and they've reunited, as unhappy the boys were with Aqua anyways. Somewhere along in this time, he aquired a high tech Tesla Sword, which channels his electricity into two tesla coils.


Static, while in his regular form, is a laid back and happy man. He tends to get serious at times, but overall keeps an optimistic and confident air about him. People who usually meet him get along with him quite easily. However, he also has a cool and calculated side about him, which some people think is cold. Static is fairly good at puzzles, which in turn makes him a good teammate for long adventures. When in Blitz Mode, his personality reflects his red eyes. Static becomes angry at small, trivial things faster and snaps at everyone. He also becomes very irritable and resorts to violence more often than not. This side is usually deemed unlikeable and people often think Static is mentally wrong in the head when they see both forms.



Static has control over many different attacks with his electokinesis, not just being able to turn the microwave on from across the room. In his normal mode, his electricity is colored blue.

Lightning Zap- This attack is the basic quick lightning bolt attack. While weak, it is among Static's quickest moves, and it does not consume any of his energy to use it.

Magnetic Run- Despite the name, this move has almost nothing to do with running. Static creates surfaces which he connects to with his boots, allowing him to run across them. This surface, however, will shatter if attacked with anything at all.

Velocity Dash: Static increases his velocity, allowing him to run as if he were teleporting. The cost of such speed makes it that Static can only travel in straight lines and cannot attack.

Electroreflect- Static creates a durable shield of electricity, which can guard against projectile attacks.

Cure- A healing spell used to heal injuries.

Esuna- A healing spell used to cure minor status inflictions, one at a time. (Sickness, coma, poison, frozen)

Esunaga- A powerful healing spell, an upgrade of Esuna. It can be used to cure any status infliction, one at a time. (Paralysis, frozen in time, near death, large dose of poison)

Esunaja- A variant of Esunaga, this powerful healing spell can be used to cure all minor status inflictions all at once.

Thunder Edge- With a swipe of his sword, a beam of energy is created and sent forward by Static.

Energy Channel- If Static's sword comes into basic contact with Fire or Ice, Static's sword will be covered in that element by either lowering or heightening the temperature in the sword's metal.

Energy Tempest- Static does a vertical spin with his sword out, attacking any enemy in his path.

Arc of Preservation- Static jabs his sword into a dead body, converting it into a small orb of energy. This orb is carried in between the two coils of his tesla sword. He will gain the ability of the deceased as long as he doesn't exchange the orb for another. The orb is green in this form.

Indignation- Static channels all of his power into his tesla sword before firing a tri-colored bolt as his enemy, doing massive damage to them. This is his most powerful attack in his regular mode.

Dual Link

Static has the power to channel into another person's energy and use a powerful attack with them. With Aqua, his Dual Link is Divine Destiny, which brings multiple pillars of ice from the ground before creating a field of electricity with the pillars. When in Blitz Mode, his Dual Links become different and more powerful. Once again using Aqua as an example, their attack is Frozen Twilight, which infuses ice with dark lightning and attacks the enemy with it.

Blitz Mode

Static foregoes the power and energy of a Super Form for Blitz Mode, where his powers turn dark and more powerful. Though weaker than a Super Form, Static can access this in any battle after a certain amount of time goes by, and it takes up no energy to enter it. However, he cannot exit the mode to access his other powers, the only exception being his very powerful moves that will revert him. His darkness infused lightning is colored red.

Lightning Shade- The same as Lightning Zap, but with darkness-infused lightning.

Tri-Spike- Static's most common move while in Blitz Mode; Static jumps in the air and attacks his enemy three times. Each need to hit for the next one to start. If all three hit, a lightning strike will come down at the enemy.

Quick Spike- A swift, single strike. It is similar to one of Tri-Spike's attacks.

Dark Cure- A healing spell infused with darkness, used to heal injuries.

Dark Esuna- A healing spell infused with darkness, used to cure minor status inflictions, one at a time. (Sickness, coma, poison, frozen)

Dark Esunaga- A powerful healing spell infused with darkness, an upgrade of Dark Esuna. It can be used to cure any status infliction, one at a time. (Paralysis, frozen in time, near death, large dose of poison)

Dark Esunaja- A variant of Dark Esunaga, this powerful healing spell infused with darkness can be used to cure all minor status inflictions all at once.

Velocity Rush- An ability shared with Summer, Static foregoes Magnetic Run in the form for this attack. Static rushes towards his enemy at blinding speeds before leaping over their heads and firing a bolt of dark electricity at them. It also can have the same function of Velocity Dash.

End-Spike- Static teleports while attacking with Quick Spike. This makes him almost impossible to hit unless you block his first attack.

Scatter Shade- Static jumps up and swipes his blade in an arc, which releases bolts of dark lightning over a large radius.

Absorbation- A technique that reflects the evil of Static's Blitz Mode, Static makes contact with an enemy, draining them of their abilities and converting them into electricity. Static will gain a new ability if he does this, but it requires consent from both the Blitz Mode side of him and the normal side of him.

Arc of Preservation- Static jabs his sword into a dead body, converting it into a small orb of energy. This orb is carried in between the two coils of his tesla sword. He will gain the ability of the deceased as long as he doesn't exchange the orb for another. The orb is red in this form.

Sacrifice- Static charges an extemely powerful attack, but reverts back into his normal form. It doesn't drain him.

The Composer's Requiem- Static leaps into the sky, becoming covered in lightning. He swoops down multiple times, striking his enemy. His last strike causes an electric field. This is Static's second most powerful move, but it drains Static immensely and reverts him back to normal form.

The Composer's Lament- Static's most powerful move. Static brings down a powerful lightning strike before attacking the enemy with multiple, lightning powered strikes. He then brings another lightning bolt down before releasing the energy in his body in a huge column of electricity. After the attack, Static looses half of his health, requiring healing.


Static can summon various creatures and use them to his assistance. This can only be used once a battle .(tournament wise)


"Come on, ride like the wind!"

Static can summon a chocobo, a large bird with golden feathers, however losing the ability to fly while gaining the ability to run extremely fast. He boards the bird and can cast various powerful wind spells, along with a Dual Link named Tornado, which sucks enemies in and attacks them with the wind. He can also use this for conventional uses, such as getting around faster.


"Cover the skies with fire!"

Static can summon a pheonix, a bird with crimson red feathers, still retaining the skill of flight, unlike the chocobo. He boards the pheonix, able to cast fire spells and attack with vicious fire attacks. Their Dual Link is Fission Flare, a small ball of fire launched into the ground and making a large explosion.

Ice Knight

"Freeze the enemy in their tracks!"

Static can summon a knight made of ice, which fights with him until defeated. While attacking with the Ice Knight, Static can attack with various melee ice attacks. Their Dual Link is Deep Freeze, sending spears of ice up from the ground before a final, large spear attacks the enemy.


"This is the end!" '"I'll cut you down!"

Static extracts the Electric Stone of the Elements before slashing it with his sword, sparks of electricity bursting from the fragments and damaging nearby enemies. The splitting of the stone copies Static as his Blitz Form, and the two fight as one, each with their respective movesets. This lasts until Blitz is defeated or the end of the battle. Their Dual Link is Zanetsuken, where the two attack a single enemy with a blindingly fast and powerful attack.

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