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Static the Cat is a nineteen-year old male Mobian cat who has been granted amazing electrokinetic abilities. He is the main character and fursona of the user Frost the Wolf. Static was one of the kids who had been kidnapped by Dr. Eggman Nega in an attempt to create a weapon to enable him to defeat Blaze and take over the Sol Dimension, and later Mobius. However, Dr. Nega's plans were ruined when Static realized what he was doing and worked with Blaze the Cat and a few other allies to finally put a stop to Dr. Nega's plans.

At first, Static's main goal was to gain information concerning his past. However, towards the end of his adventure, Static realized that it wasn't his past that defined who he was. It was the choices and decisions that he made in the present that defined him. Upon realizing this, Static was able to come to terms with himself and no longer worry about his past.

A semi-hyper and kind-hearted cat, Static shows a noble spirit by always striving to do what he believes is the right thing. He can be a bit impulsive at times, but he will always strive to do good and help those who are in need. Static is also known to be a bit quirky, and may be a little hard to understand on occasions. However, he can always be counted on as a good friend to stand by someone's side in times of trouble.



Static is an orange cat with electric blue eyes and a white muzzle. He has a tail that, when drooping straight down, is just an inch off the ground. The tip of his tail is a darker shade of orange than the rest of his body. In addition, he has a horizontal stripe on the back of his head and two horizontal stripes on each arm that are the same shade of orange as the tip of his tail. On each arm, one stripe is located halfway between the shoulder and elbow, and the other stripe halfway between the elbow and wrist. He is approximately forty inches tall (3 feet, four inches) and is a decent size for a cat.


Static's usual outfit is a blue with gold accents and a gold stripe that goes around the back of the jacket and curves upwards towards the sides. Underneath the jacket, Static usually wears a white tee-shirt. He also wears a pair of blue, gold, and white sneakers and a pair of white socks. His gloves are white and the cuffs of his jacket are gold at the wrists. The inside of his jacket is a darker shade of blue than the outside of his jacket, and holds a few hidden pockets where he stores his whip and other small items.



"Early Life"

The majority of Static's history and early life are completely shrouded in uncertainty and mystery. All Static remembers about his past are the events that happened after he was captured by Dr. Eggman Nega. Like the other dozen or so people who were caputred, he was put through a series of tests and experiments that would give him superpowers. Static was the first sucessful subject to receive powers and survive the experiments. Dr. Nega's goal in giving these powers was to create someone strong enough to defeat all his enemies, particularly Blaze the Cat, and allow Dr. Nega to take over the Sol Dimension and then the other zones of Mobius. The success of turning Static into a superpowered being gave the doctor the incentive to create more like the orange feline. With a small army of superpowered minions at his disposal, Dr.Nega could take over more than just his world. He could conqure the Sol Dimension, Mobius, and perhaps even other worlds. To the doctor, the dream of creating an empire that spread further than any other empire in history seemed within reach.

However, helping the doctor was the last thing Static wanted to do. Using his new found electrical powers and abilities, he attempted to break the other prisoners free and escape from Dr.Nega. Many of Dr.Nega's robots were destoryed by Static as he lead the way. During the escape attempt, Static managed to destroy the files for Dr. Nega's tests and experiments by overloading the computers with electricity. This helped ensure that Dr.Nega would not be able to force other people into becoming superpowered weapons of mass destruction. Unfortunately, Dr.Nega was one step ahead. Fully recognizing that Static would be unwilling to help, he created a single back up. A clone, to be more precise. Static's clone, now known as Static Nega, managed to ambush the orange feline and his fellow prisoners. During the skirmish, more robots were called in and a full blown fight followed. After the dust settled, Static had been knocked unconcious and the remaining prisoners had either managed to escape during the confusion, or didn't survive.

At first, Dr.Nega entertained the idea of simply disposing of Static, as it seemed that he would be too dangerous to keep around. However, he then thought of a different solution. Although several of his robots, machines, and all of the data from the experiments had been destroyed, Dr.Nega still had plenty to work with. He used one of his inventions with a Sol Emerald as a power source to wipe Static's memory. The memory wipe worked beyond expectations. Not only did Static not remember what Dr.Nega had done to him, but he couldn't remember anything about his past at all. Fortunately, everything Static had learned in his life, from reading to writing, math to science, and (most importantly) being able to control his powers adequately had all remained intact.

'Ignis' and Dr. Nega

When Static first awakens, he is startled and confused to find himself in what looked like a lab of some sort. He is then approached by Static Nega, who introduces himself as 'Ignis'. At first, Static is suspicious as to why the gray cat looked similar to him, but Ignis ignores the question when asked and tells Static that Dr. Nega needs his help to retrieve an item that was stolen from him. Static follows the gray cat out of the room and down various hallways, asking for more details as to what was going on. Ignis tells Static that Dr. Nega will explain. Static is still confused, but decides to not ask anymore questions until meeting the mysterious doctor.

The duo eventually make it to a large room with a giant screen on the wall, where Dr. Nega's face then appears on the monitor a few moments later. He then tells Static and Ignis that a few of his Sol Emeralds were stolen by an evil princess by the name of 'Blaze the Cat'. Dr. Nega then asked Static to use the powers he gave him and, working with Ignis, to retreive the emeralds back. Static asks why he doesn't remember any of this and Ignis quickly says that Static's memory is probably a bit hazy due to an 'accident' that happened a few hours earlier. When Static tries to ask more questions, Dr. Nega tells Static that he should be more worried about stopping Blaze before she uses the Sol Emeralds power to take over the world. Static agrees to help, if only to stop something so horrible from happening. Static and Ignis then go on board Captain Whisker's ship and to head towards Southern Island.

As the ship makes its way to Souther Island, Static's mind is constantly bombarded with questions. What are the Sol Emeralds? Why can't he remember anything? Did he really volunteer to have powers given to him? And who exactly is the gray cat that looks like him? Static starts to have doubts as to what was really going on, but he decided it would be best to get the emeralds first before worrying about specifics. If this "Blaze" person was trying to take over the world, then stopping her would be the right thing to do. Most of the other crew kept their distance from Static, mostly to ensure they didn't accidentally say something that would have Static realize he was being lied to.

Meeting Blaze

Captain Whisker's crew was tasked with providing a diversion while Static and Ignis went for the Sol Emeralds. Blaze and Marine had been out at sea on ship and returned to find pirates attacking Southern Island. Blaze quickly got to work on helping fight off the pirates. During the fight, Gardon comes and informs her that two attackers were seeking to take the Sol Emeralds and had defeated several other soldiers in combat. Blaze immediately went to confront Static and Ignis.

A wall of fire suddenly blocked Static and Ignis' path and they saw Blaze approaching them to attack. After a breif two-on-one fight, Blaze had managed to buy enough time for more guards to arrive, greatly leaving Static and Ignis outnumbered. Blaze sternly told them that if they aborted their mission to steal the Sol Emeralds, she would let them leave without further conflict. Ignis stated that they wouldn't leave without the emeralds, and the two electrokinetic cats unleashed a stream of lighting at everyone, knocking out several of the guards while others retreated to get more reinforcements. Blaze had only been stunned temporarily and resumed fighting. A moment later, with almost no warning, Marine jumped into the action and tried to distract Static by jumping on his back and holding on. Static tried to shake Marine off without hurting her while she went on about how Static and Ignis were making a big mistaking taking on the "Great Captain Marine". Ignis and Blaze fought it out and Ignis managed to gain the advantage by stunning Blaze with an electrical attack and then kicking her in the stomach. Static managed to shake Marine off without hurting her and told her to stop fighting them and find safety.

Blaze overheard this and briefly wondered why the orange cat would worry about Marine's safety when he and his allies were attacking the island for the Sol Emeralds. However, she told herself to focus on stopping the attackers first. Getting up, Blaze trapped Ignis' within a high-walled ring of fire before moving to attack Static. As the two fought and traded combat banter back and forth, it slipped out that Static believed Blaze was trying to use the Sol Emeralds to take over the world. Blaze, completely caught off guard by this comment and somewhat offended, denied the accusation and stated that she was the guardian of the Sol Emeralds. Equally surprised, Static asked for proof that she was telling the truth. Marine then spoke up, obviously having ignored Static's request that she get to safety, and confirmed Blaze's story. As further proof, Blaze summoned a cyan Sol Emerald to her hand.

This action would cost Blaze, however. Moments after she summoned the emerald, Ignis managed to escape from the fire ring that Blaze had trapped him in by making use of a shockwave of electrical energy, extinguishing the flames and knocking down anyone nearby. Ignis attempted to grab the Sol Emerald, only to have Static block his path. Static suggested at least hearing Blaze's side of the story, but Ignis merely stated that he wasn't leaving without the emerald.

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Static the Cat is usually described as a good person with a noble heart. Static always does his best to be a hero and will always try to do what he believes is the right thing. He hates seeing people being treated unfairly and will stand up for them if he can. He also has a strong sense of justice and a strong sense of right and wrong. He will almost always stand up for what he believes is the right thing, even if he has to stand alone. He is also described as a good Samaritan. Whenever he comes across someone who is in some form of trouble, Static will often stop and help out if he is able. Generous to a fault, Static is more than willing to put his time and resources into helping out whoever he comes across. This can also give the impression that he is a tad naïve and a bit too trusting.

In addition to being described as a noble person, Static is often considered by many to be a gentleman. He is courteous and kind towards most felmale characters, even though he is not attracted to most of them in the slightest. However, his gentlemanly nature can also hurt him when it comes to fighting female opponents. Instead of attacking them, Static will usually try to evade all of a female opponent's attacks and hope that they tire out. If the situation absolutely calls for it, Static will try to only use moves that do little damage to them and hope to only subdue them.

Static is also very protective of those he cares about. He will do everything in his power to help them in times of need, and to protect them in times of danger. He is often kind, considerate, and does his best to be a good friend. When others are having problems, he will try to help them if he can. Even though he can sometimes fail to understand what a person is going through, Static can be counted on to stand with his friends when the going gets rough.

Static also holds a high value on the lives of others. He is entirely against the idea of killing someone else unless it is absolutely necessary or done in self-defense. When fighting against another opponent, Static will try to refrain from fighting with attacks that could seriously hurt someone or even kill them. In many instances, he focuses more on dodging his opponents attacks while hitting the opponent with stun type moves to knock them out.

Static also seems to have a good sense of humor. He can often come up with a fun and witty comment in a situation to help lighten the mood or just make everyone laugh. However, even though he tries to make sure his jokes are well timed and funny, his joke can occasionally be poorly timed. There are also times where the joke doesn't come out the way Static means for it to, which either causes everyone to not understand the joke, or even offend someone unintentionally.

However, even though Static is a good person, he does have his share of flaws and quirks. He isn't a fan of pratical jokes, especially when they are aimed towards him. He tends to take things personally unless he knows the person well enough to know that they are joking. When he starts to feel angry, he can become flustered and unable to think clearly. Unfortanately, Static's temper can sometimes flare up when someone aggravates him too much. When pushed too far, Static can become very aggressive towards the person who is aggravating him, but rarely enough to outright attack the said person.

Another flaw that Static has is common sense. While Static does not have a complete lack of common sense, it can be a bit of a weak point for him in some situations. There will be times when he can't exactly see a connection between a cause and effect, which could lead him to make poor choices. But this isn't to say that he has no common sense. He can make good decisions and think things through carefully, but he can also react rashly to specific situations.

A positive point to bring up is that Static is a very smart and bright individual who can learn things rather quickly. Oftentimes, when another person is teaching him something or showing him how to do something, Static can usually learn it on the first try. He also has a good understanding and knowledge on a wide variety of subjects, particularly sciences and maths. This hints that Static may have been a good student and had a great quality education before he lost his memory.

Static also tends to get bored rather easily. He hates sitting still for long periods of time and will often walk around if he can't leave a specific area. He prefers to be doing something at all times, whether it be some kind of work, playing a game, or even just reading an interesting book.

Although Static won't admit it, he does have a bit of an inferiority complex. Whenever he sees someone excell at something bettter than he can in something that matters to him, Static will begin to feel incompetent in comparison. However, he does not go so far as to become jealous or envious of the said individual. Instead, he will try to improve his skills so that he can become better than the person he feels inferior to. If for some reason he still can't outdo the other person, he'll feel midly upset over it until he accepts it and moves on.

Static has occasionally claimed to be a "pyrophobic pyromaniac", which is somewhat of a contradiction of terms. He says this because he likes big explosions (so long as no one is hurt in them), but he has also shown himself on several occasions to be somewhat nervous and uneasy around open flames. It is interesting to note that he has a somewhat easier time befriending people who are pyrokinetics, or are able to control fire in some way.

Static also has an intense fear of needles. Something about needles just makes Static cringe. While there are plenty of characters that have this phobia, Static has it to such a point that just the thought of being stung by a bee is enough to make him cringe. Any opponents who happen to have stingers or needles with them can make Static do everything in his power to keep them away from him. Another unfortunate aspect to this weakness is that it makes getting shots very difficult for Static, as he will easily tense up when getting the shot, making it hurt all the more.

Another thing about Static is that he feels pain more intensely than other people. This doesn't mean he receives more damage from attacks. Rather, it simply means he feels the damage more strongly than other characters would. This can give the impression that he cannot take as much punishment as other characters, but that's not necessarily true. It just means that he feels the punishment at a greater intensity than other characters. This also applies to emotional pain, meaning Static might feel more hurt by another person's actions or words than other characters might.

Powers and Abilities


Being an electrokinetic, Static wields the ability to manipulate, generate, and control electricity. Like most characters with this power, Static can attack opponents with lightning from short or long range, and use it to enhance his melee attacks. In addition, he can use electricity defensively by electrifying himself so that any opponent making physical contact with him would be harmed, or he can use lightning to try shooting down an enemies projectile attack. Like some other electrokinetics, Static's electricity is bluish in color. Not surprisingly, Static has some resistance to electricity based attacks. Most electrical attacks will do significantly less damage to the electrokinetic feline than the attack would to most other characters. However, if there is any kinetic force behind the electrical attack, then the kinetic force involved will do damage to Static, even if the electricity itself does minimal to none. However, there is a way for Static to render an electrical attack useless against him. By consiously absorbing the attack, Static can render an electrical attack launched his way useless. First, he has to know that the electrical attack is coming his way. He then attempts to absorb the electrical attack by allowing it to hit him, but at the same time tries to drain the electrical energy out of it. Once he's absorbed it, he can either allow it to conduct into the ground, rendering it inert, or he can release the absorbed electricity in a few different ways. This would allow him to absorb an electrical attack and redirect it back at the attacker with nearly the same amount of power, or at a new target altogether.

Unlike most electrokinetics, Static can enter and exit water without any fear of being harmed or having his powers disabled or hindered. In addition, he will not take any additional damage from any water based attacks. However, this is not to say that Static is totaly immune to the laws of physics. Should he try to release an electrical attack while under water, most attacks will only result in him electrocuting anything within a certain distance, depending on the amount of energy used. This includes friends and enemies alike, so he must use caution. In addition, this limits his ability to attack an opponent who either is too far away, or above the surface of the water.

Some of Static's electrical attacks are not always quite as powerful as other electrokinetic's, but many of his attacks have unique effects that help make up for this minor setback. Many of his attacks are capable of homing abilities, stunning, and even a few other interesting quirks that can catch his opponent's off-guard. For example, one of his moves is a type of electrical rocket that is launched at his foe. If Static concentrates his powers, he can control the rocket so that he can hit his opponent with greater efficiency, even if they are behind cover.

One of the electrokinetic abilities Static has in his arsonal is the ability to drain electricity from his enviroment. By concentrating, he can cause the electricity in his enviroment to channel into him like a lightning rod and then use the energy in a few differen ways. He can use the drained electrical energy to heal himself and restore some of his stamina. Using it in this way is best described as a temporary boost in energy and healing processes. He can also use the absorbed electricity to boost any electricity-based abilities he uses. The source of the drained electrical energy varies by his enviroment. They can be anything from a lightning storm overhead, power cables, devices that opperate on battery or electrical power, certain robots, etc. He could even drain the electrical energy from other electrokinetic opponents and their attacks, but he has to do drain them in a different way. Against electricity weilding opponents, Static must make physical contact with him/her/it to drain any electricity out of them. Such contact can be in the form of a punch or kick, or just simply placing a hand against the source. Typically, draining electrical energy out of living opponents like other electrokinetics is usually rather painful. Static will only do this to an opponent if he really has to in a battle. However, because Static is capable of generating electricity on his own, he really doesn't need to recharge with energy from his enviroment to begin with. He seems to be perfectly capable of generating a great amount of electricity without too much trouble.

Static has become proficient enough with his powers to the point of being able to develop new attacks, including ones that he sees from others. After watching another person perform an attack that Static thinks he can do, he might create a similar move that uses his electrokinetic power. For example, if he sees another person create a wall of fire to protect him/herself, Static might be able to learn to create a wall of lightning to block attacks. He has on quite a few occasions create his own version of a move that he saw someone else use. In addition, he is capable of creating new moves on his own without having to be inspired by someone elses moves. Of course, there are limits to what Static can copy from others.

Thanks to his electrokinesis, Static is also capable of some electromagnetic abilities. He can create a moderate electromagnetic field to pick up moderately large objects that are close by, levitating them with electromagnetism, then launch them like a projectile. He can also do this to stop large projectlies that are launched towards him, effectively halting their momentum, and then launching the projectile back at his opponent. He can also repel or attract small items that are affected by electromagnetism from a certain distance.

Physical Abilities

Thanks to his electrokinesis and the experiments he went through, Static has gained incredibly fast reflexes. While most cats naturally have quick reflexes, Static's reflexes are even faster than normal. This ability seems to speed up his body's reaction time greatly, allowing him to react much more quickly than other people can. However, they're not anywhere near fast enough to give a reation time of zero seconds. This serves very well when fighting in hand-to-hand combat, as Static can dodge, weave, duck, and sidestep attacks that would normally be fast enough to hit someone. This has also come in handy when moving very quickly, as he can adjust himself to avoid incoming obsticles.

There are times where his body's electricity will seem to put him in a state of hyperactivity, causing the world to slow to a near standstill for Static. This is refered to as Overdrive reflexes. In this state, Static becomes almost as fast as lightning itself and is able to perform a variety of actions before everyone else can register what just happened. However, Static has absolutely no control over when this happens. It seems to only be triggered when there are extream circumstances, such as he or a close friend is near death and Static has a chance to do something to prevent it. Doing this has also proven to be rather draining on his stamina, and could leave him tired.

Additionally, Static is highly agile and very acrobatic. This is probably most likely due to the fact that he is a cat, but it stands to reason that the experiments he went through and his abilities may have some part in his amazing agility. Static can swing from objects, wall jump, balance on objects such as thin ropes or small footholds, can jump pretty high to leap onto or over objects, etc. While in combat, he can use his acrobatics to flip, handspring, vault, and roll out of the way of different attacks. Additionally, but not surprisingly, Static will always land on his feet after performing his acrobatic maneuvers. Well..... almost always.

Combat Skills

Although Static doesn't seem to have any formal training in any martial arts techniques, he does have a surprising knack for combat. While he appears to be lacking in physical strength, he more than makes up for it with his electrokinesis, agility, and unwillingness to give up. In addition, he has learned much in terms of fighting from his friends both in the Sol Dimension and on Mobius Prime.

Fighting Style

Static tries to focus on avoiding damage while looking for an oppertunity to strike his opponent. He will often focus on defense in the form of evading attacks with agility and acrobatics. He will use his electrokinesis, speed, and reflexes to avoid all the attacks his opponent(s) throw at him until an opening shows up. Once he spots an opening, Static will attempt to hit his opponent with fast and hard blows.

When attacking, he tends to use his feet when launching physical blows because his kicks are much more damaging than his punches. Many of Static's fighting moves come from his electrokinesis and he relies on their execution. By using his electrokinesis in conjuring with his moves, Static can create devastating and crippling attacks that not only deal great damage on his targets, but can also leave them stunned so that he can follow up with further blows.

Static will often use his whip in combat in order to inflict damage and trip up his opponents at the same time. He can use his whip on defense as well to bat down incoming projectiles, or to quickly pull himself (or someone else) out of the way of an incoming attack. Static's ability with his whip are supurb and almost graceful in appearance, but can also strike with almost no warning and pack quite a sting. Static can also combine his electrokinesis or his hand-to-hand attacks with his whip to keep his opponents guessing.

After watching other people in combat, Static can adopt some of their moves and make them his own. He has on several occasions taken a move used by another person, augment it so that it suited his style of fighting, and then unleash his modified version of the attack on opponents. Sometimes he merely uses an electrical form of an attack, while other times he will add or remove certain properties of the attack to suit his liking and skills. Between his ability to evade attacks and land some devastating moves of his own, Static is a formidible force to be reckoned with in combat.

Techniques and Moves

Static's primary form of combat involves him discharging electricity at his opponent in the form of small, but potent, electrical projectiles that he refers to as bolts. A single bolt of electricity is capable of releasing a moderate electrical shock on impact, and hits with enough physical force to knock over objects that don't weight very much. Firing bolts repeatedly in rapid sucession allows him to pummel a target with a lot of electricity and can eventually break its way through certain materials. This attack is often used to inflict damage from a distance and stun his opponents so that he can follow up with something that hits even harder.

Static is also capable of unleashing a more powerful version of the bolt. Static charges up for a breif moment before he discharges a large, concentrated lightning bolt from his hand at whatever his target is. Unlike regular bolts, this thunder bolt cannot be fired in rapid sucession, making it less suited to nible opponents. However, what it lacks in fire rate it more than makes up for in sheer power. A single thunder bolt is capable of dealing a lot of electrical damage to an opponent and can hit with enough force to knock them off their feet. Against non-organic targets, this attack has a chance to penetrate solid objects.

A third lightning based attack that Static  frequently employs is where he releases a steady stream of lightning from his fingertips at his target(s). The constant stream of lightning doesn't hit with any force, meaning it won't push or knock over objects, but it can stop opponents dead in their tracks as they are hit by a barrage of electricity. This attack is primarily used to stun an opponent and deal minor electrical damage. This attack has such a wide range that it can hit multiple opponents at the same time, and the electricity can jump between targets.

Another technique that Static employs that serves both offensive and defensive purposes is enveloping himself in a coat of lightning so that anyone or anything he touches is electrocuted. On defense, this will discourage most opponents from getting too close, and can even stop certain types of projectile attacks from hitting Static. On offense, Static can either charge towards an opponent and slam into them, electricuting them in the process, or engage in hand-to-hand combat where his physical attacks will shock his opponents as he strikes them.

Using his electrokinesis, Static can move rapidly along the ground by grinding on electricity that he generates under his feet. This allows him to reach amazing speeds without having to actually run and he can even perform very sharp turns without slowing down. However, Static cannot grind over gaps or large surfaces of liquid, such as a lake. While Static would go much faster by running, grinding conserves his stamina much better. The only drawback to this is that the sparks could ignite certain objects. When grinding, Static tends to leave a scorched path on the ground behind him.

While grinding or running at high speeds, Static can envelope himself in a personal field of lighting to further increase his speed and launch himself as a living projectile that would damage or destroy almost anything caught in his path.

Learning from Blaze the Cat's Burst Hover technique, Static can also briefly hover and glide through the air by igniting the air under his hands and feet with lightning. However, Static's form of the hover is somewhat weaker, which is why Static must use both his hands and his feet in order to effectively hover. Static's hover also has a much shorter duration than Blaze's, so Static can only use this over short distances. He can, however, use this in combination with his grinding technique to launch himself a great distance over a gap and then use the hovering technique to glide even further out.

Another ability that Static has is known as the thunder clap. Static electrifies his hands and then claps them together as hard as he can. As the name implies, this releases a deafening thunderclap that disorients everyone around Static, especially those with sensitive hearing. The sound can be heard from several miles away, and anyone caught too close to the epicenter will be deafened for a short time. Static himself is not immune to the sound, but he claims that it isn't as loud to him as it is to everyone around him, even though he doesn't like loud noises. It would seem that the dead center of the blast isn't fully affected by the noise created.

Miscellaneous Skills

To a certain degree, Static can actually sense the presence and approximate location of a Sol Emerald. However, his ability to do this is greatly limited to only sensing them within a mile and their general direction, whereas Blaze can actually sense them from even zones away and can sense their exact location. This skill most likely comes from the fact that a Sol Emerald was used to wipe his memory in the first place. During the process, it's possible that Static had a weak bond established with the Sol Emeralds. (more details later)

Other Strengths

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Weapons and Items

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