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Physical Appearance:

Static Nega is a gray cat that is about three feet and four inches tall. He has a white muzzle and has a few stripes on his body that are a darker shade of gray than the rest of his body. In addition, the tip of his tail is also a darker shade of gray than the rest of his body. His irises are an electric red color, which contrast with Static's electric blue eyes. In terms of appearance, he looks completely identical to Static except for being a different color.

He has a total of five stripes. One on the back of his head going horizontally, and two on each arm. On each arm, one stripe is located halfway between the shoulder and elbow, and the other halfway between the elbow and wrist.


Static Nega wears an outfit that looks similar to Static's, but with a different color scheme. His jacket is black with red accents, and he wears a black shirt underneath. He wears white gloves, but instead of having gold colored cuffs, his cuffs are red like the accents of his jacket. He also wears a multipurpose device on his left wrist. His sneakers have the same color scheme as his jacket: primarily black with red accents. However, his shoes look somewhat different than Static's. Rather than having a stripe run along each side of his shoes, his stripes run along the top of the shoe in a vertical stripe. The soles of his sneakers are also a deep red.


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Psychological Profile


Static Nega, despite being a clone, has a very different personality than Static. He is usually relentless in pursuing his goals, and will do whatever he feels is necessary to complete his tasks. At the start of his existence, he was just following orders from Dr. Eggman Nega, doing whatever he was commanded to do without a second thought as to its consequences. However, he soon began to feel like he lacked something, but he wasn't sure what. Eventually, he left Dr. Nega after the doctor was defeated by Static and Blaze. Without a master to tell him what to do, Static Nega felt lost and somewhat confused. In the end, he decided that he would oppose Static the Cat as a rival.

Static Nega somewhat resented being a clone at first. He felt like all he was was a copy, incapable of becoming greater than the original substance from which he was copied. This in turn led him to believe that if he could just defeat Static the Cat in battle, he could somehow prove himself superior and greater than the original. As a result, he has a moderate obsession with defeating Static in a one-on-one fight. However, if he is currently trying to complete an objective, he will put that obsession aside.

Static Nega has also adopted a personality that contrasts with Static's in many ways. He is relentless and remorseless when it comes to completing his goals. His ends-justify-the-means style of doing things shows that he will do whatever he thinks should be done to complete his goals. He isn't afraid to fight viciously and hurt, or even kill, his opponents if they get in his way. He will rarely show any restraint when dealing with others, no matter what their age or gender may be.

Despite being almost the karmic opposite of Static, Static Nega is not without a few moral codes. One of these is that he will not attack his opponent with cheap shots or from behind unless necessary. He believes fighting like this under normal circumstances is cowardly and beneath him. He is also very loyal to his allies and any master he has at the time. Anyone who betrays him will incur his anger and vengeance on themselves. Interestingly, although he claims that he will kill in order to reach his objectives, he has never actually killed anyone before.

When it comes to dealing with situations, Static Nega is usually a "matter-of-fact" kind of person. He will state his opinions bluntly and plainly, and rarely cares what others think of his opinions. Despite that he tries to keep a professional approach to the task at hand, he does try to find enjoyment in certain things, primarily in battle. Static Nega feels the most alive when fighting against a powerful and worthy opponent. If he comes across a powerful opponent, he may demand a battle with them if he isn't in the middle of a mission.




Like Static, Static Nega is also a powerful electrokinetic. This means he can control, manipulate, and generate electricity in various ways. However, unlike most electrokinetics, his lightning is an orangish-red color. The color of this electricity could be a reflection of his darker nature. In addition to electrokinesis, Static Nega is capable of using a limited number of forms of electromagnetism.

Although both Static and Static Nega have the ability to drain their opponents of their neuro-electric energy (or electricity from a robot), only Static Nega will use this ability against another person. Unlike Static, Static Nega claims that he has no problem with severely harming, or even outright killing, his enemies. However, Static Nega does not often use this ability unless he is severely hurt and needs to drain energy from another person to heal himself.

Like Static, Static Nega does not require an outside electrical source to recharge his powers. Quite the opposite, he is continually generating electricity without consciously thinking about it. However, his body will eventually reach it's storing limit and not generate any more until it is discharged in some fashion. But he is still capable of draining electricity from other devices (or other people), to heal his injuries, restore stamina, and boost his powers temporarily. Since he is constantly charging, he is capable of charging his attacks to increase their power and reach.

Static Nega is extremely skilled with his electrokinesis, possibly even more so than Static. This has allowed him to create new attacks using his powers, whether he develops them on his own, or if Static Nega creates a move similar to that another person has create. However, Static Nega's powers are a bit more straightforward as they are usually bent towards being destructive and hard hitting rather than having unique features.


Like Static, Static Nega has a few electromagnetic abilities as well. However, his electromagnetism is slightly different. When it comes to electromagnetism, he usually uses it for more offensive abilities. In addition, his electromagnetism is stronger than Static's. This allows him to pick up heavier objects and even people. In addition, he usually electrifies the object he's lifting, allowing the object to explode with electrical force one Static Nega throws it and the object hits something.


Lightning Fast Reflexes

Because he is the clone of Static the Cat, he shares many (if not all) of the same abilities. The first being his incredible reflexes. He has astounding reflexes that are much faster than a mobian who has had plenty of combat experience. However, like Static, Static Nega's reaction speed is not anywhere near zero seconds. Regardless, it's still amazingly fast.

Static Nega also has Overdrive reflexes. This is a mode where his entire body and mind are hyperactive and he moves at lightning fast speeds. This allows him to perform a whole series of actions in nothing more than a blink of an eye. However, like Static, Static Nega is not in control of this mode. he can't consciously decide when to use this ability. In addition, it can also leave him feeling tired if he does too much during this mode. It only seems to be activated in an extreme emergency.

Thanks to his advanced reflexes, Static Nega also has incredible agility. Because his reflexes are very fast, Static Nega can perform acrobatic stunts with better accuracy and grace than most mobians. This allows him to do things such as vaults, jumping and balancing on small footholds, and even performing flips to evade attacks.


Being the clone of Static the Cat, Static Nega shares many of the same skills as his arch rival. The most important skill is combat. Both he and Static have learned the majority of their hand to hand abilities through experience. However, while Static had Frost teach him hand-to-hand combat, Static Nega is more self taught, learning through trial and error and experience with other characters. Due to all his experience, he has become a formidable hand-to-hand combatant. However, while Static focuses more on defense and evasiveness, Static Nega is more about hitting fast and hard.

Ever since he acquired his weapon from Crovax during an attempt to ruin Christmas, Static Nega has put a lot of time into practicing with his weapon. His weapon has a variety of features, such as being able to conduct electricity to increase it's damage output, having a mechanism that will allow him to break an opponent's melee weapon, and is surprisingly light and durable. This has become Static Nega's weapon of choice when fighting, making him even more dangerous at close range.

(weapon has yet to be named.)

Weapons and Items


Static Nega's weapon of choice is a 20 inch (1 foot, 8 inch) long, blunt, lightweight melee weapon that resembles a black and gray machete with a gap running down the middle of the blade, dividing it into two parallel blades coming from the same hilt. The blades are about ten and a half inches long each. The base of the weapon (the part containing the hilt and connects the blades to the handle) is about 1.5 inches long, and the handle and grip are about eight inches in length. Each blade is about 10.5 inches long from base to tip. The weapon has a wide variety of attributes and functions, making it a very powerful weapon that can adapt to a variety of situations.

One of these attributes lie in its design. Because of it's lightweight and durable alloys, the weapon can be combined with agility or raw strength for a variety of attacks ranging from acrobatic assaults to simply swinging away at an opponent. In addition, the weapon is able to block another melee weapon by either standard blocking, or by catching the opponent's weapon between the two blades of Static Nega's weapon.

The weapon also has a few less than obvious functions. For example, the weapon is able to easily conduct electricity. It can conduct any amount of electricity that Static Nega puts into the weapon. This increases its damage and even allows him to knock out opponents with an intense and prolonged shock, usually ranging around 1.5 million volts. In addition, the weapon can conduct the electricity through water and metal at the point of contact, hitting opponents who might be out of melee reach.

Also, the weapon has a special mechanism that has been nicknamed "Bladebreaker". Like the name suggests, it is capable of breaking an opponent's melee weapon. To do this, the opponent's weapon must first be caught between the weapon's two blades. Then, Static Nega twists the handle of his weapon, activating a mechanism within the blades. This causes the gap between the weapons to almost immediately close and snap whatever is caught in the middle. This allows Static Nega to disarm his opponent by surprise. While this won't work against weapons that are indestructible, it can still grip the weapon.

The weapon can either be held in formal grip or reverse grip. In formal grip, the weapon is held like any other melee weapon, holding the handle with one or both hands with the blades extending in the direction Static Nega is facing. Static Nega will normally use the formal grip when facing an opponent who is using a melee weapon. By using this stance, Static Nega has an easier time using his blade to parry or block the opponent's melee attack. In addition, should he catch his opponent's weapon between the twin blades of his own weapon, Static Nega can quickly twist the handle, causing the weapon's mechanism to break (or at least grip) his opponent's melee weapon. The main benefits of using this stance over reverse grip are the ability to effectively fight against an armed opponent, more strength per swing, and slightly better control of where the blade hits. But, the drawbacks are somewhat slower swings, and Static Nega has some risk of leaving himself open to counter attack should a swing miss.

In reverse grip, Static Nega holds the weapon with one hand, but this time with the blades pointed in the opposite direction of formal grip. In other words, the blades point in the opposite direction of where Static Nega is facing. Static Nega uses this form often, so he has very proficient use with this form. While this form isn't as effective against melee users, it is an ideal form to use against unarmed opponents. Static Nega's swing speed is much faster in this form, which gives a skilled opponent even less time to try to avoid the swing. Should an attempt to hit an opponent with the weapon miss, Static Nega can easily convert the miss into a surprise second swing, almost guaranteeing a hit. The main benefits of using this stance over formal grip are faster swinging speed, better use of Static Nega's own agility, and less risk of leaving himself open to counter attacks. The drawbacks are less power per swing and less effective against melee users.

However, perhaps the most dangerous aspect of this weapon is its ability to sap away an opponent's will to fight. Because Crovax was a being that sought to make others lose their hope, this trait was passed on to the weapon when he created it for Static Nega. When in a prolonged battle, the weapon will start to sap away an opponent's will to fight with every hit. As enemies take more damage from the weapon, they begin to lose more and more of their fighting spirit. The weaker the will of the opponent, the faster they will start to lose any hope in winning. Characters with a strong will are more resistant to the weapon's affect. So much in fact that this trait is hardly noticed unless the opponent starts to become fatigued and weary during a very long fight.

Relationships with Other Characters

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