The Starsword is a rare form of sword, often described by the wielders as being "bloodthirsty", despite the fact that the sword can be used to heal and buff allies. However, despite that view on the blade, it is also a well-balanced sword, making it a brilliant weapon in the hands of a mediocre swordsman, and an extremely dangerous one in the hands of a swordsmaster.


Production Information
TypeSword - Can boost magic resistance and heal allies when 'charged'. (not user)
Elemental AffinityNone, can be imbued
Known Wielders
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212 (cross-over)


A jian-styled sword, the blade is normally constructed of Ruby Steel or another red metal-alloy. Most blacksmiths prefer a plain hilt bound in brown leather and a modest guard, while a few prefer a more ornate design with a seven-petalled flower design for the guard, finishing in a slightly larger, rounded pommel and bound in white fabric. However, each blade has seven small points, referred to as "stars" on each side of the blade which are naturally silver, these points glow as the sword charges itself with energy.

Native Abilities

All starswords are naturally easy to wield, with an innate balance that allows a basic swordsman to learn how to fight with a natural grace faster than a standard blade. As the sword is used in combat, the seven 'stars' on the blade glow as energy is absorbed, both kinetic from the movement and natural from the blood shed onto the sword. This energy is combined with magic infused into the blade when it was created, allowing for seven "uses" of two different forms of magic. The primary form is a healing burst from the tip of the blade into an ally, often triggered by a gentle tap, restoring their vitality and strength in combat. The secondary effect is less commonly seen, but it boosts the target's natural resistance to special attacks and magic by a noticeable amount. However, as soon as the blade is sheathed after combat, the blade sheds any unused energy back into the environment.

Notable Blades

  • Gold Vapor - A legendary weapon from the days soon after the Demon-Celestial War, the Gold Vapor is identical to other Starswords in effect, but differs in colour alone - it is constructed from a gold/steel alloy to produce the glittering yellow tone of the blade. However, the sword was also enhanced by the original wielder, the paladin Dalauran, who imbued the blade with Chaos Energy and made it the core storage of his armor, which he had converted into solid-state Chaos Energy, an art normally used by Demons and Celestials. As such, wielders who the blade accepts can form the paladin's armor, as well as use the effects of the sword. The blade is currently wielded by Manic the Hedgehog.

Wielders/Purchase Locations

A number of starswords are known around Mobius, with the Nihlic Clan soldier Insipido the Zangoose carrying one in combat from midway through the Elemental Clan War.

Later on, over thirty years after the Heartless Saga, Hardrock the Echidna gains one of these swords and uses it as part of a two-sword style fight with a plain short sword.

Most blacksmiths will produce one of these blades to order, although very few produce and keep them in stock due to the difficulties in production and cost in materials. However, a number of these blades are used as tournament prizes in Toranthe, where they often appear in the hands of swordmasters and war clerics taking part in group battles. In addition, these blades have been seen in locked storeboxes in New Mobotropolis and a forest near Central City, which are used as rewards for those who find the keys to these boxes.

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