Starsi the Hedgehog is a fan character created by HiddenDreams, also known as HiddenLights on deviantArt. This article is under construction!
Starsi the Hedgehog
Eye Color
Can control stars, flight
Shade the Meerkat, Cross the Cat, Invert the Seedrian, Sock the Rabbit, Screech the Hedgehog[Hedgehog Form], Kastra the Hedgehog[Universe 2]
Friends Not Included in Background[s]
Krystal the Hedgehog, Lightning the Hedgehog, Megan the Rabbit
Kastra the Hedgehog[Universe 1], Screech the Hedgehog[Monster Form]
Lightning the Hedgehog, Screech the Hedgehog[One sided on his side, Universe 2 only]
Shrimp, The French
Can balance a fork on her forehead, usually beats video games in under an hour
Star, Red Rat, Flying Target


Starsi is a red Hedgehog with overalls and a yellow-mustard color shit underneath. She has no bangs, but instead a yellow star on her forehead. Her hair resembles Amy's hair, except at the bottom, they curve up at the bottom, to resemble hooks. She wears plain blue shoes and white socks with stars on them in the corners.

Background(Universe 1)

Starsi was a normal child living with her parents and siblings, that is until 7 years old when a giant asteroid hit her house. While before the asteroid Starsi had no powers, after she inherited the powers to manipulate stars as she wishes. After that, she starting attending Cederia Academia, an academy where the students there learn to control her powers. During her school years, Starsi kept in contact with her family, except for Kastra who went insane after the asteroid hit. During graduation, Kastra and Galaxidia weren't there. It was expected of Kastra to not show up, but Galaxidia wouldn't miss it for the world. Curious as to why Galaxidia missed her graduation, she went on a mission to find Galaxidia presuming she was kidnapped. While investigating, the star hedgehog found that Kastra had kidnapped Galaxidia and was holding her there in his base, and would be for twelve more years. Worried, Starsi knew she couldn't get Galaxidia back alone, so she formed a group to take down Kastra once and for all. She found a group of characters that would help her- Shade the Meerkat, Invert the Seedrian, Cross the Cat, and Sock the Rabbit. Though it was small, it was all she could find so she took it. For twelve years the group hid in training, and in that time, Kastra had built an army to take over the world, but more importantly, kill Starsi. Though she knew she was going to die, Starsi would do anything to rescue Galaxidia, her only friend and sister growing up. The group secretly infiltrated Kastra's army, and stayed behind enemy lines for about 3 years. When there cover was blown, they made there move. Shade, Invert, Cross, and Sock took care of the army, guiding it in the wrong direction, while Starsi and Kastra fought up high in his room. In the end, Starsi threw Kastra out the window, and Kastra died from impact on the ground. Although she freed Galaxidia and killed Kastra, Starsi was stabbed in her sleep by a member of Kastra's army.

(Universe 2)

In this universe, Starsi was born with all of her powers, and Kastra was a normal boy who instead of hated her, loved her to death. While growing up, she had a friend named Screech the Hedgehog. Screech seemed like a normal hedgehog, and it seemed as if Starsi and Screech would live together happily ever after... until they were both 8. At age of 8, Screech discovered the Dark Jewels and they infused into him, mutating him physically and mentally. When Starsi found Screech, he was a grey monster who shot orbs of some sort of light at her. She screamed and ran away, but Screech still searched for her until they were 20, when he found her again. By this time, the monster inside Screech had taken over and it was already over, and nothing could bring him back. Starsi formulated a possibility, though, that if she could rid Screech of the Dark Jewels, he would be safe from harm and they could destroy the jewels. This time, the mission was solo. Once she was 20, and the two met, they fought for days. In the end, Kastra found the two fighting in the woods and ran to help. Screech grabbed Starsi's left arm with the last of his strength, beginning to throw her, but Kastra grabbed her other arm. Kastra had full strength, but thanks to the mutation, Screech had as much power as Kastra and in the end... RIIIIIP! Starsi's arms tore off like a leaf being torn off a tree when pulled on. Though in much pain, she did not scream. She only cried tears. Happy tears. Screech had defused from the Dark Jewels out of pure shock, and cried. Though it was too late, Starsi was happy Screech was freed and died peacefully.

Mavis's Story

In Mavis's story, Starsi is a 1000 year old hedgehog, who disguises herself in the beginning of the story as the head chef's daughter. After revealing to Mavis she's 1000 years old, she travels with Mavis and fights alongside her to defeat her mom.



Mother: Veronica the Hedgehog

Father: Gregory the Hedgehog

Brother: Kastra the Hedgehog

Sister: Galaxidia the Hedgehog


Shade the Meerkat

Cross the Cat

Invert the Seedrian

Sock the Rabbit

Screech the Hedgehog(Hedgehog Form)

Kastra the Hedgehog(Universe 2 Only)

Alternate Friends

(Friends in other stories, but not necessarily in Starsi's prime stories)

Krystal the Hedgehog

Lightning the Hedgehog

Megan the Rabbit

Mavis the Rabbit


Kastra the Hedgehog(Universe 1 Only)

Kastra's Army(Universe 1 Only)

Screech the Hedgehog(Monster Form)


  • Starsi is the only one in her family to have gained powers from the asteroid.
  • Her parents are alive, although they are rarely seen/mentioned.
  • Her original design showed Starsi with no star on her forehead, no gloves, and in an overall-dress.
  • Starsi is based off of Amy's body design, but she originally had Tikal's body.


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