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Starose was found by Queen Ayeka of the Seedrians as a new home when they made a a landing to safety.Soon the Seedrians made the forest a good place to live and be with nature, and still flourish to this very day. During Sonic Origins, it was under attack by Spita.Lukio learned her powers and rid her home from Spita and made the forest safe for all.


Its mainly Seedrians that live here, but there are a few known people who also lived there.

Welcomed Visitors


It's mainly a forest covering it,which has full bloom flowers in the area,they have a swamp some miles away from them.The Seedrians soon grow with famlies and friends,each one looking out for each other.


To reach the buildings,elevators where made to lift them up,which where made with vines,wood and flowers.During Sonic Orgins,portals are used.


Apart from the royal family who have powers over nature,others took a form of archery to protect the three monkey brothers also have the gift of nature and help the Seedrians for extra defense.


From what is seen, the people of Starose are very connected with nature and they live high up in the trees. They seem to also have a lack of acrophobia as they live up so high as displayed by Lukio who skips across a thin shaky woven bridge of vines and flowers with the ease of a child unlike the rest of the Chaos Patrol.


It's peaceful tune-

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