Starkmann Isle is a Desert Island City located in the middle of the Koge Desert which - in spite of a lucrative tourism industry and low crime rates - almost openly serves as a neutral zone for some of the most powerful criminal organozations on Mobius.




Starkmann Isle is a fairly large city with an estimated population of about 550,000 people. Although the majority of the city's population is human over mobian, it is only by about a 51 to 49 percent ratio, with Foxes, Bats, Wolves, and Hedgehogs as the next largest groups. Given the city's status as a neutral zone for the world's most powerful criminal organizations, approximately an alarmimg one-third of it's citizens are involved in some capacity with one of these organizations. Despite this, the rate of nonviolent crime is suprisingly lower than in most cities of a similar size, albiet with a somewhat higher murder rate.


Starkmann Isle is divided into four districts surrounding a larger and more urbanized district which serves as the city's politcal and trading hub. There are only two ways in or out of the city; Across the bridge connecting to the mainland highway or through the Shorefall Central Pier in the southernmost district. Although on the surface the city is run by a congressional government like most other cities in the country, the real power is held by a small but powerful organization established to keep the city as a neutral zone for the criminal elites of the world. With the exception of gambling, no organization or individual is allowed to conduct business -especially murder - within city limits, but in exchange, all members are allowed a protection from either the law or other members. Any person found breaking these rules will face punishment ranging from a revocation of Isle privillages (temporary or permanent) to their execution, and their may also be reprecussions for any organizations the perpetrator was affiliated with.


  • Starkmann Isle is heavily inspired by the US cities of Phoenix, AZ, Honolulu, HI, Las Vegas, NV, and Chicago, IL.
  • The concept of a criminal neutral city was based on the Continental Hotel chain from the John Wick series.
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