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Stargala is the planet known from it's population of females only.


The ecology of Stargala includes special emotion flowers and berries. The planet also includes fruit trees, which are full of pears and bananas. Many of the plants are unique and scientists are looking a way to get the samples of them. It's said that these pkants can affect to peoples emotions greatly.


There is always warm in Stargala, as long as everyone trusts to each other and works together. The weather is controlled by yellow tornado, which is moving around the planet giving weathers in need.


Stargala borned from the women's emotions and were sent to stars. They created a new home for next generation's women. The planet makes women more wise and more responsible.

When the planet was done, they created a star, which created a woman. The stars takes care of making babies to planet. They are transferred to newlove hospital in heart island. the owners of babies is noted by stars.

Notable Areas

Stargala is separated to four sections: Green side is called Smaragd land. Here is the all caves, which includes the most important thing, what the women of Stargala needs: smaragd-gems.

Orange side is the village of Stargala's women. Here everything lives in harmony.

Red heart is a place, where newborn babies is transferred from the great star. This place also includes many activities for women.

Blue area is made for swimming. Stargala's women uses it also to get water on their things.

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