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Stardust the Cat (Future)
Light blue dress, white gladiator sandals, a sunhat (outside only), brown gloves (only when farming)
Original Parents/Siblings/Spouses:
King Jupiter the Cat (father), Queen Galaxina the Cat (mother), Prince Comet the Cat (brother),
Mobius, her freedom, gardening, and flowers
Isolation, guilt, violence, and feeling helpless
Eternal Starshine and Falling Stars
Stardust the Cat
StarShine Kingdom
White tunic, light blue skinny jeans, white sandals, hair clip
White fur, silver hair, and cyan blue eyes.
Original Parents/Siblings:
King Jupiter (Father), Queen Galaxina (Mother), and Prince Comet (Brother).
Mobius, making friends, Cepheus, flowers, climbing trees, and sunshine
Fighting, being used, her brother(to an extent), and not being able to help.
Eternal StarShine (Healing Power)

Falling Stars (Star Power)

Making others smile, giving courage to her friends, and making shiny white sparkles come out of her hands.

Early Life

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Stardust was the Princess of the Stars. She lived in StarShine Kingdom, where she was very lonely. Being a princess, she was not allowed to have any friends; she was forced to stay in her room for most of the time and study the kingdom's history.

Her mother and father, Queen Galaxina and King Jupiter, were very strict and always made sure Stardust finished her royal duties. She often went outside into the Royal Garden, when she could, of course, and she secretly made friends with the young garden tender. The secret between the two was kept safe, thanks to a bodyguard in the castle. However, her parents found out, and were outraged when they discovered that Stardust had been skipping her duties to play with him.

Outraged, they never let Stardust outside of the castle again. On the night of her tenth birthday, a castle raid occurred. The raiders wanted to kidnap the princess to use her Star powers for their own purposes. As the castle went into lock down, Stardust saw this as the perfect chance to run away without being seen. The king and queen were devastated, fearing that she had gotten kidnapped. However, when one of the maids had found her birthday dress in her room, they discovered that she had actually run away.

The King and Queen sent a group of guards to find Stardust, to the former princess' dismay. Using her Star Powers and a lot of effort, she was able to open a portal that would hopefully take her away from her kingdom. She stumbled into Mobius, and has decided to keep her royal identity a secret.

Some time later, Stardust met Cepheus in a nearby forest, who saved her from falling to her doom. The two stayed together in his house, and while his psychokinesis was usually out of control, having Stardust around calmed his nerves, making it easier to control his flames. He protected her from her evil older brother, who was constantly trying to kill her. Stardust eventually has to confess her royal origin to Cepheus, who still sees Stardust as a wonderful friend and would never harm her. The two end up becoming great friends. 


Stardust is extremely friendly and is generally optimistic. She dislikes senseless violence and is a devoted pacifist, believing that nearly anything can be solved with some patience and a kind heart. Due to her kind-hearted nature and unyielding perseverance, she is capable of talking to and empathizing with most people, no matter how rough around the edges they may be.

A child of royalty, Stardust has a good sense of morality and always keeps her promises. She doesn't have an interest in the throne or her heritage, but her duty to her people and her willingness to protect her home kingdom develops over time as she matures into a young lady.


Stardust has multiple powers, although she never uses them for violence or misdeeds. Her main power is Star Power, and the ability to heal others. Stardust also has a Pure Heart, which could be classified as a power.

Physical Appearance

Stardust is a white cat with cyan blue eyes. At 10 years old, she had long, silver hair adorned with a single star clip. She usually wore a white tunic and light-blue jeans. She also has a hidden star mark on the back of her right shoulder, although it was rarely seen. 

At 18, Stardust has taken on a much more mature appearance. She usually wears her long silver hair in a braid and wears a simple, light blue dress that reaches just above her knees. She wears white gladiator sandals and sometimes dons a white sunhat and brown gloves when outside in her garden.  


Stardust, as a child, could be extremely naive. She often got into trouble without knowing it and tended to trust villains, which put her into harm's way. Her Star Power, while powerful, is draining and could lead her to grow weak if overused.

As a young lady, Stardust's greatest weakness is her indecisiveness. While she values her freedom on Mobius, she feels a growing responsibility for the kingdom that she left behind as a child. As such, these feelings lead her to feel guilty for running away and she often finds herself wondering if she should go back to Starshine to assume the throne. Stardust values freedom, though, so while she wants to become the queen that her people need, she fears that returning to her kingdom will cost her her freedom.


Once she escaped to Mobius, Stardust settled deep in the mountains in the middle of the Great Forest in a little cottage. She grew her own food and spent a lot of her free time learning how to garden. She spent nearly eight years in the forest, where she met many people who passed by and even made friends with some of them. 



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  • Stardust is the last known citizen of the Starshine Kingdom to have Star Powers. 
  • Altough Stardust is primarily innocent and childish in nature, she still has her moments when she becomes deeply serious. It is then that one can easily see the royal, princess-like side of her personality. 


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