The complex potion known as the Stardust Tonic is an extremely complex and expensive elixir that is much sought-after for it's potency and special effects. Attempts to mass-produce these elixirs have failed; with testing still going through on the derived concoctions.

Stardust Tonic

Production Information
  • Healing items - Potion
  • Defensive items - Elemental Immunity
Elemental AffinityNone defined
Known Users
CostPrice is normally upwards of 2000 Mobiums; no upward boundary has been seen.
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212


It is uncertain how the combination known as the Stardust Tonic came to be; however it is known that it had to have involved a person with the genetic ability Strong Toxin, as the concoction involves their specific venom.

What is known is that the mixture, involving a mixture of herbal extracts and berry juices, would have nowhere near the effectiveness without the microscopic total of venom to help accelerate the mixture through the bloodstream. Similarly; the use of ultra-fine meteoroid dust as an ingredient is believed to be the cause of the most unusual effect of what was intended to be an advanced healing concoction.

Modern pharmaceutical companies have bought and studied examples of the artisan potions; and while attempts to fully replicate it have always failed, a number of products derived from it are believed to be in the testing phases.

Native Abilities

As with most other potions and elixirs, the prime use for the Stardust Tonic is battlefield medicine. Unlike many other traditional or artisan healing potions, it includes a mild painkiller, though one hardly comparable to modern medicine's pain relief. This is again believed to be an aspect of the tiny percentage of neurotoxin involved in the mix.

When in the bloodstream, it is noted that heart rate increases fairly drastically; with that spike forcing the mixture throughout the bloodstream. Each of the components plays an individual role; though it is uncertain which parts do what. Even the meteoroid dust plays a role in healing, where it is theorized to assist in knitting bones together, accelerating the healing of injuries that could take weeks of recuperation time in mere minutes. Somebody drinking this potion has muted experience of pain and heals faster; and a single dose is enough to last for around two hours.

The secondary effect of the potion, however, is the main reason why it is sought after. While in the bloodstream; the Stardust Tonic appears to serve to earth the person that consumed it. End result? Electricity does nothing. No current transfers through the skin, the electricity seems to dissipate in the air just short of actually hitting. However, the energy transfer also plays havoc on the healing process, causing sharp pain spikes and reducing the time of nullification by two minutes every time a strike gets close. Similarly; if the drinker goes into cardiac arrest, it is impossible to use a defibrillator to save their life.

It is known that after mixing, each potion is aged for at least two months to allow for the compound to settle and balance out. This slows down production considerably; but tonic that has not had the chance to settle is dangerous and unpredictable; and could potentially kill somebody that drinks it.

Notable Variations

Brewers/Purchase Locations

One known brewer is a member of the United Federations Polar Operation Group named as Carlotta the Seal. She uses her own poison from that genetic ability to help create it, and always carries a small bottle on her. However, she only seems to brew the potion in very small amounts and parts with very little.

Oftentimes, the only way the potion is found is by putting a message out and hoping somebody with the means to produce it will respond; it never comes cheap. On very rare occasions, it is listed as a prize for tournaments.


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