This is an article about Stardust Seether the Hedgehog, a character created by SoulTyo3 on 01/16/2016.


Stardust has yellow fur with black tips that resemble the end of a #2 pencil, he sports tactical gear though years ago by appearance and quality his outfits would look tight on him 


Determined, anxious, intelligent, vengeful, and rebellious


Stardust has been created back in 2005 which of now Stardust would be a decade old character, he was the one that began the "Star Chaos" saga when venturing with his first flame Violet the Hedgehog, he has since defeated lots of foes from the likes of Darkenforcer, Parasite (who is Stardust's true arch-nemesis) and even his own father King Megastar. he left his planet and went to the mobius planet with his mother Twinkle who atfer disappeared once Stardust got in his teenage age. Stardust was alone then later trained more as he already gained lots of skills and power from his adventures on his planet making him a cosmic threat on mobius because of his signature move the Star Blast. as h got older and gained plenty of rings he created a base and assemble recruiting freedom fighters which gotten bigger over the years. eventually he met his now-wife Midnight the Hedgehog who had a team on her own and they gotten close together and got married and had two cubs. in history since getting married the team sees his wife as a more reasonable leader than Stardust do to his outbursts and vulgar language towards his fellow comrades.  


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Stardust has great durability and too much energy due to his recent battles in the cosmos though due to his age and how he puushes his limits could make him implode, his anger will NOT contribute to it unless their is a trigger.


StarBlast (pretty much like the Kamehameha Wave and Shinku Hadouken)

Super Starblast (when in "Super" form Stardust ca, use this move but he only used this when he battled Parasite in Star Chaos 3), another note is that Stardust doesnt really need the chaos emeralds since he is a cosmic mobian


Gathering way too much of his energy when triggered as at times he cant control his anger, he will get out of control and could destroy everyone including himself


  • Stardust was created in 2005 alongside Soul Tyo The Mysterious and Merc the Echidna
  • Stardust is the artist's (Soul-the-Mysterious) first ever fan character despite Soul Tyo the Mysterious being the most popular
  • Stardust is also apart of the Sonic Fan Series "Star Chaos Tournament"  and was the first character created for the series back in 2007
  • Stardust is the first ever fan character of (Soul-the-Mysterious) to kill off more than other characters in the "Star Chaos" saga and universe as Stardust killed Darkenforcer in Star Chaos 1 and Infinity in the "ChaosXPrime" saga 
  • Stardust is the 2nd character in the "Star Chaos Tournament" series with the most wins
  • Stardust most wins in the "Star Chaos Tournament" series is mostly him defeating Sonic the Hedgehog over 12/13 times
  • Stardust most losses in "Star Chaos Tournament" are against Soul Tyo the Mysterious  though Stardust has gotten a couple wins in their rivalary
  • Stardust has a love-hate friendship with Ezio the Hedgehog (Blue the Unknown's Uncle) in the "ChaosXUnknown" Universe
  • Stardust named was based off of the level "Stardust Speedway: Bad Future" from the game Sonic CD and mostly cause the artist (Soul-the-Mysterious) was listening to the BGM and even dubbed it as Stardust's theme then later the Generations mix just to pay homage in full circle
  • It has been comments towards the artist (Soul-the-Mysterious) in the past that Stardust resembles Sonichu created by CWC
  • Stardust has put a hole in his own base accidently during a sparring session against Blue the Unknown performing his Star Blast attack
  • His wife practiced and adopted Stardust's move the Star Blast which she dubbed the "Cosmic Blast"
  • Stardust has received the nickname "bumblebee" from Blue-the-Unknown due to his color scheme and clothing that make him resemble an acual bee.because of this nickname and because of Stardust's history coming from a different planet and having the power of the cosmos he was was presented with another nickname which the artist (Soul-the-Mysterious) dubbed Stardust "The Cosmic Bumblebee".
  • If Stardust had a stereotype, he would be british mostly due to over using the word "bloody" in a sentence
  • Stardust has many forms but alot of them were scrapped in his mature creation days as they were too OP and due to the "weakness" part some of those forms alone wouldve killed hm in a millisecond. Stardust now fights in base form as his Super form was basically his yellow and black colors switched which got scapped quietly. 
  • Stardust is the second character to defeat his family members in the "Star Chaos Tournament" series after defeating his daughter Nitro (Star Chaos Tournament 26) and his son Clash (Star Chaos Tournament 52)
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