Stardust the Cat is the young princess of the StarShine Kingdom , a floating continent that hovers over a beautiful and vast night-time sky of stars. Although she has everything any young girl her age could want, she feels lonely and trapped. When a castle raid occurs on the night of her tenth birthday, she makes the ultimate choice that may change her life forever: to run away.

Included Characters

Stardust the Cat

Corvus the Cat

King Jupiter the Cat

Queen Galaxina the Cat


Queen Galaxina was rushing through the halls of the Castle of StarShine. She was looking frantically for her daughter, checking every room in the castle for her. She would have called her maids to find her, but they were all very busy, scurring about this way and that in preparation for the princess' tenth birthday. 

The queen sighed as she found that the room she was currently in wasn't harboring her daughter either. With a sinking feeling, she realized where she probably was: the garden. She hadn't checked there yet, and she was almost always outside, getting herself dirty and talking to the young garden tender. She hurried down the stairs and into the garden, and breathed a sigh of relief, tiumphant at last.

She was running about in the garden, giggling to herself as she skipped around -- barefoot. So unlady-like were her daughter's actions that she nearly exploded in anger as she stormed over to her, subconsiously scolding herself for walking through such filth. 


The princess' actions ceased to a halt as she heard her mother's angered voice. She turned around, all while looking back at the royal garden tender, Corvus, nervously. His eyes showed concern and just about as much sadness and nervousness that Stardust's own blue eyes were displaying. 

"You are a princess. Prancing and dancing about such filth is absolutely unlady-like, and definitely not suitable for someone of royalty."

She suddenly cast her eyes towards Corvus, who stood up and did a small bow as she approached him. 

"It is not your fault that my daughter is out here, but I'd like you to remember that you are the garden tender. You are here to tend to the flowers and that is all. I don't want her to be seen out here ever again. Is that clear?"

He nodded, although he had a very solem look in his eyes when he did so. 

She then walked back towards Stardust, and took her by the hand. 

"We are going to talk to your father about this, but only after the party. You shall be punished for your behavior. That, I can be sure of, considering your father's method of handling these situations..."

Stardust nodded, knowing that punishment she was going to recieve tonight. 

"You are going to need to take a bath. You're filthy from running admist the dirt in the garden. Wear your best dress. Be ready by six o'clock, and no later."

Stardust took one last look at Corvus, waved, and went inside to dress for the party.

  •                              *                           *                                *                                  *

It was around 5:30 in the evening when Stardust came down the stairs and into the main hall with a sparkling blue and silver dress on. She carefully walked in, to which her mother stood up and smiled brightly at her. 

"My, you look wonderful, dear. That dress suits you."

Her father didn't take notice, as he was busying himself with ordering his servants around to tend to the visitors in the castle. Stardust didn't mind, though; he rarely payed any attention to her on a regular basis. Why would he do so on her tenth bithday?

She walked into the ball room, which was more like a "dine-and-chat" room. There was a large table set up that stretched across almost the entire length of the massive room, and on it were hundreds of dishes that each carried some sort of meal. There were a lot of guests tonight; almost half the kingdom had come to celebrate her birthday. 

She noticed some children talking to each other amongst the many visitors, and smiled happily as she sneaked over to them to see what they were up to. They were giggling about how pretty the castle was, and if they would get to meet the king and queen. They were so excited that they hardly noticed Stardust approaching. 

"Hello there!"

All three of the children turned around to see who had spoken, and one of them gasped when she recognized who she was. 

"It's the princess!"

The other two children, one a young female cat with blonde hair and the other a slightly older male hedgehog with orange eyes, perked up excitedly as they, too, realized who had joined them. Stardust tried to shush them as politely as she could, but was too excited to realize the commotion she was causing herself. 

"Please! I can't let anyone know I'm out on the floor! I'm not supposed to be here, you see..."

The three children weren't paying attention, as they were looking above and behind Stardust. They instantly bowed down, and Stardust turned around to see her mother looking quite disappointed in her. 

"... Stardust, come with me. Now.". 

She nodded, and left with her mother back to the main hall. She sat Stardust down in a chair that was one of three around a long, thin table that had a plate of food at each seat. Her father, the king, was already sitting down, and waiting for his wife and daughter. They sat, with Stardust immediately losing her appetite at the scene before her. Everyone was very silent, even the maids that surrounded them with more plates of food. There wasn't any music, like the ball room with the small orchestra that played for the guests. There was no laughter, as everyone was dead silent and very serious. Stardust was too afraid to bring anything up to start a conversation, for fear that it would seem strange. But she was not used to this sort of dinner, so she spoke up anyway.

"The ball room sure is nice."

All looked at her.

"I mean, there's music and everyone is smilng and having a good time..."

Galaxina cleared her throat before taking a sip of her drink, all while looking at Stardust very carefully.

"Don't you think--"

"That's ENOUGH!" 

Jupiter had slammed his hands down onto the table and was now standing up at his seat. Galaxina had put her drink down and was looking at him in disbelief. 

"Jupiter, haven't we had this talk already? There shall be no shouting at the dinner table; it's disrespectful to your status and the royal family."

The king sulked back into his seat, and continued to eat. Stardust slumped into her chair, and pushed her plate away. A maid noticed, and tried to take her plate away. The queen, however, held her hand up and closed her eyes. 

"Leave it. She needs to eat. Stardust, sit up. You know how to sit like a lady. Do so now."

Sighing, she sat up, but didn't eat. She wasn't hungry because she was uncomfortable. She longed to be out in the ball room, laughing and dancing to the music that the orchestra played. She was about to speak up, when her father spoke first. 

"Stardust, I have heard that you have been playing outside in the garden rather than participating in your studies. We, your mother and I, have decided that you are not allowed to be outside until you become the rightful ruler of this kingdom."

Stardust gasped in horror, and stood up at her seat.

"Wh-what?! That's not fair! I want to--"

"It is essential for StarShine Kingdom that you study the history of it, and learn to become a powerful queen! I will not tolerate you wasting your time in the garden talking to that lowly garden tender! It is beneath you, Stardust! I will do everything in my power to keep you here, and I will not resist! I'll chain you to this castle if I have to! Do you not understand?!"

Stardust had tears in her eyes. She shook her head, and started backing away from the table. Her parents stood up, and were about to yell when there was a loud blast coming from the ball room. Screams could be heard, and the sound of people running all over. A guard rushed in, a terrified look on his face. 

"Your Majesty! There's a castle raid in the ball room!"

The king stood up, ready to fight should he have to. He was a terrible father, but he was a very responsible and noble king. 

"Well, what do they want?"

Another guard rushed in, this one slightly beaten up.

"They want her Star Power. . . they want the princess!"

He pointed vigourously at Stardust, who jumped as all heads turned towards her. 

Jupiter immediately took action. 

"You. Escort my daughter to a safe part of the castle. Make sure she stays put. And you, I want you to alert thev guards that the castle must go into lockdown. It is the order of the king, so there will be no exceptions."

Both guards nodded, with one taking Stardust by the hand and rushing down the hall, and the other running in the opposite direction to alert the others. 

      *                                   *                                *                                 *                                    *

Stardust stummbled this way and that in her dress; it was dragging along the floor, making it hard to run. Her guard pulled her along, panic stricken upon his face. Unbeknownst to the king, this was a new guard. He had just started his job when the raid occured. He really didn't know what to do. He made a fatal mistake when he ran into an internection of the hallway and was shot in the head by the cross-fire of a bullet. BAM! He dropped to the floor, dead. Stardust tried not to scream at the sight before her, and slowly moved away from the dead body. Scared and alone, she quietly rushed up the stairs to her room, all the while clumsily stumbling on her dress.

When she finally got to her room, she quietly closed the door and rushed over to the balcony window. She could hear faint screams, and endless gunshots radiatiing throughout the castle grounds. After a few seconds, she let out a shaky sigh, felt a few tears slip down her face, and took off her dress. Leaving it on her bed, she went over to her wardrobe and picked out the most casual outfit she could find. Slipping it on, she took one last look at her room, and went over to her desk. She picked up a tiny star clip, and looked at it, mesmerized in it's beauty. She gasped when she heard someone coming up the stairs, and quickly put the clip in her hair. As the person outside the door neared, she thrust open the balcony windows and climbed out onto the roof.

Once she was outside, she carefully climbed to the far right side of the roof. She saw someone come outside, look around, and quickly go back inside and down the stairs. Blinking back tears, she proceeded to find a way down. There wasn't a ladder or any other means of getting to solid ground safely. There was only one thing she could do, but that meant that she would most likely not be in StarShine Kingdom after she proccess was complete. Closing her eyes and focusing all her energy in front of her, she used her Star Powers to create an inter-dimensional portal. Only she could use Star Powers; she was the last in StarShine Kingdom to possess them. Stepping inside, the portal disappeared into thin air, taking the run-away princess with it. 

     *                            *                             *                             *                           *                              *

"... and so we believe she was kidnapped by the raiders."

Galaxina gasped and covered her mouth in horror. Jupiter sighed, holding his head in his hands. 

" . . . Very well. . . Leave me at--"

A maid and a guard rushed in through the double doors in the throne room. 

"Wait! Your Majesty, please wait!"

Jupiter stood up at his throne, anger plastered across his face. 

"Can't you see we are busy?! You have no right to come bursting in here during a royal meeting! My daugher has been kidnapped, I have hundreds of guards dead--"

The guard interupted.

"But your Majesty! The princess has run away!"

Galaxina stood up, tears in her eyes. 

"Nonsense, she was kidnapped. I shall not be made a fool of any longer. Leave--"

The maid held up a blue dress. 

"We found this in her bedroom."

All in the room laid eyes upon the blue dress that Stardust had worn only hours ago. 

The queen closed her eyes and sat down, holding her heart as if it had shattered. Jupiter, on the other hand, was furious at his daughter's stupidity.

". . . Has she no IDEA what the fate of this kingdom will BE?! Without a new heir to the throne, this kingdom will DIE! Comet has just been banned, so he is NOT an option! We MUST FIND HER!"

    *                             *                          *                            *                               *                              *

The next morning, the guards were sent out to find and track down the princess. 

 *                              *                            *                              *                              *                         *

Stardust's eyes fluttered open, then suddenly snapped closed in pain. There was something burning her eyes in the sky. She opened them again, and looked around in awe. Everything was bright, like a giant light was shining over the entire world. In StarShine Kingdom, a sun was never present. Here, the Sun was very new to Stardust. She breathed in, and smelled the fresh scent of flowers. Giggling, she jumped up and looked around. Everywhere around her for as far as she could see was covered in flowers. The sky was a beautiful light blue, and grass was green and not silver, a gentle wind blew throughout the valley, and the world was absolutely gorgeous.


This was Mobius. 

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