Starburst the Cat
Starburst the Cat -new design-
Justice, kindness
Criminals, evil, mistreatment, etc.
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Starburst the Cat is one of those "modern-day" superheroes, he's come to be known as the "Galactic Legend", with the myth that he fought powerful space creatures in space for quite some time, from large animal-like creatures to powerful empires of them. Currently however, he fights crime utilizing his powerful photokinesis.


Starburst is a very kind and compassionate superhero, and maybe as such much more mature than his biological age would lead, though he does have difficulty understanding the concept of leisure. Also, as much as he's kind and compassionate, hecan be quite cold in terms of love, for he doesn't truly understand how to react to love, leisure, and things of the like. He does know how to care for someone, but he never truly knew it due to his training to be a soldier.


Early in his life, he was trained to be one of the strongest soldiers in the StarShine Kingdom 's army. His photokinesis proved Starburst to be even stronger than many of the commanding generals. Instead of becoming a general, he became the first and only Royal Warrior, who took orders directly from the King and Queen alone, and essentially also a lead bodyguard as well. His assignment was to protect Princess Stardust . The two quickly became friends, as much as they could that was. He cared for her so much that he was able to keep Stardust's friendly relationship with the gardener outside the castle a secret for a while, but even he had his limits. After the Princess ran away from the Kingdom, King Jupiter ordered Starburst to find and retrieve Stardust, but this order drew right up against his morals. He knew that if Stardust does something serious, she meant it, and he wouldn't ever force someone to do something they didn't want to do. When he refused, he was quickly called a traitor which Starburst was forced to flee into space. He went on to fight various alien species that aspired to conquer the universe. Between fighting the aliens to recently coming back to Mobius after defeating what was left of the Black Arms, he decided to keep his status in the Starshine Kingdom under wraps, though at that point he had none besides being a traitor. He hopes that one day he would reunite with Stardust, and be her bodyguard once more.

Strengths and Powers

He uses his powerful photokinesis to bring criminals to justice, which can be used quite versitilely, and also allows him to fly at quite high speed. He is skilled in hand-to-hand combat as well, though not as physically strong as Power-type characters, he can still fight decently.





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