The Starbolt-type Light Tank is a Hammerforge Industries-created Light Attack vehicle, which has recently been placed onto the market for Mobian groups to purchase, while units with slightly more optimized specifications are in the Col'nesian military.

Starbolt-type Light Tank

Production Information
ManufacturerHammerforge Industries
Product LineCelestial-type Tracked Vehicles
ModelStarbolt-type Light Tank
ClassLight tank - tracked vehicle
Technical Information
Size5.6m x 2.0m x 1.9m
Weight15.0 tonnes
Maximum Speed90 km/h
  • Laser cannon, fitted into turret (1)
  • 4 missile battery (1)
  • Pilot (1)
  • Gunner (1)
Prototype DesignationS-12 Light Tank
  • Scout
  • Convoy interceptor
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design & Construction

After the invasion by Scourge-aligned Moebians, Ronan realized that despite the firepower of his infantry, interstellar and air forces, the land vehicle forces were beginning to age, and that was one keen reason why his forces sustained large losses from the light tank department, with more funding having gone into Walker tech than tanks and similar units. Therefore, money was invested in the development of a light tank for use as both battle support and a scout vehicle, plus would have market value for an "export-spec" variation. Rapidly, between Ronan and a few younger designers, a tank design was beaten out, with a number of unique attributes, with the tanks beginning to churn out with reasonable speed.


The tanks were designed around a light but durable steel-laminate that had recently entered Col'nesian production for steller interceptors, designed to free the heavier but near-impenetrable Echidna Iron for other projects. The steel-laminate is marked to be able to sustain most small-arms fire and is relatively well-protected against laser-fire, although condensed laser fire and any form of anti-armor infantry weapons, not to mention the cannons on a tank destroyer or a heavy tank, would be able to punch through the light armor with relative ease. The greatest feature of the tank was the ethanol-based counterbalance system, where a computer detects any form of tilt in the turret, and returns it to an upright position. This allows the gunner a more stable gunnery platform, and can also result in the turret being still provided a clear shot when the chassis is flipped on it's back, a complete one hundred and eighty degrees. The engines are a Hammerforge standard design, based around the energy generated by Mega Coal.

In the way of weapons, most export and home-defense variants carry a single gas-based laser cannon, which fires violet laser blasts, designed more for surgical shots against engines and propulsion systems of other vehicles, either while scouting or raiding a convoy. A secondary weapons system generally fitted to any member of the Starbolt-type family is a small four-shot missile battery on the side of the turret, which is normally fitted with one of either high-explosive, flak, or EMP-burst missiles. The missile load-out is varied for its missions, and as such normally carries HE or flak missiles on support missions, and EMP missiles for raiding runs.


  • Starbolt I - The tank described above.
  • Starbolt I-T - The standard tank, modified for pilot training, with weapons replaced with simulation variants.
  • Starbolt II - Fitted with a faster-firing main cannon, more suited to anti-infantry operations. Also features increased storage sections for equipment.
  • Starbolt I-M - Fitted with two eight-missile batteries, capable of firing higher-powered missiles.
  • Starbolt I-E - Designed to operate alongside the expanded missile-carrying variant, the I-E version is fitted with electronic guidance systems, allowing the gunner to mark targets for destruction.
  • Starbolt III - Fitted with a large laser cannon.
  • Starbolt III-L - A standard Starbolt III fitted with a laser targeting system for allied heavy weapons, lacking missile battery.
  • Starbolt IV - Fitted with a heavy laser cannon, in a newer turret design.
  • Starbolt IV-T - A Starbolt IV fitted with increased thermal coating and a redesigned front end.
  • Starbolt V - Specialized AA-variant, fitted with two light laser cannons.
  • Starbolt V-S - Starbolt V with retractable sensor systems.
  • Starbolt I-D - An original Starbolt-type with turret removed, designed to train pilots.
  • Starbolt I-R - An unarmed Starbolt-type designed for recovery missions.
  • Starbolt I-B - Starbolt-type designed as a bridgelayer tank.

Purely export variants

pending information

End of Run?

The Starbolt-type Light Tank has started being wound down in Col'nesian service in favor of a more modern design, although the plan is to continue exporting these well-designed tanks until well into the future.

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