Star the Hedgehog, The White Star, is a Mobian hedgehog and the co-founder of the Fate's Resonance rebel group alongside Fortune the Echidna, Break the Wolf, and Miles "Tails" Prower. He is also the first person to wield a Chaos Armament


Born to Destruction

Star was born in 2024, a year after the Fallout. Although he managed to survive the nuclear holocaust, his parents were not as fortunate. Left as an orphan, Star was brought up in the underground bunkers of the ruins of Metropolis for a few years, often starved of food and water due to lack of any non-radiated supplies.

Within a few years, the radiation levels on the surface had died down to habitable levels. As the population rose from their underground homes, they were greeted by a magnificent city, an empire built from the ground up by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Marked as a safe haven for any and all humans, the deranged doctor spread propaganda about how it was the Mobians who triggers the Fallout. As such, the humans forced the Mobians out of the city and into the outskirt slums.

Still a baby, Star was taken in by an elderly owl who had taken to looking after the orphaned children, sharing her small home with them like an orphanage. But even her kindness could not change the fact that food, water, and medical supplies were scarce to find or even to trade for with any of the humans. In time, many of the orphans perished from starvation and sickness.

But Star was a surprisingly durable child, able to live through illness or even days without food or water. Even with such ill health, the boy was energetic and lively, and quickly began to help his foster mother around the orphanage, and often went outside the slums to scavenge supplies that they needed, despite her protests.

Loved Friends and Hated Enemies

It was at the age of 8 that Star met his first real friend, Fortune the Echidna. A pink, female echidna who was equally as lively as he, the two grew to be friends quickly, although she too shared the same sentiments about Star wandering outside the slums.

However, one day, when Star and Fortune made their way back to the slums, the streets were filled with thick, black smoke and heightened flames. Ivo Robotnik had sent a militia of Empire Operatives to cause destruction to the slums, destroying many homes including the orphanage. Only able to sit back and watch from hiding, the two could only tremble in fear as they witnessed Mobians die by the ever-growing numbers -- even the young children of the orphanage were not spared. It proved to be a huge turning point in Star's life that would ultimately change him.

For years the event would plague the young boy's dreams, causing him to grow ever more distant from those around him. The only thing that clung to his heart now was vengeance against the Eggman Empire and the humans who victimized his people. It was at this time that he had met Break the Wolf, an slightly older orphan who, though not part of the orphanage, was upset to see it had been destroyed. The three of them since began hanging around each other, despite Star's distant disposition.

As Star grew up, he focused the majority of his time and effort into training, learning how to wield a sword by practicing with pipes, planks, and anything else that simulated it. But his life took a new direction when he was introduced to an old engineer.

Resonance of Fate

At the age of 15, Star was a well-versed combatant with a sword and, with great practice and strength, was able to wield items that would normally be used in two hands in only a single hand. The boy was eventually approached by Miles "Tails" Prower, one of the only survivors from the original Freedom Fighters to have survived the Fallout. Having heard of the boy's story and impressed by his sword skills, Tails invited the hedgehog to his workshop to show him his "project".

The project was revealed to be the development of weapons infused with Chaos Energy harnessed from Chaos Emerald fragments that had been scattered over the globe from the nuclear strikes. Presented with the first prototype, Star took the sword and attempted to wield it, only to find the sudden burst of Chaos Energy begin to quickly consume him. Forced to release it, Tails had come to the conclusion that the rampant energies of a shattered Chaos Emerald need to be controlled. As a means to do this, Tails since created the Control Bands.

Having attuned himself to his Chaos Armament, Star was praised by Tails for being able to control the weapon in such a small amount of time, and wished him the best of luck in fighting the Eggman Empire. It was here that both Fortune and Break opted to undergo training with Chaos Armaments. As the three had become proficient in their new weapons, the three agreed on their goal: to take down the Eggman Empire. To this end, the three set up the rebel group "Fate's Resonance."


As a child, Star was a kind and helpful boy who would often help out other Mobians within the slums, especially his adoptive mother who ran the small orphanage that he was staying at. Always seen with a smile and a determination to make the lives of everyone better, Star was well looked after by the rest of the people in the slums. Although not blood related, Star saw the other orphans at the orphanage as his brothers and sisters.

However, after Ivo Robotnik ordered his Empire Operatives military company to make a passing attack on the Mobian slums, Star became ever traumatized over the ordeal after seeing much of its population killed -- even the orphanage had been mostly destroyed, along with many of the children still inside. Star became cold and distant from most people, isolating himself and harboring great rage and anger against the Eggman Empire, but also against his powerlessness to do anything about it.

In recent times, however, Star has begun to open up once more to the people around him, understanding that, now that he has the means to fight against the Empire, that his power should not be solely used for vengeance; with his power comes the means to protect the Mobians from the humans, to avoid another massacre like the one that happened eight years prior. Although more lively than he once was, Star is still somber with his words, and will often than not prefer to act alone.

Despite this, he still cares a lot for his friends Fortune and Break, especially for Fortune who, like him, had witnessed the attack years ago. Star is incredibly protective of her, so much so that, just as she didn't like him going outside the slums, Star doesn't feel comfortable with her doing the same despite both being Chaos Wielders. Star sees Break as an older brother figure, although their interaction is more of a light-hearted rivalry.

For all that has happened, Star sees humans as being the enemies of Mobian-kind, although he understands that not all humans are against them, having knowledge that there are small human movement groups that are for the coexistence of humans and Mobians in the empire despite falling on deaf ears. His main target, however, are against the Empire Operatives military, Ivo Robotnik, and Alexander Robotnik. Ultimately, he wishes to see the Empire fall and power wrestled from Robotnik.


Ever since his training, Star has grown to become an accomplished swordsman. Although not so much as a skill as it is to do with his own strength, Star has proved to be able to lift and wield weights than an average person would require two hands to do so, such as wielding his Chaos Armament in a single hand, which weighs twice as much as a claymore sword.

Star has great eyesight, nearing perfect vision, and has an acute sense of his surroundings. It is more often than not that Star picks or points out things that most other glance over or simply do not notice -- the proverbial "needle in a haystack" is how people often respond to this keen skill of his.


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