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Original Saga

(Note:This Saga takes place with, A New Hope through Return of the Jedi)


(Nero:Let's Start Tails)
(Twist:which episode? I prefer starting with 4-6 thats easier to do since I watched em well...versions of them)
(Nero:We are only doing the Original Saga, so yeah 4-6)
(Twist:good, then it;s a shoe-in, we still need to choose speedy's aunt and uncle, maybe tails and mina can fill the role)
(Nero:alright ^^)
(Twist:BTW knux is gonna be captain antalies the guy with leia in episode 4 on the blackade runner, lets start there okay)
(Nero:Alright, but you be Knuk and I'll be Christie
(Twist:basically thats the idea :3 but hold on after my first reply I'm gonna be on my xbox incase my sis is on the other comp, if not then I'll take long due to multi-tasking)
(Nero:alright, after that I will be playing Colors and doing Kitty Litter)
(Twist:okay,enough chatting lets get the first few minutes of ep. 4 done :3 BTW Twist is han solo)
(Nero:Alright, then who is Obi-Wan?)
(Twist:shadow or sonic I guess)
(Nero:Alright Sonic, Let's Start)
9Twist: :D you make the beginning scne, Ill be knux and the other rebels ;) heheh I like comedy from parodies of starwars)

StormTroppers:*Blow up a wall in the Tantive 4 and start shooting at the Rebels*

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