Star Technologies logo as of April 2018

"This article is about a real-world business. Please do not edit this page." Casey McGregor, C.E.O., Star Technologies

Star Technologies, formerly known as Canmo Corporation, and before Canmo Entertainment, is a multimedia development firm currently headquartered in Townsville, Queensland. They are noticed in the Sonic community as the creators of the Sonic Revolution fan franchise.


Star Technologies was formed in Q3 2017 as Canmo Entertainment by Sonic the Hedgehog fan and YouTuber Casey McGregor. He started as a YouTube content creator on the channel The Hedgehog Channel in Q4 2016, before moving to a new channel, Canmo Style, in Q1 2017. In Q3 2017, Casey announced the channel would become Canmo Entertainment, and become native to his new business. In Q4 2017, Canmo Entertainment was renamed Canmo Corporation. It was during this time that fan projects Sonic Legacy and Sonic Revolution were simultaneously announced. In Q1 2018, a crisis occurred, causing Canmo Corporation to almost fall apart. After a short drought of content, it was announced that Canmo would become Star Technologies.


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