Starlit Castle by Mustesielu

Made by Mustesielu on DeviantArt.

StarShine Kingdom, also known as the "Kingdom of the Stars", is a large monarchy-based kingdom.


The kingdom is isolated on a large piece of land that hovers in the night sky above an unknown realm. There isn't a sun; there is only a large moon, a few small planets, and thousands of stars. A castle stands proudly near the center of the kingdom. This is where the king and queen of the kingdom reside. The castle is guarded by many guards. Because of it's current location, the kingdom can only be accessed via portal.


The kingdom's history is a mysterious one; not much is known about it's past. However, it is widely known for it's large mineral deposits. The kingdom is rich in precious stones, such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, saphires, etc. There is also reason to believe that it would be a popular touring and sight seeing spot. But because of it's mysterious location and it's difficulty being accessed, it is rarely visited by tourists.

Ever since Stardust took the throne, the kingdom has become much more accessible and visitors from Mobius are much more common.

Starshine Flag

The flag of Starshine Kingdom.


The only known inhabitants of the kingdom are King Jupiter and Queen Galaxina. There are also former inhabitants that used to live in the kingdom. Princess Stardust ran away from her kingdom, Corvus, who was the royal garden tender, and Prince Comet was banned. There are also many guards who live in the kingdom and guard the castle. Along with that, there are a good number of commoners, with a few aristocrats living closer to the castle. On a side note, many, if not all, the inhabitants of Starshine Kingdom have names based on stars or constellations. 

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