Star The Hedgehog
Only Appearance Known
Sonic:Wrath Of The Werehog(Sprite Movie)
Creator and Artist


SonicLover25(Sonic Fanon Wikia)
Also Known As
Myst(Once In A Fanfic)
Main Info
Species:African Pygmy Hedgehog

Height:100 cm (3' 3") Weight:(Varies between battling) Gender:Female

Age:(Thought to be 15)
Fur,Skin,Eyes,and Attire
Fur:Purple(Blue Spikes)

Skin:Peach Eyes:Emerald Green

Attire:White gloves with cuffs,and white socks under blue and white shoes.
Sonic(crush),running,adventures,relaxing,challenges,winning,inventing,her friends
Losing,enemies to Sonic,seeing someone upset,anyone making fun of her or her friends,being held captive,Amy when she flirts with Sonic
Super-Speed,high jumping,fast reflexes,combat skills,Chaos Control,Spin Dash,Spin Jump,Super Intelligence,Unbreakable Will,Rage Release,Hasty Hurricane,Homing Attack,Super Strength(Only when she truly needs it),Flying,Control over water,Time Snap and Bash Break(Super Star only),Power Blast and Star Slash(Dark Star only)
Ability Type

"Yep.I broke out of Eggman's myself,of course."

-Star The Hedgehog from the sprite movie Sonic:Wrath Of The Werehog

Star the Hedgehog (ザ ヘッジホッグを星します。, Kyohaku Za Harinezumi') is an anthropomorphic African pygmy supersonic hedgehog who loves adventure. She is around 15 years old, stands at 100 centimeters (3 ft 3 in), and has a major crush on a certain blue-furred, peach-skinned, green-eyed, hedgehog, who has the ability to move faster than the speed of sound. Not much is currently known about her(It's even suspected that Star isn't actually her real name), but she's a very fun-loving and caring hedgehog nevertheless. Her first,and currently only appearance has been in a fan-made sprite movie made by Star's creator. It's called Sonic:Wrath Of The Werehog, and Star is a very important character, as it seems.

Concept and Creation

Star was always meant to be a look-alike to Sonic, leading Amy Rose to constantly mistake her for him. Originally, Star apparently wore a special blue outfit. However, the hedgehog got rid of it when she wanted to become just like the blue blur himself. The main differences between the two is that Star has a feminine figure and a long eyelash at the side of each eye. A small one is that Star has a nose like Tails or Amy. However, another difference was made when Star was captured by Dr Ivo Robotnik(Eggman). By the time the purple hedgehog had broken out herself, she had undergone a few look-altering experiments,giving her two long dark-blue spikes beside her eyes, and a few adjustments to her attire.


Star's purple color represents royalty, spirituality, nobility, mystery, transformation, wisdom,and enlightenment.


Not much is currently known about Star, due to the fact that she has only appeared in a currently unfinished sprite movie.

Star's first appearance

Star made a huge splash in Sonic:Wrath Of The Werehog when she found an uncounscious Sonic on Angel Island. After the hedgehog woke up, Star introduced herself politely and claimed not to have met Sonic yet. Sonic liked her name, and asked her about Tails and Knuckles. She smiled, saying that Sonic was so sweet. Before they could talk more, Sonic and Star heard three voices in the distance. The two ran off, and the three were revealed to be Sally, Amy, and Mina. Star and Sonic were able to talk a little more, but then many characters showed up, a few wanting to fight Sonic, and a few wanting Sonic himself. Star only watched as Sonic and Knuckles fought, but then left, and met up with Tails and Cream, who wanted to know about the character who destroyed the fox's lab. Star carefully explained the situation(off-screen), and the three went after Sonic together. But soon, Star was captured(also off-screen)by Eggman, and received her new look. She broke herself out and met up with Sonic, Tails, and Cream.

Is is currently unknown what happens after this, as the sprite movie is not currently done.


Star is a kind and caring hedgehog, and makes good friends with Charmy, Cream, and Tails. She has a soft spot for young animals, and is actually quite shy on the inside. She shows extreme respect for the blue blur and thrives to be just like him, but her personality already rivals that of Sonic's. She's always ready to fight evil, but can't resist the occasional plee for help. She loves flowers, and is usually always running. She has deep feelings for Sonic, but can't bring herself to admit it. She gets a bit overconfident in battles, but is very serious when she has a partner fighting with her. She enjoys fighting Knuckles, as does Sonic, and loves the occasional tease. Desite her slight shyness, Star has an unbreakable will, probably built up as she defends Mobius. Star also does her best to hide any bad emotions or pain that she feels. If asked about it, Star always insists that it'd be best if no one worry about her.


Even though Star hasn't been heard voice-wise before, she is said to have a calm, gentle, but serious voice. The creator claims that if anyone were to voice Star, it would be herself.


Star has many abilities, most unseen as of yet. It is seen on an animated icon by the creator that Star has the ability to fly. This brings up many questions of how she can, but it is thought that Star controls the water in the air and places it under her to fly. However, it can't be certain. Star has however been shown to have super-speed. Star is also suspected to be able to go super, much like Sonic and Shadow. However, Star's super-form is supposedly different.


Star main weakness is that, when having a partner in battle, her mind tends to wander quite a lot. So much that she forgets about attacking her foe directly and focuses on defending her partner. However, when fighting alongside Sonic, Star is able to stay focused and actually becomes more agile. This is probably because Star knows that Sonic wants the enemy taken down as fast as possible. It is also possible that Star is showing off for Sonic.


Star has many relationships with many characters. She thinks of everyone differently, usually respecting each one in some way.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic is the most recognizable out of all of Star's relationships. She has a major crush on him, but unlike Amy, Star refuses to show it, only revealing any amount of feelings when situations are at its most calm, or at its worst. She would risk her life for him, but luckily, that's never been the case. It is unknown if Sonic has feelings for her as well, but it has been hinted at many times in Sonic:Wrath Of The Werehog.

Star's Good Friends

Star best friends consist of young animals,such as Cream The Bunny, Miles "Tails" Prower The Fox, and Charmy Bee.

Cream The Bunny & Vanilla The Rabbit

Star has great respect for Cream, liking her kind and innocent personality. Star likes bringing flowers to Cream, and Cream kindly thanks her for them. Star likes Cream mostly because she sees herself in the young bunny. She also appreciates Vanilla The Rabbit, who is equally kind, and Star respects Vanilla's open mind to letting Cream go out on adventures.

Miles "Tails" Prower The Fox

Star's respect for Tails lies in the fox's intelligence. She enjoys inventing with him, and likes his friendly relationship with Sonic. However, in Sonic:Wrath Of The Werehog, her view of Tails is changed slightly because the fox turned on Sonic for a brief period of time, but he earned her respect back when he felt bad over what he had done.

Charmy Bee

Star is very fond of the Team Chaotix member, Charmy Bee. She is one of the few characters who doesn't find Charmy a pest in any way. She enjoys Charmy's free and fun mind, and likes his strange conflicts with the leader of the team, Vector The Crocodile.

Star's Rivals

Star's rivals consist of Knuckles The Echidna and Shadow The Hedgehog,both challenging her for something.

Knuckles The Echidna

Like Sonic,Star enjoys teasing Knuckles, but unlike Sonic's teasing, Knuckles finds Star's 'cute'. Knuckles rivals Star in combat skills, and is constantly challenging her to see who's better. Even though Star likes Knuckles, she highly dislikes his on-and-off hatred for Sonic.

Shadow The Hedgehog

Shadow rivals Star in speed, but unlike Knuckles, he isn't thrilled over challenging her. Her kind and caring personality amazes him, and he's constantly keeping his eye on her. Star dislikes Shadow for his dark personality and his hatred for the blue hedgehog, Sonic.

Rivals In...Love?

Star mostly rejects fighting them, but Star is in a major love-fest for Sonic's affection with Sally Acorn, Mina The Mongoose, and Amy Rose

Amy Rose

Amy gets on Star's nerves the most, because unlike Sally and Mina, Amy's anger issues strikes fear into Sonic, although, Star seems to be the only one to notice it. Star is constantly telling Amy that she'll never get Sonic that way, but the pink hedgehog never listens to Star. Although it sounds odd, Star is constantly protecting Sonic from Amy's tantrums.

Sally Acorn

Star has neutral feelings for Sally Acorn, because although she's after Sonic, she is much more repsonsible and mature than Amy. Star respects her, but also knows that she's a good rival.

Mina The Mongoose

Although she's never said so, Mina is Star's favorite out of the three. She's enjoys Mina's happy personality, and can rival her in singing abilities. However, the two aren't so alike, because Star is a power character, while Mina is more of a support character. Mina is also more shy than Star.

Blaze The Cat

Like Cream, Star has a friendly relationship with Blaze. Blaze respects Star's serious, but fun-loving attitude, and in return, Star's repects Blaze's determination and hidden compassion.


Star, unlike many characters, respects Dr.Eggman's drive to defeat Sonic. She is constantly impressed by what he comes up with, and how he always seems to get back up after Sonic knocks him down. However, Star's hatred for the Doctor overrides this, as she dislikes when he inflicts a serious amount of pain on the hedgehog.

Memorable Quotes

"Sonic...wake up."Supposedly, Star had some sort of telepathic connection with Sonic, as she was nowhere near him when he heard this, and he had no contact with her earlier. Also, Star claimed that she had never met Sonic before. It is possible that their relationship goes on a deeper level.

"Star, Star The Hedgehog."Star introducing herself to Sonic.

"Not sure,but I don't think anyone wants the Master Emerald with us here."Star answering Sonic's question of where Knuckles was. Star said that she didn't think anyone would want the Master Emerald with them was taken by a Knuckles chao(Ironically)a few seconds later.

"Oh, quiet. You may be cute, but you're so stubborn!"Star said this to Sonic, but since he wasn't being stubborn at all, it was most likely a quick reaction out of Star's crush for him.

"Why are you so concerned? He did attack you, after all."Star, shocked at Sonic's concern for Tails. She later complimented that he was a wonderful hedgehog.

"Oh! What a beautiful place! Don't ya think?"Star asked Sonic this, seeing the beauty that was Sunset Hill.

"But we can stop it...I know we can."Star encouraging Tails and Cream.

"Maybe I'm as smart as you."Star teasing Tails on their way to find Sonic.

"...What's wrong?Why are you looking at me like that?"Star asks this to Sonic, Tails, Cream, and Cheese, while she was completely oblivious to her new look.

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