It's a golden rod, with a golden emblen that looks like the sun on the top of it. It also has a red gem in the center of it.


Star, he's the one who uses it now. Solaris, He created the Stave for Star. However, anyone with a will more powerful than it's strength, can overpower it and use it.


Can shoot beams of starlight, capable of blinding or sending enimies flying. It also can create black holes, supernovas, and can rain stars down on the user's enimies.


It was created by Solaris in 2006, then he kept it safe untill 2011, which then, he gave it to Star, making him the new Lord of the Stars. Star used it's power to destroy multiple galaxies before Xia using all her willpower,  managed to overpower it's strength and turn it on Star, who took heavy damage and then blasted Xia flying. He then broke the stave, calling it useless. The energy it had flew into Star, making him become Lord Star(His super form) He then made the sun supernova, but Xia, using all her magic at once, managed to beat him once more. As he disapeered from existence, he said "How?" "How can this happen?" "How could I lose?" "It can't end like this." "I'm the lord of the stars themselves, how can I die?" "Curses, you're a special one, you have to be, no normal person could do this." "Any one who has the heart to win, can win." said Xia. "I will return one day, and when I do, I will fight you again." he said as he finally died.

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