This is an article about Stalemate the Echidna, a character created by LordWeirdo on 06/8/2016.

"I don't want to erase my past. I can't. What I can do is let my past drive me to make the most of my future."
—Stalemate the Echidna

Chase Montgomery "Stalemate" Moore is a Sonic the Hedgehog fan character created and owned by LordWeirdo. He is the good friend and nominal sidekick of Lance the Wolf in the That's Not Funny fanfiction series.


Stalemate is a dark blue Mobian echidna with a peach face. He wears bright orange shorts and wristbands (the color signifying his past behind bars), white gloves, brown hiking boots, and a black belt. He often carries a brown duffel bag over one shoulder, and a mace hung by a strap over the other.


Stalemate has two distinct personalities, either of which can take over at any given moment. Both personalities share a general seriousness that is not devoid of humor, an intolerance for stupidity, and drawing a hard line between right and wrong.

His lighter state is marked by amiability and outward calm. He is energetic and eager to do his part to defend the right. Fortunately, this is seen slightly more often than his darker state.

The other side of his personality is aggressively antisocial and irritable. When he is alone, this isn't ouch of a problem, but in company, he often has to excuse himself and think hard about absolutely nothing. (If that makes no sense, that makes two of us.)


Early life

The first and only son of Montgomery "Checkmate" Moore, Chase was born in a cave in the Iron Mountain Zone. His mother's identity was known only by Checkmate and a few of his friends, all of which are now dead and thus can't help us.

Checkmate raised his son in the style of the mountain folk and in the path of the outlaw. Thus, by the time Chase became a teenager, he was already a strong, hardened individual who was helping his father in the execution of elaborate (and effective) plans. Already, some were saying that he might surpass Checkmate in criminal skill.

Arrest and Imprisonment

Not long after he turned sixteen, Chase assisted his father in the assassination of Leonard Duval, Governor of the Iron Mountain Zone. Duval had not only been outspoken against the mountains' outlaw population, but effective, leading to many of the outlaws banding together to pay Checkmate for the job. The bullet that took the governor's life wound up being Chase's. However, a rare plan backfire led to his arrest; his father narrowly escaped.

As often happens, Chase's last shred of conscience tormented him after his capture, as he looked to be turning twenty-one in prison doing life without parole. Only the fact that Checkmate was the brains behind the murder, combined with Chase's age, kept him from the death penalty. Unlike so many, however, the young echidna was able to come to genuine repentance through the mentorship of the prison chaplain, Dr. Ivan Wrigley.

Dr. Wrigley had felt sorry for Chase, whom he felt was truly misguided. He told the echidna that even if he spent his whole life in prison, it did not have to be wasted in remorse. This led to what Chase would later call his "personal Great Awakening", and he made up his mind to serve society as best he could, no matter the circumstances.

Release and Wandering

Chase, who was now beginning to call himself Stalemate--derived from his father's nickname and his own inner conflict--had been in prison for just over a year when the unthinkable happened. A "clerical error", later found to actually be tampering by Dr. Maxwell Hamberger, caused his records to be deleted from the government system. The prison couldn't detain a convict who "wasn't there", so Stalemate found himself a free man.

"Free" might not have been the best word. Not only was he branded a killer, but Duval had been popular among the law-abiding folk of the mountains. Having no home and few friends, Stalemate became a sort of modern knight-errant, wandering the peaks in search of good to do.

After his release, he also reunited with old friends on both sides of the law, including his father's friend Snowman the Grizzly and his own childhood playmate Smokey the Mountain Goat. His friendship with both the mentioned parties grew significantly in this time, as even his own father was nowhere to be found.

That's Not Funny

TNF 1: The Unimaginatively Subtitled Adventure of Lance the Wolf

Stalemate stumbled upon Lance the Wolf when the latter was arguing with the ghost in his head over directions (and lack of such). As he was in a good mood and incredibly bored, Stalemate offered his assistance as a guide.

That same night, Stalemate was visited by Snowman, who wanted his assistance to rob one of the few local banks. Stalemate quickly dismissed the idea, reminding his friend of the new direction he had taken in life. Snowman, in turn, reminded him of all the criminals who, try as they might, cannot change their ways for good.

As Stalemate led Lance/Doom along city-slicker-friendly paths, they fell into a trap laid by a heavily armored, as-yet-unnamed armadillo. Stalemate fought the would-be robber single-handedly for fifteen minutes, after which the draw was broken by the magic of Smokey, who happened to be in the area. Stalemate also had his mace in action in helping Lance/Doom break into Dr. Hamberger's plant and fight the inventor himself.

After Snowman's visit, Stalemate, Lance, and especially Doom had begun to doubt the sincerity of his repentance. This handily provided a sub-plot. The climax of this inner story came when Stalemate convinced himself shortly before the battle with Hamberger, then convinced the others with his actions during the battle.

At the conclusion of the first fanfiction, Stalemate and Lance parted ways. Stalemate told Lance that if he ever needed help again, he was ready and willing. He also fixed Lance's car so that Lance could drive the rest of the way home.


Stalemate, while strong, is still very much a thinking fighter. His father taught him to quickly* analyze a situation, and almost as quickly create a loose plan to fit the situation. (*"Quickly" as in a couple minutes. We're trying not to make him OP.) This has been an invaluable asset to Lance, as Lance cannot think straight. to save his life. (Okay. Maybe to save his life. But not much else.) Stalemate is also skilled with guns, though he now only uses them in the most desperate situations.


Stalemate does not exactly have a defined weakness.


What we mean to say is, there is no one thing that he his weak to. He is still very much a beatable foe.

(*slight exhale*)

While he is by no means a Lance, the only departments where he is above average are tactics, strength, and grit. If he is caught without time to think, even many average warriors could defeat him.


In other words, especially with the element of surprise, any character with any kind of power or ability could take him on.


As mentioned above, before his imprisonment, Stalemate was proficient in firearms, particularly long guns. However, his status as convicted felon prevents him from legally owning guns anymore. Thus, he relies more than ever on the Headache III, a flanged mace originally owned by his father. This weapon, made of black iron, has a sixteen-pound head and a sword-style hilt. (This latter is merely a cosmetic pain in the neck that is really only useful for carrying the mace.)

Stalemate also carries a couple of knives, including one for throwing. He is not a bad shot with said throwing knife, but he's no champion either.

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