Stages of Evolution is a genetic 'ability' of sorts, activated only once. It marks the possibility of a character unlocking a permanent transformation, through a variety of methods.


Similar to a Pokemon's evolution, many Mobians possess this genetic marker, rarely with a genetic link between them. It is rare that one actively reaches it's activation, but when they do, it is intense. The user glows with energy, as if transforming into a Super-form, although the power increase is rarely that drastic. However, in the process, the body can change eye, skin, fur and/or hair color (or gain new colors), sprout new body parts, or alter the appearance of the ones that they have, and even gain new abilities that they lacked beforehand, including replicas of other genetic abilities. There are four known methods for unlocking this transformation, each of which corresponding to a method of Pokemon evolution. These methods can be calculated by medics through examining the subject's genetic structure.

The most common ability is through strength levels. Beings with this form of transformation can activate the change through training in either their abilities or their physical strength, although most train in both at once. Once a specific point is reached, the person's body automatically begins the metamorphosis.

The second method is through emotion, typically anger. As their emotions rise, so too does certain hormones in the body's systems. As these levels increase, the user typically starts to feel light-headed. Soon after that point, the user begins to transform. This typically happens during battle, through anger and it's corresponding hormone, the stress hormone adrenaline.

The third method of transformation is through radiation. Certain items, such as a Pokemon evolutionary stone, generate a wavelength of energy that reacts with the genes of the person, immediately activating the permanent transformation. This is a spontaneous reaction, and as such if the person does not know of this ability, can cause immense shock and panic.

The final method is the exchange of DNA, typically through a kiss or blood transfusion. In most cases, a specific species generally carries the gene for the transformation, and as such, any exchange of DNA will trigger the transformation. However, in some rare it can be certain powers, or even as precise as beings of a certain race with a specific power combination.

However, if the user carries an Everstone, or wishes/focuses on the transformation stopping, it can cancel, resulting in no change until the conditions are met again, be it an increase in strength, re-exposure to the radiation, another peak in emotion, or another exchange in DNA.


Activated Users



Technique Rank

The technique is currently pending evaluation, but it is stated to be a low-tier genetic ability, despite it's potential power.

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