This page is not completed and is still being written!The Staff of Darkness was formerly the Scepter of Darkness, and was transformed via Armageddon the Evil's power. It contains an incarnation of Mephiles the Dark, just as it's previous form had in it's first appearance, and therefore grants Armageddon further command over darkness.


This incarnation of the Scepter was found in what many know as the Archie Sonic dimension. Armageddon the Evil had sent his left hand agent, Triop the Echidna, to retrieve it. When he returned, Armageddon had sent him on a fools errand while he searched for a Mephiles incarnation to use the Scepter on. Seeing as he himself could not leave his realm, being sealed there by the Light Guardians millennia ago, he had to send his "son", Dread the Hedgehog, out to find one. Eventually, he did so, and with time, a Mephiles came right to his door, as it were. Armageddon realized who released him, and took advantage of the moment, absorbing Mephiles with the Scepter. He then used his own power to link with that of Mephiles', thus creating the Staff it had become.

Armageddon then re-entered his domain, preparing his troops for the final battle, using this very staff to enhance his abilities as well as those of his army.

Abilities granted to the user

So far, the only known user is Armageddon the Evil, although, in theory, any being that controls darkness can use it to grant new techniques. The Staff can also be used to focus one's pre-existing darkness abilities.

To anyone who doesn't have these abilities, it can be a pretty good weapon for smacking others around.

To photokinetics, this weapon hurts to touch. And prolonged exposure to it can be fatal.


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