Stacie the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Fur: Green w/ yellow stripes
  • Skin: Tan
  • Eyes: Electric blue
  • White gloves
  • Blue tube-top
  • Blue jeans
  • Green shoes w/ yellow accents & florescent blue markings
Political Alignment and Abilities
AbilitiesAll of Statyx's abilities
Super FormsAll of Statyx's forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Kagimizu

Stacie the Hedgehog is the female counterpart of Statyx the Hedgehog


Little is known about how Stacie came to be, as Stacie doesn't remember, and Statyx refuses to talk about it. What is known is that Stacie did not come about via the Gender Switch curse, like other male/female counterparts. It has been hinted that G.U.N. was involved, as Statyx said it was a "G.U.N. experiment gone horrible wrong". However, the validity of this comment is in question, as Statyx may have been speaking sarcastically, or may have merely been trying to get everyone to stop pestering him about it.


Statyx and Stacie are like twin siblings; they have very similar personalities, but key differences set them apart. Like Statyx, Stacie is kind-hearted, brave, and loyal to her friends. She has also gained Statyx's strong code of ethics. However, Stacie's kindness, bravery, and loyalty do not extend as far as Statyx's, and she is willing to bend or almost break her code of ethics.

Stacie is a typical free-spirited party girl. She loves to go shopping, see movies, and eat at fancy restaurants (often leaving the bill on her "twin's" tab). She hates not getting her way, and will often show this by stomping her foot down and then growling. In extreme cases, she has also been known to scream. Stacie is also somewhat superficial, caring about clothes, make-up, hair, and all of the latest trends. Another aspect is that Stacie's free spirit is stronger than Statyx's, as she refuses to take orders from anybody. She is also far less responsible than Statyx, preferring to let others deal with problems, even if they are her own. This could possibly stem from Statyx taking his title as "Ultimate Guardian" seriously, while Stacie on the other hand comments that "he was created to be the 'Ultimate Guardian', not me".

Stacie also happens to be a huge flirt. She will hit on and flirt with pretty much any cute and half-decent guy she sees, and isn't above using her looks to get what she wants. Stacie even flirts with her own relatives on occasion, though whether it is serious is always in question. The one person she doesn't flirt with is Statyx, as not only does she see it as flirting with herself ("Pathetic!"), but Statyx is also the only person she actually considers a relative. Stacie's flirtatious and borderline-seductive personality has almost backfired on several occasions, with some guys asking to "have some fun with her", which she blindly agrees to. This leads to a family member (often Statyx) beating up said guy and dragging Stacie away. However, whether or not Stacie knows what these guy are referring to is ambiguous, and a question even Statyx asks himself.


Despite her lack of training or fighting time, it would be a grave mistake to underestimate Stacie or call her weak. As Statyx's female counterpart, Stacie wields every skill and ability in Statyx's arsenal, including his super-speed, electrokinesis, and massive Chaos Powers. While having yet to be seen using them, Statyx himself comments that she is capable of using moves such as Chaos Shatter and Fist of Zeuss. The only differences in their skills is that Stacie is more acrobatic and graceful than Statyx, seemingly lacking the same raw power, and that while Statyx plays the trumpet, she prefers a flute.


Stacie's appearance is very similar to Statyx's. She has the same green and yellow fur, the same blue eyes, and the same tan skin. However, Stacie has a slimmer build than Statyx with a more hourglass figure. She has two eyelashes on each eye, and sometimes wears red lipstick. She also wears slightly more clothing than Statyx, though only wearing green shoes, blue jeans and a matching tube-top which covers her fairly large breasts (commented to rival Rouge's). Strangely, she lacks any kind of inhibitor mechanisms on her body, wearing two normal pink bracelets.


Statyx the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog

While Statyx pretty much hates Silver, Stacie has a huge crush on him. Though she will flirt with and hit on virtually any guy (even her own relatives), she will immediately disregard any of these guys at the sight or very mention of Silver. Stacie absolutely adores Silver, and is willing to do anything to make him hers. Not even the fact that Silver is dating Sunny, her own half-sister, deters Stacie, as she is completely willing to steal Silver away from her. The reason for this is because Stacie believes that Sunny is only a "little girl", and that Silver "deserves a real woman". Stacie justifies this by noting Sunny's small breast-size. Unfortunately, Stacie rarely gets a chance to speak to Silver, as anytime she attempts to talk to him one-on-one or with only Sunny present as well, Statyx will come out of no-where and tackle her, preventing her from getting even two words out. Silver on the other hand is completely oblivious to Stacie's crush, though he will blush or swoon slightly on the rare occasion that Stacie manages to flirt with him.

Sunny the Hedgehog

Stacie does not see Sunny as a sister really, but as a rival more than anything else. Stacie can't stand the fact that Sunny is dating Silver, on account that she sees Sunny only as a "little girl", due to her small breast-size. Because of this, Stacie believes that Sunny doesn't deserve Silver, and is completely willing to hurt Sunny by trying to steal Silver from her.


  • "He's the one created to be the "Ultimate Guardian", not me."
  • "The reason she doesn't deserve him is because she has yet to grow a pair of these! Silvy deserves a real woman!"

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