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Squeaky Mouse

Squeaky Mouse
Squeaky Mouse 2
Made on Paint Tool SAI
Squeakers (Shawn), Ankle-Biter (Twila)
Knockout House Mouse
Deep Sky Blue fur, Amber Eyes
Green-yellow and Aureolin striped shirt,

Sap Green basketball shorts, Urobilin shoes, White mitten-gloves,

White shoes
Twila (sister)
Romantic Interest
Xiomara (secret crush)
ice cream, cheese, swimming, reading, personal space, open spaces, making people happy, helping people
fat, calories, being rejected, crying, sadness, small spaces, creepy crawlies, creepers
Spin Jump,

Spin Dash, Double Jump, Seltzer Squirt, Aoogah Horn, Homing Attack, Sneak Head But,

Xiomara, Maxie, Max, Cliff, Starrie, Lily, Sonic, Tails, Amy, Cream, Charmy, Vector, Marine, Rory
Eggman, Metal Sonic, Mecha Knuckles, Freckles, Tails Doll, Egg Robo, Wendy Witchcart, Ned, Mercy

Squeaky Mouse is an original, Deep Sky Blue, 13-year-old, Knockout House Mouse created by Pumpituppartyzone. Squeaky is 92 inches tall and weighs 31 kg. Squeaky's best friends are Xiomara the Wolf and Rory the Pika. He has a very secret crush on Xiomara that only Rory knows about. Squeaky doesn't like to talk about it.


Squeaky's creating date is unknown, but it is known that he was created on Pumpituppartyzone's Toontown Onlineaccount. On paper, he has usually been used as a person with bad luck that always gets hurts such as being trapped on a deserted island with Ginger McMuffin. His eyes used to be pitch black, and he used to be 8 years old. But other than that, Squeaky is mostly the same as he was before.


Squeaky is not a very popular person. He does not get bullied a lot, but he does not have many friends. Squeaky does not try to get new freinds though, because he is satisfied with the friends he has. Squeaky has incredibly terrible luck, and is easily injured. Because Squeaky is partially a toon, his injuries heal quicky. Squeaky is a friendly person, but is a bit anti-social. He has a huge fear of snaked and spiders and things, so is a bit OCD for cleaning.

Game Appearances

Baseball Party Zone

Squeaky is a member of the Bear Rangers, and he is a Technique Type.


Name Team Captain Bat/Glove Pitching Stats Fielding Stats Batting Stats Running Stats
Squeaky Mouse Fifi Left/Left 5/10 8/10 3/10 7/10



Fifi the Bear

Razz the Bear

Raven the Pig

Coco the Flicky

Chestnut the Flicky


Freckles the Rabbit

Keygen the Tiger

Mooné the Cat

Sonic Fanon Party

In this game, Squeaky is a resident of Arctic Bay. He is accused by Lumina to have stolen her hot chocolate.


Xiomara the Wolf

Even though Twila and Xiomara are rivals, Xiomara stays good friends with Squeaky. He is her best friend in her grade, and they mostly hang out during school. They sometimes hang out outside of school, but when this happens, Xiomara is with Rory aswell.


Xiomara the Wolf (Great Friends)

Rory the Pika (Great Friends)

Maxie Flippercorn

Cliff McMuffin

Raven the Pig

Fifi the Bear

Razz the Bear

Starrie Night

Lily McFlip

Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Amy Rose

Marine the Raccoon

Cream the Rabbit

Vector the Crocodile

Charmy Bee



  • Squeaky's favorite snack is Gouda Cheese and Crackers.
  • Squeaky tends to trip a lot.

Memorable Quotes

"Okay! Let's do this!" - Before Race/Battle 1

"Okay, dude! Let's go!" - Before Race/Battle 2

"C'mon! I'm ready this time!" - Before Race/Battle 3

"Back again? The same thing'll happen!" - Before Race/Battle 4

"This, my friend, was a triumph." - After Winning Race/Battle 1

"Whoa! I won! You must really stink!" - After Winning Race/Battle 2

"Did you see that? That was amazing!" - S Rank

"Well, that was really good!" - A Rank

"Hmmph! Pretty good!" - B Rank

"Oh. Well, okay then." - C Rank

"Man, that wasn't the best I could do." - D Rank

"Ah! That was just horrendus!" - E Rank

"Oh, man! This is terrible!" - After Losing Race/Battle 1

"Crud! Well, I guess I can try again later." - After Losing Race/Battle 2

"Oh, no! Why?" - After being 'killed'

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!?!?!?!" - After falling

"Whoa-ho-hoa! Did you see that?" - After hitting a homerun

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