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EG-001/Squash, the Goddess of Stone
Red Mountain
Shadow the Hedgehog (formerly), Mephiles the Dark, Dr. Robotnik, and Dr. Nega.
Rainy weather, unworthy opponents, being made a fool of, etc.
Theme Song

"I take orders from no one, especially from Ivo."
Elemental Chaos Part 19d

Squash, the Goddess of Stone, also known by her experiment codename, "EG-001" (pronounced "Eee-Jee-Double-Oh-One") is a character from SolarBlaze's episodic fanfic, Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power. She is the first of Dr. Robotnik's Elemental Goddess Experiments (often abbreviated as "EG Experiments"), cloned from Scorch's DNA.


Squash happens to share quite a bit of personality traits with Scorch. As with her older sister, Squash has proven herself to be very egotistical and arrogant, often underestimating her opponents before a battle starts, dismissing them as "weaklings". She also happens to have quite a rebellious personality, never wanting to take orders from anyone, not even her own creator. In direct opposition to Scorch, she has little to no respect for Robotnik, as shown by the fact that she's constantly referring to him by his first name.

Powers and Abilities

Squash has super strength and can lift many objects. Like her sisters, she has the ability to control anything that's related to her respective element. Using a telekinetic force, Squash can lift anything that's made out of stone without laying a finger on it, and launch it at her opponents. Using the power of her Stone Element Gem, she can also summon minions, namely the Pyrocks and Rockadiles. Squash has also been shown to have super strength, as she demonstrated in Elemental Chaos Part 8.


Similar to Scorch, she's unable to withstand water-related attacks. As Shadow noted in Elemental Chaos Part 6, Squash also happens to be somewhat sluggish, making her attacks easy to doge.



Squash is the first of Dr. Robotnik's "EG Experiments". With Robotnik's latest invention, the "Egg Merger", he was able to infuse Scorch's blood with an ordinary, colorless gem (which was the exact size and shape of the ones that the other Elemental Goddesses have), and a sample of the stone element. By merging all three of these things together, the Stone Element Gem was created. From there, the only thing left to do was to bring the Stone Goddess to life, in which Robotnik did. However, things did not go quite as planned. For one, the Chaotix managed to catch wind of this (thanks to Slush relaying a message to them), and secondly, when Squash was brought to life, she went haywire and immediately turned on Robotnik and opted to conquer the world herself, rather than helping the doctor with his plans.

Episode 2: Elemental Chaos

Eventually, Squash began putting her plans into action, starting by attacking the city of Station Square. She then got into a fight with Shadow, and was defeated (partially because of the rainy weather). Somewhere along the way, Squash eventually met Mephiles, got acquainted with him, and joined forces. Unknown to her, she was only being used as a means of furthering Mephiles' own goals, and he saw her as little more than a mere pawn to be manipulated, and was secretly making plans to dispose of her once her usefulness had run its course.

Mephiles' plan from the beginning was to obtain the Fire Element Gem in order to release Iblis from his imprisonment so that he could merge with him and proceed with his plans to make all timeframes collapse into nothingness. During his "alliance" with Squash, he showed her the future homeworld that was destroyed by Iblis, and told told her a lie, saying that Scorch was behind it, and that Squash was persecuted by humanity and severely punished for a crime that she never committed. Squash then took it upon herself to hunt Scorch down so she could defeat her and change the outcome of her future.

Due to Scorch's arm injury (from donating the blood sample for the EG Experiments), Squash began to gain the upper hand, but before she could finish the Fire Goddess, Slush, who's been informed about the situation by Shadow, came to lend Scorch a hand. Eventually, the word about Mephiles' plans reach the Chaotix team and several other heroes, and they all took it upon themselves to journey to the Sandopolis Zone's pyramid (which Squash and Mephiles used as a "base of operations") to put a stop to it. They all informed the Stone Goddess that Mephiles had been manipulating her from the beginning, and that everything he told her was a lie. Squash wasn't convinced at first, until Shadow took her back in time to learn more about Mephiles' true motives and origin. After that, she was lured over to the heroes' side, and took part in the battle against Mephiles, and decided to reseal him herself as an act of revenge.

Sometime later, Squash decided to lend her sisters a hand in battling Iblis, whom she mistakenly and unknowingly released during her battle against Scorch. Eventually, with all five of the sisters (Scorch, Slush, Squash, Shock, and Storm) combining their powers, they were able to defeat the fiery creature and have him resealed within the Fire Element Gem, where he came from. In light of everything that's happened up until then, Squash began to realize the error of her ways, and saw herself as hardly being any better than Mephiles, and decided to abandon her world domination plans entirely.

Episode 3: the Goddess of Destruction

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Christmas Special

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Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos

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Shadow the Hedgehog

"Shadow, I just want you to know... If there's anything that you ever need, just remember that I've got your back."
Elemental Chaos Ending Part 1

During their first encounter in Elemental Chaos Part 6, they immediately became enemies due to the fact that Shadow has decided to stand in the way of her (short-lived) world domination plans. After losing that battle to the Ultimate Lifeform, Squash held a grudge against him throughout most of the story. Later on, during the incident with Mephiles, Shadow (and several others) managed to successfully convince Squash that he had been deceiving her along. After the former showed his true colors, Squash decided to put her differences with Shadow aside and join forces with him (and the rest of the heroes) to get revenge on Mephiles and stop his plans from coming to fruition.

Because of Shadow opening Squash's eyes to who Mephiles truly was, as well as saving her life (after he tried killing her with his signature piercing beam ability), Squash no longer saw Shadow as an enemy and thanked him, stating that she would like to repay him someday, if possible. After giving Shadow a friendly kiss on the cheek, she playfully/jokingly stated that she would kill him if he ever told anyone about it. From that point on, Squash has frequently been seen fighting alongside him and the rest of Team Dark.

Despite her claiming of love, dating, and relationships being "for weaklings", there's a slight possibility that Squash may have developed a slight crush on Shadow. In addition to the "friendly kiss" that she gave him, this was hinted at during their first meeting in Elemental Chaos Part 6, where was was about to say that he was "kind of cute" before being cut off mid-sentence. Additionally, she also resorted to flirting with Shadow to catch him off guard (a tactic she's never used on any other opponent). Whether or not Squash truly does have feelings for Shadow has not been confirmed, but whenever someone (namely Slush) brings it up, she usually dismisses it as rubbish.

Mephiles the Dark

"Now, Mephiles, this is payback!"
Elemental Chaos Part 17

After Squash first met Mephiles in Elemental Chaos Part 8, she initially mistook him for Shadow and snapped at him, but was relieved as soon as he assured her that he was an entirely different person. After that, the two of them had a small conversation and (seemingly) began to strike up a friendship after realizing that they had something in common (their hatred for Shadow, since they've been "wronged" by him in the past). From there, the two of them joined forces. During their "alliance", Mephiles was the first person that Squash had ever considered as a friend.

Mephiles, on the other hand, did not think the same about her. Due to his evil and manipulative nature, he didn't see Squash as anything more than a mere tool that could be used as a means of furthering his goals, and opted to dispose of her like common trash after deciding that her usefulness has run its course. After discovering who he truly was (thanks to Shadow and several others), Squash was saddened/angered and completely humiliated that he had been manipulating her all along, and joined forces with the heroes, doing whatever she could to stop him. Due to this incident, Mephiles ended up becoming Squash's single, most hated enemy, replacing both Shadow and Dr. Robotnik.

Elemental Goddess and Number Line Similarities

Number Line + Elemental Goddesses

An image of Squash and Zwei, along with the rest of the Goddesses and Numbers (plus Dr. Robotnik), drawn by Azuroru.

Coincidentally, the Elemental Goddesses and the Number Line happen to have several similarities to one another. Squash is by no means, an exception, having much in common with Zwei.

  • The two of them are both part of a group that consists of at least eight siblings.
  • Both characters were created by Dr. Robotnik.
    • Both of them also ended up rebelling against him to pursue their own evil/destructive desires.
  • Each of them had their destructive rampages stopped by characters who know how to manipulate Chaos energy (Shadow and Jedan, respectively).
    • Both of the aforementioned battles concluded during a rainstorm.
    • Squash and Zwei eventually reformed, and ended up becoming friends with said characters.
  • On a related note, both of them have fought against their older sibling (Scorch and Jedan, respectively) at some point in their stories.
  • Each character has or had some kind of connection or affiliation with Mephiles.


  • Although she didn't make an appearance in Legend of the Elemental Gems, Squash and the rest of the EG Experiments (minus EG-005/Silvra) were mentioned in the twelfth chapter, which foreshadowed their appearance in the next episode.
  • Squash's "annoying"/"creepy" laughter, as well as her voice itself, is exactly the same as Zoycite's in the DiC dub of Sailor Moon. An example of it can be heard here, by skipping to 13:43.
  • Squash's "dating is for weaklings" catchphrase was taken from one of Vegeta's lines in Dragon Ball GT.
  • Originally, Squash was going to be the one to befriend Cream (rather than Silvra), until SolarBlaze eventually settled on having her form a "partnership" with Mephiles, which was an unused idea he recycled from a roleplay he's done in the past.
  • The "Pyrock" creatures that Squash summons were based off of the gloved, purple monsters found in this image, which contains unused ideas that were meant for Sonic 1.
  • On a related note, "Pyrock" is a combination of the words "pyro" (since some of them are fire-themed) and "rock".




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