This is an article about Squall the Hedgehog, a character created by Dionisio Garcia on 02/23/2015.


He is a vermillion colored hedgehog, wearing a trench coat, a bandana, biker gloves, iron boots, a golden chain, and the spirit of Solaris resides inside him.


He is a loner, meaning that he is constantly alone, so in turn, he doesn't talk much, doesn't care about much, and would rather just be left alone, but, he's got an excuse, the spirit of Solaris is inside him, and only he knows it. When it's unleashed, he becomes quite vicious, even to where he almost killed his dad.


He was born to the Sun God Solaris and the Moon Goddess Luna(his spirit) as their son. However, he was lost, he was found by Hairy and Lisa,(after he became his physical form) two young adult hedgehogs, they taught him right from wrong. Unfortunetly, Hairy died when Squall was only 11, he grew up and dropped out of school, he stayed with Lisa until the town he was in got attacked, during the attack, he saw a group of soldiers kill Lisa, which is when his spirit kicks in, his power scared the general of the soldiers, Victor. He chased them for about an hour, than his energy ran out. When he woke up, he was alone, in the dark, nothing around him. He walked and eventually he found a sword, just laying on the ground, an officer's sword. Then he was attacked by the thing that killed the sword's soldier, a werewolf. Squall defeats the werewolf by slashing it's hands off. Then it began to thunderstorm, so he hid in a cave, he found a shield and a skeleton. He took the shield in case he needed it. Eventually, the rain stopped and he left. He found some sticks and then a dead spider yielded some string. He used both to make a bow. Then, using some more sticks and some more string, he found some rocks and sharpened them. He created some arrows and a spear. He then returned to town. He was told by his neighbor that he was wanted at the nearby town of Turtash. Turtash has a mountain on the north side of it. That mountain was rumoured to be haunted. He was asked to help someone who had gone up and had gotten stuck.(for reasons unknown)Before he got there, he helped another townsperson named Jose. Jose had no money to pay him, so he gave him a grappling hook.(see the Zelda yet?)


Normally, he has no powers, however, when his spirit is unleashed, he learns to fly and add elements to his equipment.


Due to his early life losing his parents early on, he's more able to handle stress. Also when the werewolf attacked, he was able to see it because of his ability to see well in the dark. Also due to training at ages 4-11 from Hairy and training at ages 14-24 from Lisa, his lack of powers is made up for by his mastery of weapons.


Right now he's learned that life isn't fair sometimes. Later, he will learn that he needs friends.


He has no powers, so he's almost human-like in that area. However, his spirit self is resistant to all forms of damage, even allowing him to survive in outer space.


1.He is based off of Final Fantasy 8's main character, Squall.

2.He's my first powerless character.

3.The elemental monsters are actually summonings from Final Fantasy's history. (Except Rafflisia) 3.1-Rafflisia is actually a late game boss from Final Fantasy 12 and is a giant plant, so I used it to represent wood, plant, grass, and life.

4.The story is based off of The Legend of Zelda storyline. (In general)

5.If you combined Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda,this story is basically the result.


1.Officer's Sword

2.Iron Shield

3.Wooden Bow


5.Wooden Spear

6.Grappling Hook

7.Fire Arrows




11.Ice Arrows

12.Power Gauntlets

13.Rock Arrows

14.Lightning Arrows

15.Wind Arrows

16.Giant Leaf

17.Water Arrows


19.Blade of Legend and Shield of Legend

20.Light Arrows


1. His spirit was created by Solaris and Luna, his physical body was lost. Because of that, they dropped his spirit down to Mobius. His spirit, by sheer luck, finds his body and merges with him. After that he is found by Hairy and Lisa.

2.I made the story straightforward because to be honest, I was a little scared to branch out on my own just yet, so please forgive how straightforward it is.

3.The Blade of Legend is called Excalibur, The Shield of Legend is called Ragnarok. A lot of people get that wrong.

4.Yes, I took fire, ice, and light arrows from Zelda. But, rock, water, lightning, and wind arrows are original. Sadly, dark arrows are missing.(Better luck next time dark arrows.)

5.Bomb arrows are a possibility for my undetermined part 2. I also know of Silver arrows, but I don't know what they're supposed to do, so that hampers them.

6.Why shurikens? people ask me this a lot. It's because I didn't really think that well for story development. I mean, he obtains all these arrows, but doesn't use them except for once or twice. Shurikens have almost no importance, they were added just because I'm a ninja fan.(What's wrong with that?)

7.There was originally going to be a part where Squall traveled through time to the future and obtained a pistol. This idea was scrapped later due to storyline complications.

8.I have now realized that a lot of my editing has disapeered. It was due to my computer crashing while editing the stroy to finish it. The story ended with more fights with the elemental spirits, unfortunetly, I don't think I'll ever actually finish the story due to my computer's inconpatence.(FOOLISH MACHINE)

Other Appearences

Squall is the first character to be revealed for the sequel to Mobius Chronicles, Mobius Chronicles 2! It will have a vs style mode along with it's story mode. The vs style mode will have the characters in the 1st and 2nd game playable form Rudy and Joanna to Squall and even Star!

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