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Huge WIP

Two primordial deities. The female deity of creation and the male deity of destruction. Both lived together in harmony and ruled their own reality...


This will list characters whose story isn't complete yet or who are too minor to get a proper page.

Past Generations

Various time periods before the current story

Sosigenes the Hedgehog

See my page about the Chaos Emeralds.

Current Generation

This are characters living in the time when Spikes is the protagonist of the story. This is a time set in the future, where Sonic the Hedgehog is regarded as a legendary hero.

Martha the Hedgehog

Solomon the Hedgehog's twin sister. Their mother Emily died shortly after their birth. She and her brother were born in an era of relative peace and despite their widowed father's position as a major Freedom Fighter, still had a relative normal childhood. From a young age the twins shared a mental bond, being able to communicate with eachother over short and long distances without needing to speak, but Solomon discovered that he possesed other psychic powers that his sister lacked...but so did she.

Martha was a pretty strong empath and just like her brother, could not properly control her powers when she was younger. This caused her to unconsciously feel the emotions of all people around her, getting easily overwhelmed and causing her to seclude herself from others. Only when the twins were together could they keep their powers stable. Because of this and their father's occupation they were homeschooled.

When Solomon joined the Freedom Fighters she didn't, having grown accustomed to not be in a large group of people. She occupied herself with the housework (which she had been doing since she was little) and taking care (with the usual scolding) of the two men living with her. As such, much of the her father's friends who came to visit often found her there and enjoyed talking to her, as she could always feel if something was troubling them and always was willing to talk. One of these was persons was Shadow the Hedgehog. After Solomon presented Jane at home, she too became one of her chatting partners, bonding especially gossiping about Solomon. She also became her best friend.


After the fall of the Freedom Fighters, she was put into hiding by Shadow and lived with him. After he and Solomon overthrew the corrupt commander, he proposed to her. After joking a bit about needing to date before doing such a thing, she smilingly agreed. She would later give birth to their son Silver, named after the hedgehog that had saved her before.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Mostly like this Shadow the Hedgehog. Current changes include him also working for GUN and not dying.

Silver the Hedgehog

Shadow and Martha's son. Is a baby, can't do much. His latent psychic powers were boosted due to his father's unique physiology. He would later be trained by his uncle to, as he says it, take his place as the strongest psychic alive.

Emily the Hedgehog

Girl adoption 2 taken by tailreamlover d6k0tn6.png

Sullivan the Hedgehog's wife and mother of Solomon and Martha. She comes from the same clan as him, but not by birth. She was adopted into the clan after being found as a baby. Growing up alongside them

Oddly a younger version of her reappeared some years later, accompanying an older Silver the Hedgehog.

Silver the Hedgehog (Future)

Sent to an apocalyptic future with his mother, they tried to return to the past. However the machine they used malfunctioned during the trip. Silver unconsciously used Chaos Control to escape, but his mother was lost in the timestream. His Chaos Control changed in Chrono Control due to this.

Richard and Margaret Pirlingham


The Pirlingham family's butler.

Jake the Echidna

Jim the Hare

Dahlia the Rabbit

Kyxen & the triplets' parents

Angela Ricaster

First pic, DTA entry


Veruda City's Mayor

Dr. Element

Bolt's sister

A very old pic of her.

Bolt the Cheetah's older sister, sticks with him no matter what, even if she by her own words "hates his guts". Bolt is the only family she has and as such they share a close bond. While by their attitudes one may perceive them as despising each other, they actually love each other very much and would do everything for each other. Her brother means the world to her and she would go any lengths to have him happy and safe.

Raul the Bull

Bolt the Cheetah's best friend and former personal trainer. Nice to everyone and knows quite a lot about the workings of the body, but is lacking in some other daily aspects, which tends to make him look dumb.

Flix the Cat

Flix ;D by emidikun.png

The newest addition to Lightning Bolt, no one really knows where this mysterious shadow-manipulating cat comes from. He is the one who gave Bolt his Shadow Claw ability. Originally just kept around for his powers, the emotionless cat has since grown on the rest of the group.

His real name is Flixorious the Gloomy and he is a herald of the evil sealed in the planet (which some know as Dark Gaia).

He was sent there to find the current champion of the Emeralds and keep track of him for his master's eventual return.

Lyana Hyena

Emperor of the East

Abby the Fox

Dumar the Lynx

Knuckles the Echidna

Renée Prower

The current head of ProwerCorp, she is an eccentric woman constantly looking for new challenges to her intellect. An absolute fan of Miles Prower, she had her last name legally changed to express this. Joining the company after countless refusals, it was her dedication and hard work that got her to her current position. Extremely quirky, not many people are able to keep up with her train of thoughts, them sometime being extremely whimsical. (She has three tails because she experimented on herself when she was a teen to look more like her idol, but it didn't work as planned).

She is Kyxen and the triplets' aunt, being their mother's cousin, and was the one sending them money each month.

Next Generation

Having become the current champion of the planet, Spikes the Hedgehog's story continues with his son Malik as the protagonist.

Malik the Tiger

Malik the Tiger is Spikes the Hedgehog and Leo the Tiger's son. He was born to them as a false twin, with his sister Shelna.

Despite them having the same age, he acts like her big brother.

Born to two of the most powerful people on the planet people expected him to be quite powerful, he only inherited small part of his parents' powers though, while his sister got the bulk of it. Even then he didn't let this get to him, as he felt he needed to protect his sister. While Shelna inherited most of her parents' powers, she was also born with a frail constitution, making her unable of using them to their full potential without risking her health.

At 13 years old, Malik enrolled himself as a trainee in the junior division of the Peace Enforcers. He trained himself to hand-to-hand combat and even designed his own weapons (which were made by his uncle Max), his signature blue gloves that have retractable energy blades coming from them. He soon became one of the top trainees and coupled with his heritage became quite popular. At age 15, he was eventually made the leader of his own squad (even if each of the members was peculiar).

They were sent on and succesfully completed little missions, even if barely, due to each member's quirks. Malik in particular became quite full of himself. This eventually led him to challenge Lance's son, Dumar the Lynx. He was however swiftly defeated. This loss caused him to re-evaluate some things in his life, and after some weeks of moping, he went to seek training from the only person he thought would do it seriously; his father's rival, Lance the Rabbit.

Under Lance's tutelage it weren't just Malik skills that were improving, he also became meeker. After several months, he went for a rematch against Dumar. While the lynx had the advantage, he was surprised by the tiger's growth.

He was caught off guard however, when Malik shot off his blades towards him. He managed to deflect them, but then Malik grabbed them and started to use them as swords, actually starting to overpower him...

Shelna the Hedgehog

Shelna the Hedgehog is Spikes the Hedgehog and Leo the Tiger's daughter. She was born to them as a false twin, with her brother Malik.

Despite them having the same age, he acts like her big brother.

Born to two of the most powerful people on the planet, she inherited the bulk of her parents' powers, while her brother only got a small part of it.

Even though she inherited most of her parents' powers, she was also born with a frail constitution, making her unable of using them to their full potential without risking her health.

Ayaka the Cat

Ayaka the cat by ooheartsoo-d5mljnv.jpg
Ayaka the Cat is Kyxen the Lynx' (and later also Lance's) adoptive daughter. Formerly living in the streets, a four year old Ayaka was found and taken in by the lynx who immediately loved her. She eventually ends up in Malik's squad.

Tetsuo the Frog

New chara by ooheartsoo-d5q7o4b.jpg
Tetsuo the Frog is an orphan frog from Lance the Rabbit's hometown. The latter ends up being his martial arts teacher, under the oath of protecting his adopted daughter Ayaka. He eventually ends up in Malik's squad.

Mike the Cat

Meh first adoptable evah d by starlywing d6n41m3-fullview.jpg
Mike Bensen is an hyperactive cat who also eventually ends up in Malik's squad. Obsessed with martial arts since he was a kitten, he never seemed to fit in with other kids. He became kind of a prodigy though, learning himself a variety of moves through the numerous movies, videos, books and makeshift training he put himself through. He later applied in the Peace Enforcers Academy and was one of the recruits that stood out, both positively and negatively. He has a onesided crush on Ayaka and always tries to impress her.

Ricky the Wolf

Ricky the wolf by ooheartsoo-d5iogug.jpg
Ricky the Wolf is a stoic guy and Malik's rival.

During the Dark war, he lost his family and left eye. Growing up as an orphan, he eventually met his would be best friend Soul the Dog and the two of them (together with some other kids) turned to a life of crime and formed a gang to survive. After a while, he and Soul were taken down and taken in by Commander Surge, after which he and Soul eventually ended up in Malik's squad.

His left eye is "dead" and can see the aura of things and people.

Soul the Dog

Soul the dog by ooheartsoo d5kszhd.jpg
Soul the Dog is a carefree individual who is Ricky's best friend since childhood. Nothing seems to faze him and his happy expression and the only individual he seems to care for is Ricky.

Just as his friend he was orphaned by the Dark war, but he is seemingly uncaring about this fact, having grown up in a very unstable household. After being taken in by Commander Surge, he and Ricky eventually end up in Malik's squad.

He possesses the power of astral projection.


Various groups of people


The unofficial name of Carson Rose's unnamed travelling group.

Lightning Bolt

Formerly the athletic entourage of the former Olympic star Bolt, they are now reduced to some kind of "mercenaries" after the former's fall.

Unnamed Geokinetic Mole tribe

Unnamed Psychic Hedgehog clan

Hedgehogs who live separated from society and possess potent psychic powers. Possessing glowing marks on their bodies, these hedgehogs are thought to only exist in legends. A long time ago, they were the ones to put an end to the tyranny of the dragons, but disappeared some time after. Sullivan the Hedgehog was one of them but was born with no powers, possessing only very limited telekinesis.


Long ago the dragons were the strongest beings of the planet. Originally the protectors of all life, their power soon drove them to oppress those they were supposed to protect. Due to thier superior power, no one was able to oppose them and many generations lived under their rule. This was until a certain group of psychokinetic hedgehogs appeared to oppose them. Not oufitted for psychic warfare, the dragons quickly lost the upper hand. Seeing their imminent defeat, the leader of the dragons bargained for his people to not be killed but sealed away. All the surviving members were locked away in a pocket dimension, while the leader himself was sealed in the form of a sword (which would later be called the Flare Blade). Just like the ones that defeated them, they faded from history, being relegated to legends.

Kingdom of Trialtar

Eastern Empire

Atomic Squadron

Basically an evil version of the Peace Enforcers. In this reality, Team Atom never got to the past but killed Eggman Nega as he accidendly revealed himself to the three. Believing that everythig he told them was a lie, Spikes never went to look for his family, believing them to be dead. Without the spark of hope to see his sister again, Spikes afterwards went to kill the leader he had spared, and just went downhill from there.

They have completely taken over the planet and each member lords over one portion of it. All the commanders possess a Chaos Emerald, which is grafted in their body. The commanders are:

  • Spikes the Hedgehog, who now goes by Lord Atom. He possesses the grey Emerald;
  • Thomas Pirlingham, who lost most if not all of his innocence. He possesses the cyan Emerald;
  • Keith the Echidna, who tends to hit first, ask later. He possesses the red Emerald;
  • Lance the Rabbit, who joined as revenge against his family's treatment of him. He possesses the green Emerald;
  • Kojack the Gorilla, who lost himself in his rage. He possesses the orange Emerald;
  • Kyxen the Lynx, who is now fully transformed with a lack of emotions as a result. She possesses the purple Emerald;
  • Carson Rose, abandoned his family and followed his cousin. He possesses the blue Emerald.

Liu the Rabbit leads a Resistance against them, but they are fighting a losing battle. Their last hope is releasing Shadow the Hedgehog.



The Flare Blade

The Flare Blade is a short sword which can produce flames. Originally thought to have been made by it's "first" user Sullivan the Hedgehog, it it actually the sealed form of a fire dragon, who is the ancient leader of the dragons. It was the pride of the psychokinetic clan Sullivan belonged to, until he claimed ownership of it and later quit the clan.

Following it's name, the Flare Blade can produce and let his wielder manipulate fire. This was usually done by mentally forcing the sealed dragon to comply. However, Sullivan was able to do much greater feats with the Blade because the dragon felt his repressed rage against his clan and willingly allowed him control.

After Sullivan's death it was confiscated by GUN. Failing to get it to work, it was put in a vault. After Solomon brought down GUN's corrupted commander, he reclaimed his father's sword. Recognizing him as Sullivan's kin and acknowledging his power, the dragon allowed Solomon to use him. The latter only used the Blade sparingly though.

It was later given to Spikes' son Malik.

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