terrtory of springwood
Type of goverment
Head of goverment
Jake the hedgehog
188,588,199 (as of 2012

Springwood was a major place for trade on Mobius. After the earthquake it became smaller sciencist study tech-tonic plates under the gound and tried to warn people of earthquakes because that earthquake it had is the worst earthquake on Mobuis the city was full of cracks, fires and lot of buildings were destoryed. 999,999,999,000 Hedgehogs, Foxes, and Echidnas were killed in the earthquake since then the goverment have paid millons of dollers to have the new builds with really hard steal. People still live here, but they live in fear of another super earthquake will happen.

Mobius 3 years later

Blade used to live here, but since the earthquake he doesn't talk about it because his mom died in the earthquake. Blast went here to study the plates but did not find anything.

Cause of earthquakes

The city is near a flault called the Springwood flaut, but the reasoned people stayed here because the flault hadn't been active since the trassic period. So people thought that it was safe so they founded the city. The city has multple earthquakes year round.

Neighboring city/towns

Greenflower City

Station Square

The fire of 1999

The time is 1:00AM. A gang is flying planes throwing down bomes on the city the fire is spearding first blowing the power plant, all the gas station in the city all blowing up putting poisonish gases in the air making the air in the area unbreathable for days, and the sky is rustly red.

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