A male chameleon. He is the Sonicsona of Springoroark.


A male, yellow and purple chameleon. He wears a blue bandanna, white gloves with a blue ring on the cuff, and sneakers that resemble fish. He has yellow-orange eyes and two purple chameleon horns on the top of his head. He also has purple spines running from the back of his head to the mid-section of his tail.


Spring is a pretty laid-back and friendly guy. However, he does have somewhat of a short temper, and can even be rude and jerky. He has sympathy problems and is slightly paranoid about his surroundings (such as stalkers, how people see him, etc.) and the dark. At times, he can even be a little bit perverted and romantic.


Born on Angel island, he has had quite an average life. He was a clumsy, shy young chameleon, until later he opened up and met a group of friends. Once he grew up and moved out, he decided to explore Mobius with his boyfriend he had met earlier, Link. He explores the rest of the world daily, but always returns to Angel Island to visit his parents and friends.


He has the usual chameleon abilities:


Enhanced climbing abilities

Extra long tongue

Strong tail


He is trained in simple combat, like tae kwon do.


The usual things hurt him, like fire, and punches. He is also emotionally unstable, as he has sympathy issues and cannot control himself whenever he is angered. Plus, he cannot swim.

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