Cquote1 Like us, plants have lives. Even though plants don't have eyes, or mouths, or hands, or feet, they still are living things. Plants get feed by making their own food, plants get sleep when they are undisturbed in the sunlight. After every winter, the birth of more plants come, just when we die and our offspring live on. Don't kill these poor plants. How would you like it if somebody chopped off your arm? Or cut open your midsection as we all yell 'Timber!'? Or pull your soul out of your body? Think about how the plants feel for a change... Cquote2
Spring trying to persuade Team Fashion to not destroy her garden

Spring the Cat is a fan character created by Darkest Shadow. She is gifted with almost perfect ecosystem manipulation, able to magically control nature, and all natural things at her will. Her main goal in life is to reforest what used to be forests, but now wastelands.

General Information

April May Showers is a fifteen-year-old cat living in a small house nearby the forests of Beach Cove City. She currently attends the Mariala County Academy;an audition-based boarding school for kids with a special talent. She currently shares a room with her two best friends;Ingrid and Mary. She will be a sophomore in high school next year. Everyday during Summer Vacation or winter/spring break, she would go check on her garden, water her plants, harvest her crops, plant new seeds, and watch her garden grow.

However, that's not her only gift. Her true gift is her ability to control nature, and all natural things in the world at her command. Not only can she control plants, but she can control fresh water, dirt, flowers, wood, and leaves! Her goal in life is to save the world's forests, and get research on who's killing them to stop them.


While most girls are usually outgoing and social, Spring is actually the opposite of that. She very timid, shy, and sometimes even awkward around most people. She is somewhat anti-social and doesn't have a lot of friends to talk to. She would just stay inside all day and work on her garden. Because of her shy personality, many people find the cat to be a true loner. Despite that, she has a few friends to talk to, but she doesn't really go out with them that often because she is too busy with her garden.

Along with Spring being a shy character, she is also pretty quiet. She doesn't really talk that much and likes to keep her mouth shut. She tries her best to avoid conflicts and fights, although if she has to, she would get involved. She doesn't talk to strangers, especially the ones who aren't her age. Because she is quiet, she is also calm. She tries to not lose her mind, even if absolute chaos is happening around her. She can easily imagine herself in a better place and not get angry or upset.

However, Spring does have a girly side. She takes a deep interest in fashion, as she likes to wear very fashionable clothing. During her spare time, she reads fashion and girly catelogs and crushes on those cute teenage boys.

Physical Appearance

Spring currently stands at 3'3 and weighs about 70 lbs. Spring is a cat with light green fur and white skin underneath her fur. She has fur covering all of her body, even her arms and stomach. Her muzzle is white and smooth, the same color of her skin. Her ears are short, and have light blue tips on the ends. On top of her ears are turquoise pieces of fur;three points on each piece of fur. Her tail long; a light shade of blue and splits with two large ends. The insides of her ears are green.

Her hair is surprisingly complex. She has several front bangs, with light blue tips on the ends of it and a darker shade of light blue tips on the end of those other tips. She also has two side bangs that cover the sides of her muzzle. Her back hair is rather short and goes down to her shoulders. A few strands of her hair have light blue highlights on the tips of them. She wears a big light blue button on the last front bang on the left of her hair.

For an outfit, she wears a dark periwinkle and light purple top that starts at her chest. She wears a coral colored bow with a red stripe on them. She wears a festive dark periwinkle vest with red cross designs on the sleeves. The inside of her vest is light blue with a light coral lining and light coral dots. She wears a purple frilly miniskirt that goes above her knees. For footwear, she wears dark blue rain-boots with a light blue strap on it. The light blue strap has purple lining and two blue orbs on each side. To complete her outfit, she wears mini black arm-warmers from her half-arms to her wrists.


Because she spends most of her time with her plants, Spring loves to do gardening. The backyard of her house has fifteen acres of land. The whole land has a garden that's so big, it's considered a mini-forest among her friends. Everyday she comes home and does some fieldwork in her garden. She plants new seeds, waters them and watches them grow. This is also good for a battle because some of her plants increase attack, defense and/or speed. Some of her plants also can be used to even poison her foes.

Since she was a toddler, her mother taught her healing methods that don't involve any sort of magic. As she grew older, she has gotten better and learned more healing methods. Most of her healing involves plants, either by chewing on the leaves or drinking a special concoction made from sap. She also has a shelf full of books, remedies, and medicines for certain illnesses. Her friends always come to her to heal their illnesses and/or pain.

Powers and Abilities

Nature Manipulation

Also known as chloromancy, Spring has the magic ability to control not just plant life, but almost all natural things in the world. She has been working on this power for a long time and as she grew older, she is one of the greatest nature manipulators in the world. She isn't a master yet, as she still has a lot more to learn about her nature manipulation, but she is truly powerful.

She is able to manipulate plant life at her own will. Spring can make plants grow, shrink, or die. She can even turn poisonous plants into harmless plants and vice versa. She is even able to make trees grow from the ground and vines from the palm of her hand. She can even manipulate leaves at her own will. Along with that, she can easily camouflage herself when she makes direct contact with any kind of plant or tree. Some of these plants even cause sleep, paralysis, or a burn. She can also make grass instantly grow and which speeds up her plant growth.

Similar to her plant manipulation, she also has the power to manipulate flowers. From her plants, she can make any type of flower blossom. She can even make flowers grow from the ground that can be up to thirty feet tall! She can even turn invisible within a patch of flowers and move wherever she wants without being seen. She can even make the petals fall off and turn them into a blizzard of petals. She can also make very sharp thorns appear from her flowers, which could even poison the tougher.

Spring can also manipulate fresh spring water at her own will. This power can only be used on certain occasions. She cannot manipulate water with chlorine or salt in it. However, if she's up to two miles away from a fresh water source, like a river or spring or waterfall, she is able to manipulate that kind of water at her own will. Along with that, she can make fresh water-based attacks, and sometimes even walk on fresh water.

Similar to the way that she can manipulate trees, she can also manipulate the dirt or soil that it grows in. She can make dirt expand, or contract, she can even make dirt appear from below her feet. She can make dirt appear from her hand and can even make it turn into a sandstorm-like storm.

To top it all off, Spring can manipulate any form of wood. Even if it is hardwood, as in flooring, or tree barks, or branches, she can control them to do whatever she wants. She can even walk through wood literally walking into it and going through it like a ghost. If she concentrates hard enough she can even turn any kind of flooring into a solid wooden floor.

Season of Spring

During the season of Spring, Spring's nature manipulation power grows twice to five times as strong. Also, her plants grow twice as fast, which makes it easier to use them for a battle purpose, or a healing purpose. She also can make charge-based attacks happen immediately, instead of having to wait to charge it. Along with being able to manipulate fresh water wherever she goes and make it rain from the sky, she can also manipulate ocean water if it's a mile away from her, along with fresh water. Along with dirt, she can also sometimes manipulate sand as well now if it's nearby.


Season of Autumn

During the season of Autumn, Spring's nature manipulation becomes twice to five times weaker. Her plants grow twice as slow, which makes it difficult to use in battle and wastes time. She also has to wait twice as long to make charge-based attacks. Her fresh water manipulation goes away, as well as her dirt, wood and flower manipulation. During Autumn, Spring is practically helpless, with losing almost all of her powers, and her nature manipulation practically becoming useless.


Even though she has the power to manipulate fresh water, there isn't always a fresh water source that's two miles away, leaving her helpless. She will get burns twice as severe as the average mobian. Her powers also become weakened if nearby a fire.


Three years ago, Spring slowly started to develop arachnophobia, a strong fear of spiders. Anytime she sees a spider, she will easily be startled, no matter what the size. The bigger they are, the more scared she is of them. Worst case scenario is when a spider crawls on her. She fears that a simple bite will drain all of her blood and leave her motionless to die.



Ingrid the Sheep- Ingrid and Spring consider themselves to be best friends. Spring met her at one of her music recitals, in which she found her arrangements to be pleasing and talented. After talking a lot, Ingrid wanted to help her with her dream of reforesting the world, while Spring is really the only person that she practices her music in front of. According to Ingrid, she likes how Spring is so quiet and she's like the little sister she always wanted but never had. The two now share a sisterly bond with each other.

Krys the Alicorn- Spring and Krys are good friends. Krys met her at her library when she was reading books about forests and the history of nature. Krys wanted to get to know her because of her unique interests, and when she found out her special power, Krys taught her some tips on how to improve it.

Rainfall the MerWolf- Rainfall and Spring consider themselves to be close friends. The two met at the MCA and started talking a lot. After Rainfall and her friends transformed, Spring was the first one they told because they knew she is trustworthy, as she had been to Fenty Island several times for research and studies.


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