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*<strike>This page was made before Skull made it. I beat Skull. I ninja'd the ninja.</strike>
*<strike>This page was made before Skull made it. I beat Skull. I ninja'd the ninja.</strike>
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Maxwell Robinson also known to himself as Split is a mental patient who suffers from severe PTSD and DID. He has the power to make wishes come true, which partially costed him his sanity when he wished for a line of enemy combatants he fought during the war to die. The resulting effect traumatized him and left him the only one of a dozen other soldiers alive.


Split is a brown hedgehog with one blind eye he lost during the war. He wears white medical gowns, and is almost always smiling as he was told consistently for most of his life that smiling was the gateway to freedom. Not only that, but half of his face is paralyzed into a half smile, which bothered his wife to the point that she anulled their marriage.


Split expresses three personalities, Split, Maxwell, and Robin. Split is the personality the other two hate the most, he is reckless, suicidal, and has a general grievance towards life and society. He considers himself a reject and consistently tells the other personalities and those around him like his ex-wife that he is nothing more than a reject and that death is a luxury that they must earn.

Maxwell was Split's initial personality, a smart and humorous man in public, but when drunk a funny and prideful man. He was extra giving, the kind of man who would give his wife more than she gave to him in the bedroom, and the kind of man who rang the bell and buy drinks for everyone at the bar. He was however, irresponsible about money, and his harsh upbringing suggests that his fun loving side was a compensation for that.

Robin is Split's last personality created after the accident when he wished for his best friend, Robin, to return from the dead. As a result, Robin now manifests within Maxwell, and the two share bodies together with Split. He never takes control of Split, and prefers to sit back and watch, suggesting he might be passive and introverted.


Split was born as Maxwell to a Ramilistani father and a Etnana mother, effectively making him half-cat. He was raised by his mother, who drank frequently and did drugs behind the back of her new husband, who beat and abused Maxwell. Some way or another, Maxwell discovered that he could make a wish and it would come true, and he wished for his stepfather to go away. The next week, an accident occured at the hospital he worked at, causing him to contract an extremely deadly and contagious disease from one of the patients. As a secondary citizen, Maxwell's stepfather was put down like an animal, but Maxwell didn't care. He took advantage of his power, getting girls, winning inheritance from long lost relatives, until he found his power had a limit. He woke up on a bench naked with a needle in his arm one night, and walked to the nearest recruitment office, where he joined G.U.N.'s military.

When G.U.N. sent military forces into Ramil when it effectively ousted the old rule and joined the United Mobian Republic, Maxwell was sent into the desert to fight against the opposition. His platoon suffered critical losses when the enemies approached, where he wished the enemies would die. Immediately, an inert mine blew up beneath the enemy's feet, blowing them back into pieces, creating a fireball that blew into Maxwell's direction, killing everyone in his platoon but himself. In his arms was his friend Robin, the lower part of his body blown off, his entrails and blood covering Maxwell, where he died.

Maxwell wished himself to die, but awoke in a hospital, the marvels of modern medicine beating Maxwell's magic. Maxwell's wife came to see him when his face had recovered, only to be disgusted by his deterioriated state, the left side of his face paralyzed, immediately leaving him. Maddened by the loss of the only one he truly loved, Split was born, and very quickly he took the reigns of Maxwell's body, leaving Maxwell in his own head to his own devices.

This is the point in Maxwell's life where his control was very rare, he soon brought his friend Robin's mind into his own body, giving him an even greater reason to say behind and let Split gain control.

At this point, Maxwell is dead and Split is the one in control. Should the time come that Maxwell removes Split, it may not be possible, as Split and Maxwell have the power to wish for anything but remove themselves.


  • This page was made before Skull made it. I beat Skull. I ninja'd the ninja.
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