The Interview

# 1. How long have you had Splice for?

A) Splice was a fairly early character of mine, so like the other early birds, he was around since...I'mma say somewhere in mid-to-late 2006.

# 2. Would you say Splice is one of your favorites out of all your characters?

A) Oh yeah. Splice is probably my personal favorite character out of anyone I've ever made. He's got such an endearing personality and is just an overall loveable goofball.

# 3. Has Splice ever used his powers for mundane purposes (lighting a fire with pyrokenesis, flash-freezing a meal to put in the freezer for later, etc)?

A) Splice talk "I can answer that one for ya. Yes I have! From lighting candles, campfires, barbecues, to making a tray of ice cubes, freezing food like you said, or just surprising my friends with a snowball in the dead of the summer!"

# 4. If he had a leitmotif, what would it be, and what genre (rock, rap, etc)?

A) Still trying to think of that to be honest. A good theme song for this guy is hard to come up with. I'm pretty sold on this being his personal battle theme, however. It helps that it's the official mini-boss theme of his game.

# 5. If there was one event that turned out differently in his life, what would it be, and how would events after play out as a result?

A) I think the most striking answer would be the Bad Ending of Splice The Hedgehog. I don't want to spoil too much, but let's just say that his friends won't be seeing him again for some time...if ever.

# 6. Has Splice ever tried to mix his ice and fire powers together without being in his super form first?

A) Splice talk6 "Sure have, and I've been over this before. It's hard stuff, man. I can't do it."

# 7. Finally, does Splice have any challenges ahead of him in the future?

A) Seeing how I'm so split up in where I work in my series, "the future" is a very vague and unspecific thing to talk about. But if you want Post SpTH Challenges, look forward to the Mystery of Skull Cross and Fading Life. The former is a great challenge for Smash too, but we're not talking about him today. These two episodes are really hard on Splice himself, so overcoming these challenges won't be easy for him.

Splice Grin (R)
"Hey, thanks for interviewin' me, bud! I never woulda guessed that I'd win Featured Character--I didn't even know I was participating! Hah! But yeah, thanks to all you guys who voted for me, too! Means a lot!"

Sure thing, dude! :D

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