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Splice is an all around fighter, specializing in fire and ice based abilities. He is rather athletic, and puts this to good use in his fighting style. He fights with daggers, as well as his bare hands.

Skill List


  • Axe Kick
  • Needle Spindash
  • Rapid Knife
  • Dragon Swarm
  • Dynamite Dagger
  • Dynamite Dragon
  • Power Slam


Fire Elemental

  • Fire Spindash
  • Rocket Boost
  • Flame Stream
  • Heat Wave
  • Ignite
  • Flame Dive
  • Flare
  • Infernal Blast

Ice Elemental

  • Ice Spindash
  • Ice Skate
  • Icicle
  • Freeze Lancer
  • Ice Breaker
  • Frigid Blast
  • Glacier Storm

Compound Elemental

  • Ice Bomb
  • Thermal Frostbite
  • Arctic Inferno

Elemental Ring Exclusive

  • Thundering Strike


Endless Bash

Splice rapidly punches the target with his left hand, and finishes with a backflip kick, which usually sends the target into the air. Depending on how high the target is lifted, he can usually follow up with a more devastating blow.

Axe Kick

Splice hops forward and flips upside down, landing on one hand, and pushes himself back into the air to flip right-side up and deliver a powerful kick to his opponent's head. He usually does this pretty quickly, so unless the opponent knows what he's going to do, it can be hard to stop him.

Needle Spindash

Also known as Spikedash. Splice spins in place and fires a barrage of tiny, sharp needles at the enemy. The needles are capable of breaking through the defenses of various targets, and it can be dangerous if a person got caught in this attack.

Rapid Knife

A skill he can only use when equipped with a knife or dagger. Splice attacks in a quick flurry of slashes with one hand, so quick that his whole arm becomes a blur. He then pulls back and deals a powerful horizontal slash as a finisher. If he has two daggers, then he'll use both of them for the finish, though still only use one hand for the initial attack.

Dragon Swarm

A skill originating from the Tales Of series. Splice makes a chain of several wide and spinning slashes with his dagger(s), moving forward while attacking. He adds a kick in between each slash, racking up the damage. He learned this from Smash.

Silver Trophy Voted Best Attack Runner-up of Winter 2016

Dynamite Dagger

Dynamite Dagger

Splice using Dynamite Dagger to finish off Daz in SpTH

Another move requiring the use of a knife or dagger. Splice charges his weapon(s) with explosive firepower, usually while attacking up to two times, before leaping upward with a vertical, anti-aerial slash. At the peak of his height, he performs a 360 spin and flings his daggers at the ground or enemy. About 5 seconds after impact, they release the fire charge in the form of an explosion and fly back towards Splice.
Splice didn't start using this until after he had acquired daggers strong enough to withstand this type of use.

Dynamite Dragon

A combination of Dragon Swarm and Dynamite Dagger. Splice begins with a fire-powered Dragon Swarm before leaping up to strike with Dynamite Dagger. It's a powerful, if not deadly combo.

Power Slam

Yet another attack using a knife or dagger. Splice charges his weapon for a moment, before striking vertically and following up with a flip/twirl, leading to him slamming his weapon into his opponent again. The second strike unleashes a shockwave that can damage or even knock down surrounding targets.

Fatal Frost

Splice begins by charging his ice power, and using it to freeze the enemy in place--whether by freezing their feet to the ground or completely encasing them in ice. He then draws his daggers and performs a flash step behind them, slashing them in the process. This attack is one of his deadliest, as there is little to no escape once he has you right where he wants you. The following strike is enough to slice clean through the ice (should he freeze them entirely.)
In Splice The Hedgehog, this replaces Ice Breaker as his potential one-hit kill move while in Dual Dagger style. It deals slightly more damage, but has a lower chance of destroying the target.

Finishing Flames

Another lethal attack; Splice closes in on his opponent and lunges at them. With a fiery flip, he stabs the ground in front of him with both daggers and causes a large explosion to erupt under the enemy. Alternatively, he could stab a downed enemy to cause said explosion.
In Splice The Hedgehog, this replaces Flame Dive as his potential one-hit kill move while in Dual Dagger style. It deals slightly more damage, but has a lower chance of destroying the target.


Fire Elemental


A basic attack for any fire user. Lighting a ball of fire in hand, Splice hurls it towards his enemy as a burning projectile. He also has the option of simply shooting fireballs out of his palm, which is faster and better suited for rapid strikes.

Fire Spindash

A Fire Elemental variation of Needle Spindash. Instead of firing needles at the enemy, he unleashes either a barrage of fireballs, or a stream of flames racing across the ground in a straight line. Both are just as powerful, but one may prove to be more effective than the other depending on the circumstances.

Rocket Boost

His basic way of getting around quickly. He holds his hands out behind him, lets them burn up and fires a jet stream of flames to thrust him forward. He can charge this for more effectiveness, but he usually doesn't. This lets him move at high speeds, and can also let him hover off the ground for a bit. If charged enough, he can actually fly temporarily.

Flame Stream

Splice shoots two fireballs out of both palms, which burns a straight line across the ground. It's rather flashy, but it isn't quite as effective as it sounds, as the line stops wherever the fireballs do. Direct hits with it are about as effective as two regular fireballs would. Therefor he tries to use it more strategically in a fight, such as by cutting off his opponents.

Heat Wave

This attack is fairly strong and takes a little bit of charging to prepare. Splice launches a fast, crescent shaped wave of fire that burns right through opponents and keeps on going until it dies out. It's weaker at long range, but near devastating close up. Of course, the charge time is a bit of a downside, but it's still a formiddable skill.


One of his more dangerous (and startling) moves. It requires a lot of concentration to pull off, but when done right, Splice causes a single spot within a small radius to spontaneously combust into flames. The explosion is as large as it is loud, and can be pretty lethal.

Flame Dive

A deadly move, in which he leaps in the air above the target and thrusts himself downward in a blazing hot, spinning fireball to crush and incinerate the enemy. In SpTH, This move had a high chance of being a one hit kill.


One of his strongest fire skills. Splice jumps up and unleashes several blazing hot blasts of fire from all four limbs to roast the target from all sides at once. He exerts just about as much firepower as he can spare in this attack, which means the charge time can be a bit lengthy and he will most likely be left open afterwards.

Infernal Blast

His strongest Fire Elemental attack. He rushes in and beats down the enemy, with all four limbs ablaze, and then lets loose a huge pillar of flames surrounding his body, that sucks in and roasts anyone near. The pillar has a large radius, and is very deadly at close range.

Ice Elemental

Ice Shot

A very basic ice skill. He fires a sharp icicle out of his palm to puncture an enemy with.

Ice Spindash

An Ice Elemental variation of Needle Spindash. Instead of firing needles at the enemy, he unleashes a barrage of sharp icicles and snow, which stab and cover the enemy until they freeze over.

Ice Skate

Another ability for maneuvering. He creates a thin path of ice in front of him and skates across it at the same time. He creates more as he goes along. It's especially effective in water areas, as the ice is much more reliable.


A fairly dangerous attack. Splice fires a ball of freezing energy which, upon impact with anything, erects three sharp icicles outward. The basic idea is for him to hit the ground or a wall for it to be really effective. If he uses it on a person, Icicles do indeed grow on the surface of their skin or clothes, in which case is harmless to them. Tactical usage of this on an ally can be an effective defensive and offensive move.
If it hits a ceiling, the icicles usually fall down almost immediately and shatter.

Freeze Lancer

A personal favorite skill. Splice summons several thick but sharp icicles to swirl around him, before launching them all at an impressive speed. The icicles are sharp enough to pierce most thick surfaces, and thick enough to withstand slamming into their target without shattering. The icicles cover a wide area, so its difficult to dodge once its unleashed. This is also useful at close-range, as the swirling icicles can damage anyone close by.

Named and based off of the spell from the Tales Of series of the same name.

Ice Breaker

A lethal Ice elemental attack. He charges his fist with ice power, and punches the enemy in the chest. Upon impact, icicles began to grow out of his fist, and soon from all directions of the spot of impact, and then shatter--ultimately impaling the enemy.

Frigid Blast

Glacier Storm

An immensely powerful ice elemental attack, in which he calls forth a blizzard to attack the enemy. He then follows up with three huge glaciers from above, formed from the very blizzard summoned, and sends them crashing down on the enemy. It takes a long while to charge, but it has such a wide range that it's almost impossible to escape once it's been unleashed while one is near.

Compound Elemental

Ice Bomb

Splice gathers firepower in one concentrated spot, and compresses it within a red, fiery orb concealed within a large icicle. He can then use it as a sort of remote controlled bomb, as he can set it off at will. When it's set off, the ice shatters in all directions in a massive explosion, of flames. The shards will last long enough to cut anyone in range, and the fire can blow them away.

Thermal Frostbite

An effective trap skill. Splice encases his target (has to be right in front of him) in ice, temporarily immobilizing them, and then slams his fiery palms into the ice, unleashing a blast of fire to shatter it and blow the enemy away. Even if the opponent is resistant to ice, this can still serve to be a dangerous technique as its meant to restrain them for only a few moments before Splice blasts them away.

Arctic Inferno

A more advanced version of Ice Bomb. Especially more effective in a watery area. Instead of making a remote bomb, he himself is the bomb. He creates a whirlwind of ice around himself, sucking anyone nearby towards him, and traps them all--including himself--within a large glacier. Melting away just enough around his face to let him breathe, he concentrates all the firepower within himself. When ready, he unleashes it in the form of a massive pillar of flames, much like Infernal Blast, and shatters the ice everywhere. The flame pillar still sucks in nearby objects, and with the enemies being frozen inside, it's even deadlier than ever before.

Unfortunately he can't really rely on this all the time. Just one use leaves him burnt out.

Eternal Solstice

Something that only Super Splice can effectively pull off. Like Fatal Frost, Splice encases his opponent in a thick layer of ice to trap them. He then enfuses his daggers with flames and performs a flash-step behind them to slash through the ice--except he repeats this step multiple times from varying different angles and increasing speeds. The last blow shatters the ice in a fiery explosion. Splice then flies up and flings one last fireball down to the enemy, which explosively erupts into a pillar of flames.

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