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Cquote1 Sometimes I feel like I just want to live a normal life. But then I think, "Well where's the fun in that?". Cquote2
Splice The Hedgehog

Splice is a red and blue multicolored hedgehog who currently lives in Greenflower City. Thought to be an orphan, Splice spent his teenage years alone in the central area of the city. He is gifted with both fire and ice powers and uses them as much as he likes in his daily life. Despite his many friends, Splice often feels very lonely and is often seen talking to himself sometimes. Generally laid back and lets loose around friends, He's very open and outgoing with his buddies.

Splice is also coming out with his own fangame.

Character © to Yusef1992/Smash The Echidna/Frost1992. In order of the usernames on Youtube, Myspace, and Deviantart, respectively. Smash The Echidna is also a member at


Splice The Hedegehog Reference Sheet (Online)

Splice sprite3
Splice the Hedgehog Neutral

Splice's fur is two colors: Red and blue. His face, his left ear, and the 3 spines in the center of the back of his head are all blue while his right ear and the remaining spines are red. (Disregard the mismatched ears in the picture of Young Splice below.)

His spines are very complex. He has the standard amount which stick out and slant slightly upwards, with his top one sliding down in between, (which actually resembles slick, smooth hair,) all while having two extra blue spines hanging down over the side of his quills. He has a bit of red hair coming off of his top spine, which hangs over his face just above and between his eyes. He has another tuft of hair which hangs below his right ear. His body is red while his legs and tail are blue. His outfits may vary, but his trademark clothing consists of a pale cyan shirt, a small green vest, and green pants with a brown belt. He always wears the same gloves and shoes, His purple gloves hold a cyan gem in the center of each, fitting inside of a red slot on the back of the glove. The gem enhances his ice powers, but the red slot actually enhances fire as well. He wears white and violet colored sneakers with a simple brown strap. Splice also occasionally wears an olive green scarf around his neck.


Around friends, Splice is a little goofy and likes to keep things lighthearted. He is always quick to crack a joke or make witty comments in hopes to amuse. Energetic and carefree, He's very
Splice Chibi2

Chibi Splice, by Lily-n-cookies.

easy to excite, but in turn, very easy to bore. He's bold and often reckless. He can sometimes be a showoff, but he couldn't care less. He just likes to have fun. Splice enjoys spicy foods, and
Splice Thumbs-up2
will occasionally be seen eating a chili dog or a hotlink, two common treats in the Greenflower City/Station Square area. His favorite food, however, is beef curry; he put a lot of practice into perfecting this dish. He's also a fan of cold treats, and will never turn down a chance for some soft ice cream or sherbet.

Splice is also known to be a rather unlucky person. Really, it's more that his luck comes in extremes on both ends. Either he's very lucky, or very unlucky. If Speedy's not around, he most often seems to humorously get the short end of the stick. Sometimes they both share the short end, though Speedy usually has it a bit worse. (i.e If something knocked Splice into a trash can, that same thing would hurl Speedy into a dumpster.)

Fist Shake Splice Neutral 01
Around others who he doesn't really know well or particularly like, he can be a bit hotheaded and easily provoked. He'll usually be the first to call someone out on their actions, should he not approve of their ways. He is extremely sensitive to selfishness and insensitivity from other people. If he hears anyone putting someone down for doing the right thing, or claiming that their ways of generally being a jerk is the right thing, he will just about always get angry enough to interrupt with a rant. He is fiercely idealistic.
Splice is also rather competitive and hot blooded. Like Smash, he can't stand arrogant boasters, and will gladly put them in their rightful place.
Splice Icon

Splice is a very caring and warmhearted person, and it's not hard to tell. He was never the type to leave someone in need, and always offered to help in some way or another. He'll even go so far as to take great risks just to help someone, which is where his bold and reckless traits kick in. He is also very honest--sometimes even bluntly so, and open minded. He's not afraid to speak his mind in most cases, especially when it comes to people he's fond of--in which case he'll gladly tell them about all of their good traits. And maybe some not so good ones, but better to know than not to, he'd say.

One of his strongest traits is his determination to see things through to the end. If he has a set goal, he will make sure he reaches it. He's the type that never gives up no matter what odds are stacked against him. This can lead to him fighting hopeless battles until he drops, so getting him to understand when it's time to run from a battle is very important. If lives other than his own are on the line, there's almost no stopping his resolve.

He tried to hide his personal problems from his friends and keep it to himself. He meant well, but he really did not want anyone else to get involved with his past. But now that it has all been resolved, he feels no need to hide anything anymore. In fact, he is rather relieved that he doesn't have anything to hide.

Strengths And Powers

Splice was born with the ability to use fire and ice at will. He is highly resistant to hot and cold temperatures, although he can still catch a cold if he stays in freezing weather for too long. He is able to create flames and/or generate a cold aura with his hands, as well as manipulate fire and ice around him. His telekinetic range is approximately 210cm; the further away the fire/ice is, the weaker his 'grip' on them gets. Splice also has super reflexes. He can react and instinctively move his body much faster than he could under normal circumstances.
Splice The Hedgehog6

A blazing inferno on the left, a freezing blizzard on the right.

In turn, he is rather light on his feet and is pretty agile. He can run at an impressive speed if he uses his fire powers to rocket himself forward. Of course, he actually doesn't always need to run when he does this; With a running jump, he can actually stay off the ground for a little while.

In battle, Splice is pretty all around. He doesn't have many
Splice Battle StanceR
fancy moves when fighting bare-handed (despite having taken karate lessons,) but his fire and ice powers come in handy, as do his dual daggers in the cases when he uses them. There is nothing incredibly noteworthy about his fighting style, but he proves to be a formidable ally to his friends. Although despite his abilities, It can be dangerous for even him to be caught in a battle alone.
Splice DS Test

Splice by shannohn-dahhbd8 1
Post SpTH, Splice's main fighting style has changed to dual-wielding daggers. The ability to dual-wield blades effectively seemed to come naturally to him; he thanked his practice of wielding fire and ice simultaneously for this. But with practice and lots of fighting experience, he only got better at it. Contrast to his unarmed state, Splice has developed stylish and somewhat showy moves with his two knives. Twirling, throwing, somersaulting, all his special attacks contain at least one of these. He shows an impressive display of dexterity when handling these daggers, and is always coming up with new ways to put them to use.
Splice by shannohn-dahhbd8 2

The gloves Splice wears not only strengthens his fire and ice powers, but actually helps keep his powers contained and under his control. He didn't know it at first and just used them because he liked them. Without them, Splice has a harder time keeping them in check. He may feel disoriented trying to wield his powers without them, as they are much harder to control, and sometimes he might accidentally unleash some of it at random.

Super Splice

The gloves are also what enables his Super form with the 7 Chaos Emeralds.
In this form, his colors merge together, making him purple. His quills grow even longer and sharper, almost as if they have become a weapon of their own. His powers are far stronger than they once were, and his speed is doubled. He gains the ability to fly, and he also can mix his fire and ice powers to create water attacks. He can only do this in his super form.

Splice has another powerful state. It cannot be considered a "Super Form", or a "Dark Super Form", but he is still stronger than before. Splice's powers go completely out of control, and he releases his full potential upon who/whatever triggered it. One noticeable change in his appearance is his quills. His quills are greatly affected by it. They are different colors normally: Red and Blue. The red quills burst into flames, while the blue ones freeze over, and become as sharp as a blade. When he is in this state, he usually is covered in a fiery aura while a barrier of ice and snow flows and surrounds him.

The trigger is usually solely connected to his emotions. Splice finds it nigh impossible to show extreme physical emotions. (Such as tears coming from his eyes while crying) However, when something happens that tears him apart on the inside, causing him to show such emotions, he will snap on the inside and his powers unleash at their full potential.
However, in this point of time, Splice received an "upgrade", which allowed him to utilize and fully control this form. Unfortunately, he cannot transform at will. It is set as a "last resort" skill to use when his life is in danger.

A little known fact about Splice is his talent in the kitchen. He is a very good chef, and baking is like a hobby to him. He initially learned to cook from his aunt Clara, but eventually began taking the initiative in the kitchen. By the time he was living alone, he already memorized a fair number of dishes. Since he had to cook his own meals, he is generally used to making enough for one person, but doesn't have much trouble adjusting to cooking for a group. He takes a lot of pride in his skills, and always aims to please.

General Info

Splice Vestless

Art by Flame-Eliwood

Splice has been living in Greenflower City for as long as he can remember. Since he lives alone, he tries to go out often and hang out with his friends to provide himself more company. Since he generally has a lot of free time on his hands, he used to take a lot of naps to kill time. An alternative would be to go out for a long walk. Splice at first didn't have any friends and was a bit of a loner when it came to meeting new people. When Smash needed his help to solve a mystery, he meekly cooperated. Eventually, he opened up as he befriended the rest of the gang and developed a more cheerful personality, realizing that he rather enjoyed their company.

Over the years, Splice became much kinder and caring towards others, and a lot braver. He won't tolerate injustice, and always tries to lend a hand to people around him. He's become more confident in his abilities, and even mustered up enough courage to confront a new mystery concerning his past, alone. At least, he wanted to do it by himself, because he didn't want anyone to get involved. It was only a matter of time before his friends found out and lent a hand. And as it turned out, it was just as much their problem as it was his own.

Splice The Hedgehog4-2

Splice by KayeilE

Splice really doesn't need to wear clothes, but he does anyway, just to feel casual and to fit in with the public more. However, whenever he used his fire powers, he would burn up his clothes. Sometimes it got so bad as to incinerate his entire outfit, including whatever was in his pockets. When he got down to his last outfit, Splice asked Gizmo if he could help him out somehow. Gizmo took the clothes, and soon found a way to keep them from burning up. He fused a Fire elemental ring into the clothes, which obtained the ring's powers. The clothes were now fireproof, so Splice could burn himself up all he wanted without having to shop for more clothes. Unfortunately, he still had to go shopping for more clothes, as this was his only set of clothing left. His other clothes lack the fire proof attributes, so he sticks with the one outfit the most.

Splice loves to cook and bake. He likes to experiment in the kitchen during his free time, (which he has plenty of,) and try to come up with his own recipes or improve on others. He's taken a small journal to keep such recipes, set next to a more official cookbook on a shelf in his kitchen. He once baked a delicious chocolate strawberry cake for his girlfriend, Cymbeline's birthday.

In Splice The Hedgehog, the Good/Best ending is canon to the series. Meaning that after the story, Splice currently lives reunited with both parents, Burn and Aura the Hedgehogs. They have a lot to catch up on.
In either endings, Splice is still regarded as the one responsible for bringing the Black Rose's treachery to light, and putting them to justice.

After Splice's 20th birthday, he received a "power-up" from his father. His overall abilities were enhanced and he learned to control his true potential of power without going berserk, amongst other things.

Items Currently In Possession

Neo Gloves - Neo Glove
Splice's gloves that he wears all the time. Neon purple gloves with a cyan gem fitted into a red slot on the back. They help him to control his fire and ice powers more efficiently and accurately. They were actually created by his father. Their true power wasn't even fully awakened until some time later, as they now full on enhance his abilities far more than he was originally capable of.

Super Boots
Specially modified shoes that enable one to leap really high. A super leap requires a moment to charge, but can spring one several meters skyward. The shoes also have shock-absorbers that prevent one from injuring themselves from the landing. (A power up in Splice The Hedgehog.)

Fire Proof Clothing - Splice's Clothes
Clothes infused with a Fire elemental ring. This is the outfit that Splice wears the most often, as he can freely use his fiery abilities without singing them. The scarf that Splice sometimes wears is an exception; he'll toss it off before a battle for that reason.

Gladius - Gladius Dagger
Splice DS Test

A powerful dagger that could even match up to a sword in terms of strength and durability. He obtained two of these after defeating the leader of The Black Rose Orphanage's gang. They are sturdy enough to withstand the high temperatures of Splice's fiery attacks, which is one of the main reasons these have been his weapons of choice ever since.

A mysterious, angelic necklace he received from Cymbeline's brother, Jamos. Every denizen of the Angel Kingdom should have one; which puzzled Splice when Jamos, an angel, let him keep it. Despite that, he's worn it ever since. It's unknown if he can fully tap into its power, other than using it to travel back and forth between Cymbeline's homeworld: the Angel Realm.


Splice The Hedgehog3

Young Splice, demonstrating his abilities.

Splice started out as a pretty bland character. A plain Sonic recolor who had a serious problem with his gloves. They were a badly pixelated recolor job which was painful on the eyes. A sort of dark blue glove with red "highlights" to make it neon, but it failed miserably. He also had red AND blue eyes, which was also unnatural. He had little to no personality and never had a big role anywhere. He just stood on the sidelines watching everything but never got to do anything. Eventually, he slowly started to fade from existence from underuse and lack of purpose. But later, He was suddenly brought back completely refreshed in character, looks, and purpose. And to
Splice Happy2
back him up, or rather, what really revived him, was the upcoming fan game starring him. Splice The Hedgehog, a classic RPG using the RPGMaker 2k3. Since then, Splice has managed to uphold important to major roles in roleplays and other places as well.

Splice originally didn't have a backstory. It was just known that he was an orphan, and lived by himself. He had often wondered who his parents were, and occasionally found alone at night, thinking about them. There were two framed pictures of his parents in his house, but he still didn't know exactly who they were.

Back Story


Contains Spoilers for the fangame, Splice The Hedgehog!

Splice was an orphan who was taken in by the Black Rose Orphanage, located in Greenflower City. Clara The Hedgehog, a teenage girl at the time she worked there, was in charge of taking care of him. One day, while chasing after Splice who was wandering in areas he shouldn't be, Splice and Clara stumbled upon the back area of the orphanage and witnessed the boss striking deals with a group of thugs. There was a long silence when they all noticed each other, and Splice and Clara made a run for it. They were chased by the thugs all the way out of the entire west side of the city. As they were running, Splice was nearly caught, but Clara managed to save him by throwing one of his toys she was holding at the thug to distract him. Clara then had him run a different way while she tried to lose them. They both met back up at an abandoned old house. They took residence in it, and lived there ever since. Clara left Splice to become a news reporter when Splice was 14. She figured that he was old enough to hold up on his own for a while. She had to go to Station Square to work, as she didn't want to attract the Orphanage's attention. She still supported Splice by sending him money to go shopping, and paying the bills for the house. But Splice had to keep a low profile about his past and whatnot, to keep the orphanage from tracking them down. This had been going on until now, when Clara came to Green Flower City to investigate the Orphanage, and hopefully get enough information to expose their secrets to the public. That was the true reason for her becoming a news reporter.

Because he kept a low profile, he became somewhat of a loner. It wasn't until he befriended a few people a little bit before he entered the Green Flower City Grandprix that he started to open up a bit more. He began to show his cheerful side once again. But he was still somewhat meek. After the battles against Dr. Eggman and other various conflicts he found himself in, he developed a more courageous, bold, and virtuous personality. But even then, he still never spilled a single bean of his past. However, after all he'd been through, he felt that it was time to find out just what was going on at the orphanage. He planned to investigate in secret, not even telling Clara.

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Look Here for the Roleplay Series.

Section Under Construction.

Other Appearances

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame): Splice's big comeback as a character, as he plays the starring role in his own RPG game.

Relationships with Other Characters

Family Members

Splice was considered an orphan while growing up but has been reunited with both parents at the end of SpTH.

Clara The Hedgehog

Clara was Splice's caretaker. To Splice, She is like a mother to him, but he treats her like an older sister. And yet, he always calls her 'Auntie Clara'. She was the only one Splice ever truly trusted, or even knew before he managed to make any friends. She ended up having to leave him at the age of 14 for a job as a news reporter and moved away. She rarely visits him, but always calls. She is the first person Splice looks to for support.
After the events of SpTH, she moves back into Greenflower City to help with the opening of the Bellflower Orphanage. She has much more time to spend with Splice nowadays.

Burn The Hedgehog

Splice's father, and a former lead scientist at the Elemental Rings Factory. He quit his job there and became a chef at a restaurant in Greenflower City when Splice was just a baby. He and his wife were separated from him only a little while later for unknown reasons. They have much to catch up on.

Aura The Hedgehog

A karate black belt and Splice's mother. Now that she's been reunited with her son, she has begun giving him personal karate lessons, despite being a little rusty herself. It's proven to be a great experience for them both.


(Official Characters)

Sonic The Hedgehog

Splice first met him the GFC Grandprix, where Sonic entered and defeated him with ease. (Splice made third place.) Later, he joined forces with him in order to put a stop to one of Eggman's grand schemes. After the time they spent working together, Splice holds Sonic in high regard.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Splice met him a little bit after the last time Eggman attacked the city. They joined up during the same adventure to stop Eggman. The little fox left a very positive impression on him.

Knuckles The Echidna

Splice first met the Master Emerald's guardian when Angel Island fell one winter morning. Since then, he's run into him whenever their goals end up crossing. His initial impression of him left him feeling that Knuckles needed to loosen up a bit. But after working together with him alongside Sonic and Tails in the aforementioned adventure, he's come to respect the guardian and holds him in high regards.

(FC's by the same creator)

Violet The Hedgehog

He and Violet are buddies, more or less. They get along rather well. They'll sometimes get together and chat about various things. She might be the friend he hangs out with the most often.

Smash The Echidna

Smash was one of his first friends and the one who managed to get him to open up to more people. Splice trusts him more than anyone else whenever they're in a pinch. They get along pretty well and often run into each other on the road, leading to them hanging out.

Pearl The Echidna

The two are very good friends and definite cooking buddies. When these two step into the kitchen, there isn't anything they can't make. (At least, that's what a couple friends might have said...) They once entered a baking contest together and won first prize.

Thunder The Hedgehog

Splice and Thunder are pretty good friends. They don't see each other very often since Thunder is often at sea. When they do, though, they very often get caught up talking about Thunder's adventures at sea.

Lightning The Hedgehog

Splice and Lightning are good buddies; they share a few goofy traits together, and always get a good laugh when hanging out. They tend to meet up at the burger shop near the beach.

Electric The Hedgehog

Splice somewhat looks up to him as an older brother type of figure. He always feels somewhat safe around him.

Zap The Hedgehog

Due to him being shy, Splice still has a bit of a difficult time getting a conversation out of him. But he knows he's a good kid, and can relate to him as they are both runaways from the same orphanage.

Kyle The Hedgehog

Splice and Kyle get along rather well. Splice can relate with him in many ways, and Kyle respects his stout heart and undying willingness to do the right thing. Their good blood with each other may have something to do with the fact that both of their fathers were friends.

Keela The Hedgehog

Being Kyle's twin sister, Splice is good friends with Keela as well. He finds her to be a fun gal to hang around, although it's a pity they live so far away.

Crystal The Fox

He doesn't hang out with Crystal too often. He mainly thinks of her as a younger friend, though Crystal actually looks up to him and holds him in high regard.

Gizmo The Cat

Splice respects Gizmo, as he is the smartest one out of them all. He is the cat's most constant visitor, always coming to see what new thing he's been working on. Gizmo appreciates his company, and the two have formed a pretty close bond over the years.

Amber The Cat

Splice doesn't really know her too well on a personal level, but he's had to work together with her in order to stop a few oncoming threats. He did help to build her treehouse, something she appreciated immensely.

(Other Fancharacters)

Speedy The Hedgehog

Speedy and Splice have a bit in common, in terms of their fire powers and liking spicy foods. Although Speedy is more focused on Hotlinks, Splice likes to eat a variety of spices. The two are buddies and get along pretty well, though they argue over silly things sometimes. They also both tend to end up at the butt end of the joke.
Speedy holds a slight grudge against him for beating him in the Greenflower Grandprix, to which Splice just tells him it was his own fault he lost.

Lily The Hedgehog

Lily was Splice's first crush. Something about her was attractive to him, and he tried to express his feelings towards her, but soon realized that was a big mistake. Lily is a talkative loon with more than a few screws loose. Karma soon kicked in; Splice now can't get away from Lily half the time and she is constantly bothering him, if not nearly driving him insane. It is pure irony that the first person he first developed feelings for became the one person that he avoids like the plague.

Daz The Hedgehog

Started off as bitter enemies in a big misunderstanding. Daz seems to have a natural advantage against Splice as far as combat goes, but Splice was able to defeat him in the end. Now they're pals, and rivals to a friendly point. Splice and Daz get along pretty well and always seem to have jolly moments together--but when there's a competition involved you can believe they'll be at each other's throats.

They both seem to enjoy music.

Cymbeline The Hedgehog
Splice and Cy 1
Cymbeline, or Cy' (Pronounced "Sigh") for short, is Splice's sweetheart. They met by chance in the deepest parts of Fox Forest, both lost and injured. The first thing they did was treat each other's wounds; and from there they began to realize they had much in common in their subsequent travels together. They both were adventurous, selfless, a little silly, and fully capable of holding their own in a fight; the two became fast friends. Incidentally, Splice was the very first person she truly befriended.
Splice and Cy 2

Cymbeline's favorite treat, Cotton Candy.

Being half angel, half hedgehog, Cymbeline had suffered from discrimination since she was a small child. She was naturally nervous around Splice upon first meeting him, but quickly warmed up to him and his kind nature. Splice wholly accepted her for who and what she is, and could also somewhat relate in that he "knows how it feels to be alone with no one you can trust". He always encouraged her to be happy with herself;  later on, Cymbeline echoed his own words back to him at a time he doubted himself.
Splice and Cymbeline

The two always managing to bring out the best in each other. They share a lot of injokes and things that only the two of them would understand (Candy Clouds, cute sheep, milk cartons being a viable weapon to hold someone at gun point, etc.) It was no surprise to anyone amongst their group when they both began to develop feelings for each other.
Splice always tries to make her presents, whether it's jewelry or a tasty treat. As Cy' is not native to Mobius, Splice makes it his duty to ensure that she is well versed in Mobian cuisine.
Splice and Cy' always have each others backs in the midst of danger. They both are quite capable of fighting, initially making promises to protect each other--Neither one wanted to back off, so they always ended up fighting side by side as a battle couple regardless. The two eventually warm up to each other as a comrade in arms, and become one of the strongest duos amongst the gang (Second only to Smash and Pearl.) They've even come up with attack formations for aerial combat: one where Cymbeline carries him by wrapping her arms around his chest and he shoots projectiles of fire or ice, and another where she sits on his shoulders and shoots from her Evenstar Bow while he holds onto her legs and supports her flight with powerful jets of fire from the soles of his feet.

Midnight Flight Over the Clouds (online)

Tab The Cat

Being Splice's first companion in his investigation on the Black Rose Orphanage and quest to defeat Dr. Eggman, as well as being a fellow orphan raised in the Black Rose, the two have come to understand each other a lot more than they used to. Although they don't talk too much, they are fairly close and work well together. Tab is just a naturally quiet person, so any idle chatter is difficult.

Shade The Dark Chao

Splice doesn't think too much about him. He just doesn't like him.


Splice has few enemies, but they all were ruthless and threatening.

(Official Characters)

Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik

A classic villain. When he came to town to start up his grand quest for world domination, Splice was the first person to take action. While this was the only time he went head-to-head against the doctor, it left a lasting impression on him. If Eggman ever started something again, he will definitely be on the scene sooner or later.

(Characters by the same FC)

Avarice The Hedgehog

A man he encountered years ago. Being one of the leaders of the gang that caused him and his friends so much trouble over the past months, he was more than ready to put him down.

Gladius The Hedgehog

A man he encountered years ago. He first met him when he was still a kid in the orphanage. He was the man who forced him to run away alongside Clara, as the two of them witnessed the truth of his ties to the aforementioned gang. Because of him, Splice had to live in hiding for several years. Overcoming the fear he had for this man was no small feat.

(Other Characters)

Skull Cross

Learning of all the horrible things Skull Cross did to his friends infuriated Splice. But he drew the line at their connection to his girlfriend, Cymbeline. The shock of the revelation left him in a depressed state at first. He was lost and confused, unsure of what to make of anything. But once he realized what it was he had to do, he personally led the raid on Skull Cross' headquarters, ultimately defeating them.



"Looks like a no-go." - When coming upon an impassable road.

"I'd hate to fall in there..." - When looking down small gaps or pits in the ground.

"No. I'm not running anymore. If we keep running, they'll keep chasing. Nothing will change unless we take a stand!" - When confronting the Black Rose for the first time.


  • S-Rank - "Oh, MAN! Just...oh, man!"
  • A-Rank - "Haha, how'dya like that?"
  • B-Rank - "Heh, that was a breeze."
  • C-Rank - "Eh, that wasn't too bad."
  • D-Rank - "Can't win em all, I guess..."
  • E-Rank - "O-ouch..."

Fun Facts

  • Splice is unsure whether he should strive for a career as a chef, a baker, or somehow managing both.
  • Whichever one he chooses, he wants to get Pearl to join him.
  • Splice was born ambidextrous.
  • His favorite color is not blue, red, or purple. It is green.
  • Aside from Smash, Splice was the first male character in the series to be redesigned with clothes.
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