The Interview

# 1.) Would you say Splatter is one of your favorite characters?

A) Not enough to be a main, plus I myself often prefer playing the more overconfident or grumpy characters instead of happy go lucky, but she's definitely high up there.

# 2.) Does she have any hobbies or pastimes?

A) ...painting, of course. You can probably say she's into many forms of art, aside from singing or acting, and she'll leave writing to her brother, Canvas.

# 3.) Does Splatter have a particular favorite pattern, item, or design among whatever she conjures from paint?

A) Portals, easy. Quick vacation and all, yeah?

# 4.) What are your personal thoughts on Splatter?

A) I honestly wish she was a bit more serious, it'd be easier to use her. Might separate her from Friday and Sprite too, as they are all really, really, energetic characters. She's fun to play as, but the lack of serious intent kind of kills it for me. At the same time, she just wouldn't be herself if I just overhauled her personality.

# 5.) If Splatter were to encounter a paint-based enemy, what would she do?

A) Lmao, just turn them into something else I suppose. Jab a paintbrush at it, paint, and rinse and repeat.

# 6.) Does Splatter count graffiti as painting/art?

A) Yup. Painting with spray paint, you're expressing yourself with paint... Paint paint paint. If it's simple writing it's, well, writing.

# 7.) Finally, do you have anything in store for her?

A) No, sadly, she's just hanging out in the Box O'Characters, but recently she's gained a brother, which I'm happy for. I'm more or less directing my focus to my continent, weapons, as well as 8 or so other characters that aren't listed on my user page at the moment.
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