Splat N. Bunny is a rabbit from the Sonic Universes universe. He looks similar to the Splats badnik, and can extend his ears like Ristar can with his arms.


He looks similar to the unused Splats badnik from Sonic 1. He has a circular blue head with white eyes, no irises, and black pupils. He has a mouth under a red oval nose. He has floppy ears of a tan color. Under that, he has a blue oval torso, with white vertical ovals near the top. He has tan arms with white mittens. Under all that, he has blue legs with simple red shoes.


He's usually light-hearted, but when in a fight, he'll try his best. He's a good helper, and can even fight alone. He chuckles a bit, and sometimes calls himself Splats, directly referencing the badnik. He has little to no interest in using his arms when fighting Eggman.



Back when the events of Sonic 1 happened, Eggman put Splat in one of his Splats badniks. But alas, he decided not to use Splats, and he was left in the junk pile. Five years later, during the events of Sonic 3D Blast: Flickies' Island, one of the Flickies Sonic saved found Splat, still in the Splats. The badnik was so rusted that a simple bird slap freed Splats. From there on, Splat lived his own life. After Sonic Generations, he found Cream and was also introduced to Sonic. Over the years, he had developed the Ear Grab ability, and Sonic was amazed. He said that he look similar to a Splats, and he uses his ears like one of the very concepts for him.


Splat's main ability is the Ear Grab, where he extends his ears to grab something, whether it be an item or an enemy. He can also jump higher than most rabbits. This, combined with the Ear Grab, can make him very acrobatic.


While Cream can flap her ears to fly, Splats can only descend slowly and safely. This is useful, however; if Splats fell from a ladder, he could use the ability to land safely.


He has practically mastered the Ear Grab, and is similar to how a good player would play Ristar. His ears have a length limit, but he just jumps to reach higher.


You know how Sonic hates water? Double that with Splat. He shivers with even a drop of water on him. He also drowns with 15 seconds, instead of 30. One of his other weaknesses is when his ears get tangled up. Not good.


  • He is a crapshoot OC from a fanfic I stopped writing long ago. Now get the heck outta my car.
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