??? (She's only told Spike her real name)
Pintor's Citadel
Scaring People, Pintor's Citadel, Spike the Wolf (to a degree), Cackle the Cockatrice (to a degree), Obsidian Skulls
people not being scarred of her, People trying to talk about her Crush, Annoying Spirits.
Romantic Intrest
I'd rather keep that a secret...
Umbrakinesis, Spectrakinesis, can Seduce any male (except Spike), Flight, can walk through walls, can Steal Souls
Date of Death
Oct 31

Spirita is a Ghost-Fox, she is a Spirit that Roams the Haunted Ridge, She is one of Pintor's Stage Hands


Spirita takes the appeareance of a white fox with long black hair that reaches down to her waist. her eyes are a balanced red. she has long bat wings sprouting from her back. she is always seen wearing a gray cloak, always keeping whats underneath hidden. she has an Hourglass shape to her body even with the cloak on. even though she is a ghost, she is not translucent, instead, she is completely opaque.


Spirita is often seen as caring, however she just loves to Scare those she's close to. She often tries to scare her enemies to death, as she says they deserve to live in the next world. she is known for flirting with only a few people, yet they are around her age. She is also known to be a life-saver in many cases at the Citadel.

Interactions with other Characters

Pintor the Nexus

Spirita is one of Pintor's Five Stage Hands. She is the Stage Hand for the Citadel of Drax.


Dark Avalanche

the entire arena is flooded with Darkness, all opponents are blinded except for Spirita.

Harmonous Song

Spirita can stop everyone and make them listen to her beautiful song, that tames even the wildest of beasts.

Underworld Screech

Spirita makes an ear-piercing screech that is strong enough to shatter glass.

Rising Chaos

Spirita can cause all her opponents to turn into cowards, as they run from her, with fear


"Hang Castle(1 & 2)" - Sonic Heroes (Main Theme)

Hang Castle- Sonic Heroes

Hang Castle- Sonic Heroes

Hang Castle2- Sonic Heroes

Hang Castle2- Sonic Heroes

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