Me charrie
Spirit the cat
Biographical Information


  • Inferno the cat (father)
  • Magma the cat (mother)
  • Chilly the cat (sister)
  • Siri (by most people)
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Cat
Gender Female
  • Hair: Light orange
  • Fur: Golden-yellow
  • Eyes: Sapphire blue
  • Light pink off shoulder top
  • Light blue mini-skirt
  • Chain belt
  • White over-the-knee high socks
  • Light blue and white ankle boots
Political Alignment and Abilities

Freedom Fighters



Voice Actor/Actress"

Jessica DiCicco

Other Forms


Spirit "Siri" is a 15-16 year old cat from Mobodoon who moved to Mobius.


Spirit is a yellow cat with tangerine orange hair, a white furry muzzle, a long winding tail with a white tail tip and big, bright sapphire blue eyes. She wears a pink off-shoulder, sleeveless pink jumper-top, a sky blue miniskirt and black fingerless gloves. She has white over the knee socks and blue ankle boots with a white stripe running down them. Siri wears a chain as a belt around her waist.


Spirit is very elegant cat with a cheerful hint. She acts like Sonia, having grown up in her neighbourhood, but doesn't mind getting a little dirty. She hates stealing but she puts up with it as Manic is a thief.

Strengths and Powers

She has an average strength but has excellent at climbing and stealth. Siri is a pyrokinetic meaning she controls and manipulates fire in many ways, she has not mastered it and is at an average level.


She was born in an unknown kingdom of fire cats but had to move when a prophet told them that one of their family would have an ice user. When she her sister was born she was cold and was recognized as the only ice user in the fire family of cats and her and her parents distanced themselves from her although they loved Chilly very much. She met the Sonic Underground when travelling around Mobius and became one of their singers and currently is main singer of the band. She and Manic fell in love slowly when manic developed a crush on her and the two grew closer to each other and agreed to try it dating out.




Other Appearances

Relationships with Other Characters

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Inferno the Cat--Father

Magma the Cat--Mother

Chilly the Cat--Younger sister


Sonia the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Manic the Hedgehog--Boyfriend

Love the Cat


None yet...

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