they are spirit world chaos emeralds that miles the hedgehog constantly aquires.when scattered they shoot to another time,past or future. while classic miles uses them often too, they were created in a battle from his future in sonic fanon colors where Spark the wisp used them to defeat dark Miles in an uncanny battle... Miles fought himself.

Users (You can add yours too!)

Miles the Hedgehog

Spark the wisp (getting link soon)

oblivio the hedgehog(sooner.)


they send things to super when in seven when grouped with a chaos emerald the user goes hyper 9 emeralds at once can send the user into other demensions, but its unstable,any more emeralds and the user is powerless.

they actualy time travel but not like Sonic 06, they just shoot through demensions that loop it to it's origin of use in another time.

they can alter time to branch it making a tree of a timeline and it duplicates into those universes too for some reason,glitching the branch sometimes.

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