Spirit Grip is a powerful move best reserved to finish an enemy off. The user projects their soul into a grabbing form (such as a claw or a hand) based on their inner desires and removes spiritual energy from an object or person. Outlawed in virtually every corner of the world, the Spirit Grip is a double-edged technique that should not be taken for granted.


Trixie modraC (Card Grip)

EQuartz Soul-Extraction Forces (aimless beings often fed up with life and uncaring about the side-effects, who use this ability nonstop to extract unsalvageable spirits to convert into energy to power Soulstice, often going insane or becoming the next ones to have their souls removed within a month. A steady supply of these often arrive from around the world, lost people who just want a purpose in life no matter how small and dangerous it may be)

Willow Infiern (Pure Grip)


The Spirit Grip is an ancient technique whose history cannot be properly tracked as of yet. From stone markings and decayed bodies found from tens of thousands of years ago, the Spirit Grip was used as a form of execution technique often performed as a sacrifice or ceremonial act, to either offer the soul as tribute to the gods or to absorb the soul and consume its energy. After an undocumented event having wiped out a majority of the human race, little information on the Spirit Grip was found, most of it having been destroyed or stolen then forgotten. Eventually sealed papers containing info on the Spirit Grip were found and restored, though information on it was still sparse at best, becoming somewhat of a folklore amongst the commonfolk. Even today only the most controlled, monitered and tested people know even know about this move nonetheless can use it.


To use the Spirit Grip, one must have a clear head free of worry or doubt, no fear of death and a powerful-enough soul already. The user must also be able to withstand an unimaginable level of pain from using it. With most powerful groups today, you must be a trusted member of such a group to be able to survive having the knowledge of it without being tracked down and executed.

Significant Variants

Card Grip: A variation of the Spirit Grip that, rather than remove the soul from an object, instead turns that object into a card, with that soul sealed inside of it instead.

Pure Grip: A variation of the Spirit Grip that simply takes whatever may be corrupted in a spirit and converts that into energy, while leaving the base spirit intact or often-times repaired. Bypasses many of the drawbacks of Spirit Grip, but still has it's base weaknesses and cannot kill beings who have a spirit.

Weak Points

Spirit Grip will not work on one who is still full of energy, given it's classification as a finishing move. The process can also be a bit slow if the target has a generally powerful soul or has been corrupted. The user cannot move or lose concentration while using Spirit Grip or else it will fade and whatever process the user had made will be undone, as well as backlash damage to the user.


The biggest drawback to using the Spirit Grip is it's oftentimes fatal side-effects. Just from usng it once, it is estimated that you will lose at least two years of your expected lifespan or severe spiritual injuries. Overuse can even have physical dangers as well, such as increased chance of heart-problems from excess energy, development of brain tumors and genetic breakdown that can turn ones body into mush within a year. If a user chooses to absorb the soul, at first it will strengthen them from within, but that later wears off and the body requires that same level of energy to function properly, forcing one to continuously consume spirits to keep from burning out and destroying their soul, leaving their body a twisted husk that acts only on instinct.

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